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Victory! Vegan Teacher Wins Free Speech Battle

The elementary school teacher who lost his job for defending cows wins in the end.

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Is it OK to eat eggs from chickens I’ve raised in my backyard?

As an animal rights group, we cannot condone using animals for any reason, which is why PETA promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle. However, we would not oppose eating eggs …

Thou Shalt Not Kill

PETA’s new Christian outreach division (Jesus People for Animals) launched its “Thou Shalt Not Kill” ad just in time for Easter.

Andy Murray and Kim Sears Receive Faux Gras Gift Hamper

Andy and Kim are animal lovers, so it’s fitting to give them a gift that’s both classy and cruelty-free.

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Flowers Come Alive to Patrons’ Delight at D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

A bevy of beautiful blooms attended the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., to ask people to start their spring cleaning in the kitchen.

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This Face Says It All: Pigs Take Their First Swim Photo by Helga Tacreiter

This Face Says It All: Pigs Take Their First Swim

With the arrival of warmer weather, the pigs who were taken to The Cow Sanctuary after being rescued from a school project have discovered the pond.

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IKEA Unpacks PETA Award for New Vegan Meatballs

Furniture giant nets praise for new cruelty-free option at its in-store restaurants.

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Naked PETA Gals Tell Gov. Brown Why the Golden State Is Turning Brown

Two PETA beauties showered at the California State Capitol to tell Gov. Jerry Brown who the real water-wasters are.

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Arizona Governor, Montana Legislators Kill Anti-Animal Bills

Arizona and Montana put the kibosh on dangerous bills that threatened legal protections for farmed animals.

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4 Steps to Get Vegan Options at Your Grocery Store

Do you ever wish there were more vegan brands in your local grocery store? Well, stop wishing, because with these steps, it’s easier than ever.

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‘Has Your Meat Been Molested?’ Billboard Cancelled

PETA’s pro-vegan campaign ad won’t run in the wake of teacher sex-abuse scandals.

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PETA ‘Chicken’ Rolls Up to the White House for Easter Egg Roll

Our “chicken” rolled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to give people 1,600 reasons why faux, fun, recyclable eggs win over chickens’ eggs every time.

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Victory for Animals in Arizona! © Susan Riley Photography

Victory for Animals in Arizona!

Thanks to animal activists across the country who contacted the governor in opposition to the bill all animals in Arizona will continue to be protected under the law.

General Mills Leads the Way in Opposing Cow Mutilations

Following discussions with PETA, one of the world’s largest food companies has moved to end the cruel dehorning of calves. 

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