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Victory! Charges Against Woman Who Stood Up to SeaWorld Dismissed

Today, a PETA protester and the marine mammals she sought to defend got a measure of justice.

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Look Who’s Naked in the Latest PETA Ad

PETA gets some D.C. landmarks ready for winter in warm, animal-friendly style.

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How Did One Grateful ‘Dog’ Celebrate Newport News’ Chaining Ban?

A Newport News, Virginia, council member challenges supporters of an anti-chaining ordinance not to forget about humans in need, so PETA steps up to the plate.

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PETA’s 2014 Year in Review

Out of more than 30 years of fighting for animals, 2014 has been PETA’s best ever. Watch PETA take on the biggest animal abusers with eye-catching tactics and groundbreaking …

What Turned Pamela Anderson Into an Animal Advocate? ©

What Turned Pamela Anderson Into an Animal Advocate?

In a new mini-documentary from the producers of “Blackfish,” Pamela Anderson opens up about how her past abuse has made her a determined animal advocate today.

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Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room Photo by Leigh Vogel

Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room

See what happens when PETA’s “elephant” takes over Capitol Hill.

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Keith Burgeson

Action Team coordinators are responsible for working with activists all across North America to spread the word about animal rights.

Spread the Word about #WoolFreeWinter

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and many people still don’t know that buying wool supports the torturing and killing of sheep. Please help them!

Here Comes the Bride … and Groom … and 70 PETA Volunteers

When two PETA volunteers decided to get hitched, there was only one venue that would do for their “I do’s.”

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‘Empty the Cages’: See the Art Installation That Has England Talking © Dan Witz

‘Empty the Cages’: See the Art Installation That Has England Talking

There are millions of them. They live behind bars and die frightened and in pain. They may never see the sun. And their lives are in your hands.

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Sam Simon Hosts PETA’s Vegan Luau and Pig Toast

See the pictures and read the stories from PETA’s fall fundraiser―and see who earned the title of “The Big Kahuna.”

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Ask Anything: Ingrid Newkirk Talks Progress, Pressure, Practical Jokes

In an interview with Allison’s Gourmet, Ingrid Newkirk talks about being a female president, how to deal with adversity, and what started it all.

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5 Ways to Sink SeaWorld Online

SeaWorld continues to sink to new lows. All you need is your smart phone or a computer to fight SeaWorld and permanently shut down its abuse of orcas.

How PETA Made Fashion History Ebet Roberts

How PETA Made Fashion History

PETA gets a spot next to some of the fashion world’s biggest influencers in a unique exhibit that explores how politics and fashion intersect.

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