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His Cause, His Cleats—NFL Star Ezekiel Elliott ‘Rushes’ to Help Homeless Dogs

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s dedication to his adopted pup, Ace—and all animals in shelters—will inspire you.

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Crowd Screams in Terror as Lion Circus Act Turns Deadly ©

Crowd Screams in Terror as Lion Circus Act Turns Deadly

The lion has been pulled from performing, but it’s unclear what will happen to him next.

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‘Bull’ Charges GM Headquarters, Calls Bull on Leather Interiors

Following PETA’s exposé of abuse at cattle ranches that supply GM’s leather processor, “bulls” descended on the automaker’s headquarters to demand vegan leather options.

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Watching This Chimpanzee Experience Virtual Reality Will Crush You

How would you feel if you were stuck inside a foreign virtual world?

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Topless Women Tell Dairy to Stop Stealing Babies’ Milk

Women show that cow’s milk is the product of rape and child abduction.

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VIDEO: More Than 100 Pigs Rescued From Hoarding Hell—See Them Now!

More than 100 rescued pigs have been enjoying life at a Florida sanctuary following a PETA investigation of a hoarding facility. Watch the video.

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Meet Corky: the Saddest Orca in the World

Courtney Stodden gets emotional as she talks about SeaWorld’s confinement of Corky, the saddest orca in the world .

Corky Lost Baby After Baby After Baby … Courtney Stodden Tells Her Story

Courtney Stodden tells the story of Corky, who is the saddest orca in the world —and it’s easy to understand why.

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My Week With Animal Rahat

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman travels halfway around the globe to help the superheroes who are changing the way that India treats working animals.

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People Are Outraged Over This Japanese Ice Rink of 5,000 Frozen Fish

As one online commenter said, this exhibit is an “insult to life.”

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More Than 20 Million People Have Seen These ‘In Reverse’ Videos

Every piece of clothing or bite of food has a past. Shift your perspective and your lifestyle by choosing compassion in the present.

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The Reason We Mistook This Cat for a Tiny Kitten Will Break Your Heart

At 7 months old, Reese weighs just 4 pounds. Why is she so small? Read on to find out.

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Erykah Badu Hosts Vegan Dinner Party for Awards Show Weekend

Erykah Badu hosted the Soul Train Music Awards again this year and celebrated by having a gourmet vegan dinner party.

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Why There’s Nothing Cute About That ‘Polar Bear Petting a Dog’ Video ©

Why There’s Nothing Cute About That ‘Polar Bear Petting a Dog’ Video

This is exactly why you should never chain your dog.

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