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What’s Your Animal-Saving Style?

Do you help animals like a busy beaver or an enthusiastic elephant? An advocating alligator or a devoted duckling? Take this quiz to find out!

5 Ways You Can Help Animals This Earth Day

Are you ready to celebrate Earth Day? Take these five easy actions to help the planet AND animals!

The Inspiring Testimonial the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

We asked seven people why they’re vegan. Their answers may surprise you.

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5 Ways to Get Active on Your Phone

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, activism is easier and more effective than ever. Here are five ways you can help animals from wherever you are!

5 Ways to Get Active on Facebook

Thanks to the Internet, activism is easier and more effective than ever. Here are the top five ways that you can help animals on Facebook!

Watch: Thousands March for Lions ©Bruce Jodar/Wildeye Photography

Watch: Thousands March for Lions

From Brussels to Auckland, thousands of people participate in the March for Lions to raise awareness about South Africa’s “fish in a barrel” hunting travesty.

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San Diego Mayor Makes Major Mistake

PETA members blast San Diego’s mayor for honoring SeaWorld’s 50 years of hurting animals.

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Help Animals by Watching Movies With Friends!

Check out these lists of movies with animal rights messages.

5 Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Make this St. Patrick’s Day green for you, the planet, and animals.

Photos of the Day: A Monkey Walks Into LAX …

Passengers preparing to board China Southern Airlines flights at LAX encountered some turbulence before they even got off the ground.

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Olympians Are Golden to the Sochi Strays

For several athletes, a medal isn’t the only thing they want to bring home from Sochi.

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Order Your Free Activist Starter Pack

PETA has put together a free packet of leaflets and goodies to get you off the couch and raising awareness about animal rights! Are you ready to get active?

Fur in 60 Seconds

Do you know someone who still thinks fur is fashionable? Challenge him or her to see just how much suffering goes into every fur coat with PETA’s new video.

Orcas Need You This Valentine’s Day © Terrell C. Newby, Ph.D.

Orcas Need You This Valentine’s Day

Make a huge difference for captive orcas on Valentine’s Day in one simple step.

Tabling in 5 Easy Steps

Tabling is an extremely effective way to get the word out for animals. Check out these simple tips to get started!