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The Winners of PETA’s 2014 Vegetarian-Friendly MLB Stadium Rankings Are … © Levy Restaurants

The Winners of PETA’s 2014 Vegetarian-Friendly MLB Stadium Rankings Are …

Fans can score tasty vegetarian fare at many MLB stadiums, including AT&T Park, which tops PETA’s 2014 list of vegetarian-friendly ballparks.

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Ever Wonder Where Cows on Dairy Farms Come From? Watch This to See.

Disturbing video footage shows calves dragged by their ears and tails and slammed into transport trucks. Please help us identify where this cruelty occurred.

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8 Vegan Athletes With More Muscles Than You

Meet eight superhuman plant-powered athletes who are blazing a trail for the ever-growing field of vegan athletes.

7 Foster Farms’ Secrets Worse Than the Salmonella Outbreak

After its latest recall, Foster Farms is facing possible closure of its slaughterhouses by the USDA. But there is much more to be concerned about.

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Lobstickle Obstacle: Company Drops Linda Bean

The “lobstickle’s” days may be numbered after food-service company Delaware North drops Linda Bean.

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Angler Hooks Shark, Shark Bites Man: Time to Ban Fishing ©

Angler Hooks Shark, Shark Bites Man: Time to Ban Fishing

After a juvenile great white shark struggling to get free from an angler’s hook bites a swimmer, PETA calls on the mayor to ban fishing off the pier permanently.

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India Bans Foie Gras

India becomes the first country to ban the import of foie gras.

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This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made, and It’s Way Worse Than You Thought

Sure, there are lots of questionable ingredients, but look beyond those and see the horror story.

Pig Farming in One Minute

Learn the dirty secrets of pig farmers everywhere by watching for just 60 seconds. You can help pigs like these by refusing to eat them

Value All Life–Go Vegan, PETA Urges OK After Hobby Lobby Ruling

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court victory, PETA hopes to place its “Killed at 7 Weeks” ad in Oklahoma, urging people to protect all life.

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Delaware North Bans Linda Bean’s Cruelty

July 2014 After learning of horrific undercover footage of workers dismembering lobsters alive, Delaware North, a leading food-service and hospitality provider, pulled Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster and is no longer allowing …

Hog Hell: You Have to See It to Believe It (Photos)

Know anybody who would be interested in adopting a pig? We have 12 in need of rescue, so fire up your Facebook account and get the word out!

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11 Ways to Have the Best Vegan BBQ Ever

Need ideas for a Fourth of July barbecue? Here’s all you need to know!

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Celebrity Vegans and Vegetarians ©

Celebrity Vegans and Vegetarians

What a year for celebrity vegetarians! From ages 20 to nearly 80, every one makes compassionate choices in their lives! They are all sexy to us!

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