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Neglected, Blind, Deaf Hound Gets a Home for Thanksgiving

Sarah was nearly blind and deaf from untreated medical conditions. Her miraculous transformation will make your day.

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Courtney Stodden’s Wool-Free ‘Little Bo Peep’ Show

“Little Bo Peep” has lost her sheep, and she knows exactly where to find them.

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More Disturbing Video: Sheep Kicked, Stomped On, and Mutilated for Wool

Everywhere eyewitnesses from PETA and its affiliates go, they see the same disturbing behavior.

Nude Protestors on Giant Cutting Boards Call for Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

How would you feel if a human being were stuffed, roasted, and served for Thanksgiving dinner?

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This Dog’s Mange May Have Saved His Life

After mange caused all his hair to fall out and turned his inflamed skin bright pink, Keane is hardly handsome—but that’s part of his charm.

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More Trouble at Whole Foods: PETA Exposes ‘Humane Pork’ Slaughterhouse

At a filthy slaughterhouse that kills pigs for Whole Foods’ “humane” pork, disabled pigs struggled, unable to access water.

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You Won’t Believe These Vegans’ Real Ages

Meet the winners of PETA’s Sexiest Vegans Over 50 contest.

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Gillian Anderson Stars in Gruesome ‘Hannibal’-Themed PETA Spot ©

Gillian Anderson Stars in Gruesome ‘Hannibal’-Themed PETA Spot

The “Hannibal” star serves up an unexpected Thanksgiving feast.

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35 Inspiring Rescue Stories From 35 Years of PETA © Emile Hallez

35 Inspiring Rescue Stories From 35 Years of PETA

Grab a tissue—these rescue stories are so touching.

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Animal Defender Metta World Peace Is Back and Better Than Ever

Metta World Peace is back with the Lakers, and not only is his defense on the court dazzling, he’s also a champion animal defender.

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Video: These Daring Animal Rescues Will Brighten Your Day

Animal rescuers in India pitch in to save their own “Baby Jessicas” from deep wells.

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Sia Targets Fashion Trade in Provocative Catwalk PSA ©

Sia Targets Fashion Trade in Provocative Catwalk PSA

Pop sensation Sia has teamed up with PETA for a riveting computer-generated public service announcement (PSA) that involves a fashion show in which animals model body parts of people. The …

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Now We Know Why This Dog Wasn’t Wagging Her Tail

Help arrives just in time for a little dog who had been hit by a car.

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