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Eva Mendes Exposes Fashion’s Ugly Side

Eva Mendes goes behind the scenes at the international fur trade and exposes the cruelty involved in killing animals for their fur.

Denying God’s Creatures (peta2)

In 2009, concerned citizens alerted PETA to cruel conditions for chickens and cows at a Canadian monastery’s factory farm.

Ringling Zebra Incidents

Ringling zebra incidents caught on tape.

Ritual Goat Sacrifice–Cape Town, South Africa

Police in Cape Town, South Africa conducted a gruesome ‘cleansing’ ceremony where a goat was dragged to the ground, had his throat sawn open and was left to bleed …

James Cromwell Narrates PETA’s Pig Farm Investigation

Actor James Cromwell speaks out for millions of smart, sensitive “Babes” who are forced to live in filthy pens on factory farms until they are prodded and kicked to …

When Pigs Cry

Sick and diseased pigs are frequently found on pig farms, and breeding sows are kept in gestation crates that drive them insane from lack of mental stimulation.

Viva! USA’s Foster Farms Chicken Investigation

Chickens raised for their flesh suffer from are kept in filthy, crowded conditions, suffering from chronic health problems as a result.

WSU Video

An undercover investigator revealed horrifying conditions at Wright State University’s lab. The USDA fined the university $25,000 and the scabies experiments on dogs were stopped.

Boy’s Town National Research Hospital

PETA investigators reveal why experts condemned deafness experiments on kittens at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Frogs Confined to Soda Bottles Without Food or Water at USGE

Former supervisor for U.S. Global Exotics Ari Flagle—who now works for the Fort Worth Zoo—shakes tiny frogs out of a 2-liter soda bot

All Creatures Great and Small ‘Shelter’ Shame, Part Three

For years, PETA has been fielding serious complaints alleging cruelty and terrible neglect at this so-called “no-kill” facility.

Taiwan Dog Pounds

Homeless dogs in Taiwan suffer severe abuses, including dehydration, overcrowding, filthy living conditions, malnutrition, and rough handling by untrained workers.

Glue Trap Tragedy

Footage filmed by a Fred Meyer customer shows small birds stuck to glue traps tied around ceiling pipes. The company enacted a nationwide ban on the use of glue …

Beagle Testing Lab

For six months, a PETA undercover investigator worked in a lab where beagles were force-fed Oxycontin, a drug that had been on the market for decades.

Suffering and Squalor at Supposed Animal Shelter: No ‘Haven’ Here

PETA’s undercover investigation of Double D Bar Ranch in New York found deplorable conditions, illness, and death.

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