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Sheep Killed, Left to Die for U.S. Wool

PETA’s exposé in the U.S. found that a shearer forcefully bent sheep’s necks and limbs and cut part of a sheep’s ear off. Workers sew up gaping cuts with …

Sheep Punched, Stomped on, Cut for Wool

PETA’s investigations in Australia—the world’s top wool exporter—found that shearers beat, kicked, and threw terrified sheep. Help these gentle animals today!

Pigs Suffer and Die at Leading Breeder

PETA’s exposé of the “worldwide leader” in pig breeding found that lame and injured pigs were left to languish. The survivors were taken to slaughter.

Undercover Exposé—Pigs Suffer and Die at Top Breeder

PETA’s exposé of a worldwide leader in pig breeding shows injured and lame pigs who were left to languish. Some died. Others were taken to slaughter. Act now!

Do You Know How Many Animals Die Before They Reach Pet Stores? (GRAPHIC)

A damning new report documents rampant disease, suffering, and death in the exotic-animal trade.

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Taiwan Pigeon Races Exposed: Millions of Dead Birds

Billions of dollars at stake means millions of dead pigeons in Taiwan’s sea races. Watch the undercover video that exposes this cruel “sport.”

Update: Fetish Animal Torturer Sentenced to 10 Years Houston Police Department/Houston Chronicle

Update: Fetish Animal Torturer Sentenced to 10 Years

A judge throws the book at a woman who participated in “crush” videos.

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Victory! Global Captive Breeders Abusers Convicted

The owner and manager of the defunct exotic-animal dealing warehouse where PETA uncovered abuse and neglect of thousands of animals have been convicted.

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‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Rescues Horse Labeled ‘Rat’

Sam Simon steps in to save a horse who came from a stable where a PETA investigator documented routine drug misuse.

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Lies vs. Reality: 7 Things to Know About Horse Racing

When I heard about number 6, I was heartbroken.

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Owner of Preakness Track Implements Reform Program

Following a meeting with PETA, the owner of Pimlico Race Course and other tracks announces that it’s implementing strict new reforms at all its tracks.

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Victory! Sordid Slaughterhouse to Shut Its Doors © Kencredible

Victory! Sordid Slaughterhouse to Shut Its Doors

Soon, pigs will no longer be electro-shocked at a Mississippi slaughterhouse that PETA exposed last year.

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Undercover Exposé Reveals Live Lobsters, Crabs Torn Apart!

PETA’s recent investigation shows live animals being RIPPED APART limb from limb at slaughterhouse where an estimated 2.3 MILLION lobsters & countless crabs will be killed.

PETA Video Prompts Horse-Racing Authorities to Take Action

After PETA files legal complaints alleging violations by thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen, horse-racing authorities take action.

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Update: Roadside Zoo Operator Posts Photos of Dead Birds, Raises More Questions

After a roadside zoo operator posts disturbing photos of three dead birds on Facebook, PETA calls on authorities to investigate.

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