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Pro Tips: The Quick Guide to Being an Effective Activist ©

Pro Tips: The Quick Guide to Being an Effective Activist

Activism doesn’t have to be challenging—it’ll be fun and effective if you use this guide.

PHOTOS: Ostriches in Manila Protest in Front of Hermès

These ostriches want their skin back. PETA’s life-size “ostriches” stood outside Manila’s Hermès store in protest of the use of ostrich leather.

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Dolphin Defender Has Changed the Way the World Thinks ©

Dolphin Defender Has Changed the Way the World Thinks

Can a single person change the world? Yes!

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Marine Mammals Lose Great Friend Mark Berman, ‘The Bermanator’

PETA reflects on Mark Berman’s three decades of winning victories for captive marine mammals.

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Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor! ©

Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor!

Not sure how to go vegan? Sign up for PETA’s Vegan Mentor Program and a seasoned vegan will guide you to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Meet Animals We Were Able to Help Because of Your Donations

Each month, PETA puts your donations to use helping hundreds of individual animals in need. Meet a few of them and hear their stories.

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Second Person to Receive Peter Singer Prize, After Singer: Ingrid Newkirk

The group that established the Peter Singer Prize chose its namesake as the first recipient. After Singer, they chose Ingrid Newkirk.

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Check Out PETA’s Life-Changing iPhone App

Check out the easiest way to take action in PETA’s campaigns and the single greatest tool in the history of animal rights.

Daniel Berrigan: Peace Activist and Animal Defender

The Rev. Daniel Berrigan was dedicated to promoting peace, so it should come as no surprise that he was also a vocal opponent of violence against animals.

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Save Lives Without Leaving Home: Be a PETA First Responder

Join PETA’s First Responders team and help save animals with just one word—or even one letter. All you need is a mobile phone.

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Have We Learned Anything From the Bronx Zoo’s Failure of Ota Benga?

In 1906, the Bronx Zoo put a pygmy named Ota Benga in a cage. It ended as badly as you would imagine.

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New PETA Stickers Expose Products Tested on Animals

Let your friends know if their household products were tested on animals or not. Slap on a sticker and take the guesswork out of it for them!

How Your Change Can Help Chained Dogs

Can you imagine spending your entire life trapped on a chain? Your loose change can make a big change for dogs who are tethered 24/7!

Ever Wonder Why People Wear Fur?

Now’s your chance to find out.

Pet Store Supplier’s Manager Charged With Cruelty

After PETA documented animals being frozen alive, preyed on by cats, and more, the manager of a Pennsylvania animal dealer is charged by the local police.

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