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How to Turn a Tomato Into Tuna in 5 Steps

Sushi lover? You’re in for an unforgettable treat!

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What Happens When Hookers Are Allowed on the Pier?

PETA’s flying banner canvassed the California coastline as we worked to protect sea life and human beachgoers from the ocean’s biggest predators.

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Pledge to Skip Seafood

The best thing that you can do for fish, crustaceans, and other sea life is to refuse to eat them. Take the pledge today!

Lobstickle Obstacle: Company Drops Linda Bean

The “lobstickle’s” days may be numbered after food-service company Delaware North drops Linda Bean.

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Angler Hooks Shark, Shark Bites Man: Time to Ban Fishing ©

Angler Hooks Shark, Shark Bites Man: Time to Ban Fishing

After a juvenile great white shark struggling to get free from an angler’s hook bites a swimmer, PETA calls on the mayor to ban fishing off the pier permanently.

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Delaware North Bans Linda Bean’s Cruelty

July 2014 After learning of horrific undercover footage of workers dismembering lobsters alive, Delaware North, a leading food-service and hospitality provider, pulled Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster and is no longer allowing …

Photo of the Day: Hey, Kids, Get Hooked on Compassion

Anglers reel in a big one—PETA’s Freeda Fish—when they hold a fishing fundraiser.

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10 Steps to Get a Lobster Zone Machine Removed

Learn the steps for getting restaurants to remove inhumane Lobster Zone “games” that torture lobsters.

PETA’s ‘Tiffany Tuna’ Asks San Franciscans to ‘Try Vegan’

“Tiffany Tuna” gives out faux fish near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to call attention to PETA’s newest “Try Vegan” ad.

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500 Dolphins Captured in Taiji, Japan ©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

500 Dolphins Captured in Taiji, Japan

Did you know that the dolphin slaughter began when greedy people started marine-mammal “abusement” parks and swim-with-dolphins programs? We have to stop it.

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Five Reasons Not to Eat Crustaceans (Infographic)

Lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans are sensitive, feeling beings. Check out the proof in this infographic.

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Topless Mermaid Makes a Splash in Seattle—Cops Carry Her Out

Activists went a little further today to fight for fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market.

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Kellan Lutz vs. Linda Bean Over Lobsters: The Claws Come Out ©

Kellan Lutz vs. Linda Bean Over Lobsters: The Claws Come Out

Twilight star Kellan Lutz is ready for the sun to set on Linda Mean’s cruelty.

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The 5 Vegan Recipes Every ‘Seafood’ Lover Needs

You won’t believe how realistic these compassionate recipes are.

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PETA President Leads Protest Against Bean’s Lobster Slaughterhouse

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk joined protesters outside Linda Bean’s restaurants in Maine. Undercover video footage had some diners fighting not to lose their lunch.

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