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Air France Ships Abused Monkeys to Laboratories National Anti-Vivisection Society

Air France Ships Abused Monkeys to Laboratories

Baby monkeys were torn from their mothers and tattooed without painkillers before Air France shipped them to laboratories for use in cruel experiments.

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PETA Removes 17 Bears From Miserable Concrete Pits

PETA and its friends moved 17 bears from miserable pits in Georgia to a beautiful Colorado sanctuary.

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Undercover at a Lobster and Crab Slaughterhouse: A PETA Investigation

PETA’s groundbreaking investigation of crustacean slaughter recorded animals who were ripped apart and boiled alive for Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster. Learn more.

Update: Cherokee Tribal Elders Won’t Stop Until Grizzlies Are Free

Two Cherokee tribal elders make an important move to help free bears imprisoned in “concrete graves.”

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Yes! Government Moves to Reduce Captive Bears’ Suffering

More than a year ago, PETA petitioned the USDA to improve conditions for captive bears. Please express your support for bears by submitting a comment.

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Urge Chinese Government to Ban Live Plucking of Rabbits

Watch never-before-seen undercover footage into the cruel angora fur industry, and pledge to leave angora out of your wardrobe.

PETA’s Latest Effort Against Linda Bean Drives Home the Point

If the L.L.Bean heiress–turned–crustaceans’ Cruella de Vil wants to keep tormenting lobsters and crabs, she has a long hard road in front of her.

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PETA President Leads Protest Against Bean’s Lobster Slaughterhouse

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk joined protesters outside Linda Bean’s restaurants in Maine. Undercover video footage had some diners fighting not to lose their lunch.

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Ducks Crammed Inside Cages for Foie Gras

A PETA investigation found that ducks spend weeks in bleak metal cages not much bigger than their own bodies before Hot’s Kitchen serves their diseased livers.

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Update: District Attorney Responds to PETA Criminal Complaint

The district attorney answers PETA’s criminal complaint against Linda Bean slaughterhouse.

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23 Tiger Cubs Dead in Seven Months

G.W. is still up to the same old tricksit’s continuing to abuse animals. And PETA is fighting to shut this hellhole down.

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Linda ‘Mean’ Maims Lobsters and Crabs—See What’s Being Done About It!

Lobsters, protesters, and a U.S. Marine throw up their arms (and claws) to protest Linda “Mean.”

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PETA Files Urgent Criminal Complaint Against Lobster Slaughterhouse

PETA files legal complaint with authorities requesting an investigation into gruesome cruelty to lobsters and crabs revealed in slaughterhouse footage.

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Undercover Exposé Reveals Live Lobsters, Crabs Torn Apart!

PETA’s recent investigation shows live animals being RIPPED APART limb from limb. Act today!

PETA Calls Foul After Bear Pit Fan Named to Wildlife Commission

As a bear pit supporter, Chief Michell Hicks has scoffed at the laws that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission enforces. So why was he just appointed to it?

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