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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Cat Cabin

Everyone knows that cats love boxes— but doesn’t Kitty deserve something a little more special than the tattered cardboard box that your purchase was shipped in? Why, yes—yes …

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: PETA’s 30th Anniversary Coffee Mug

PETA’s 30th Anniversary Gala is right around the corner, and you can be the first to proudly walk around your office carrying one of our classy commemorative coffee mugs—sure …

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10% Wool, by Jeff Corriveau: Tag and Release Winner

And, this week’s 10% Wool “Tag and Release” winner is … Beth Ann! Congratulations.   So I see that Ringling Bros. is trying to expand its “Greatest Show on …

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Gift Certificate to Online Vegan Shop

Cancel your afternoon appointments and plan on getting dinner delivered because we’re going shopping at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe, which has offered up this week’s “Win It” Wednesday prize—a $25 …

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Say ‘Tofu’ Tee

You know that tofu has truly arrived when homemaking bible Better Homes and Gardens features herbed tofu cakes as one of its “prize tested recipes” and Jessica Simpson extols …

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kiss My Face Skincare Basket

Fun in the sun means beach towels and bikinis, but forget your sunscreen and you’ll be singing the sunburn blues. But there’s no chance of that for the clever …

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Thanks for Entering!

Help animals killed for their skins by never buying or wearing exotic skins. Another way to help animals is by joining Jenna in getting the word out that wearing …

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Entries are limited to one per person. If you haven’t done so already, cut out the cruelty in your diet with PETA’s “Fit for Summer, Healthy for Life” vegan …

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The Answer to the ‘D’ Word

What’s a fast way to make an Average Jane wince? Just say “Diet.” Many people mistakenly believe that dieting is all about deprivation. Not so! Watch as Skinny Bitch …

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vegan Cupcake Baker Coffee Mug

Sure, I realize that no matter how “low-fat” they are, cupcakes are not exactly health food—but they are still my favorite food group. Chocolate stout cupcakes, s’mores cupcakes, jelly …

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Faux Foie Gras Challenge Winning Recipe

So did we get it right? See for yourself: Taste-test Amanda’s winning recipe in your own kitchen.

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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Kiss Me, I’m Vegan’ Apron

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and like many Americans, you’re probably thinking about firing up the grill and preparing some tasty vegan fare that doesn’t form cancer-promoting …

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Win a Casey Affleck Movie Marathon

One of my favorite vegan actors, Casey Affleck, is currently starring in a controversial new film, The Killer Inside Me. In it, he plays a small-town cop who turns …

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