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Ritual Goat Sacrifice–Cape Town, South Africa

Police in Cape Town, South Africa conducted a gruesome ‘cleansing’ ceremony where a goat was dragged to the ground, had his throat sawn open and was left to bleed …

When Pigs Cry

Sick and diseased pigs are frequently found on pig farms, and breeding sows are kept in gestation crates that drive them insane from lack of mental stimulation.

Danielle: Why I Choose to Be Vegetarian

One woman explains how being vegetarian helps her have the energy to keep up with her busy lifestyle and saves animals’ lives.

Fast Food Nation Director Richard Linklater’s Exclusive Interview With PETA

Richard Linklater talks to PETA about Fast Food Nation, being “behind enemy lines” at a slaughterhouse, and why he’s a veget

Cute Farmed Animals

Want to see pictures of cute animals found on a farm? Love them, don’t eat them!

Sexiest Vegetarians Alive Photo Shoot

Sisters Justine and Lisa are featured here, clad only in strategically placed lettuce leaves, for PETA’s “Let Vegetarianism Grow on You” ad. Watch the making of a PE

Let’s Ask The Animals

Do sheep miss their mothers? Can chickens conquer mazes? How are animals unique and intelligent? Watch this video by the University of Bristol for answers!

Tofu Wrestling!

It’s the mother of all battles as Playboy model Kira and PETA’s Kayla duke it out for the animals!

Behind the Scenes at PETA’s Banned ‘Veggie Love’ Ad

Learn more about the making of “Veggie Love,” the PETA ad that was banned from the Super Bowl XLIII broadcast because it was deemed too hot for TV!

The Roost, Episode 2: Did Somebody Say ‘Gravy’?

Gee whiz! Will The Roost knock the Colonel to the moon?! Find out next time on “The Roost”. Tune in next month—same chicken time, same chicken channe

Kosher Chicken and Turkey

Chickens and turkeys killed for their flesh in kosher slaughterhouses often suffer broken legs and wings as a result of rough handling and malfunctioning equipment.

Chicken Hormonio

Chickens killed for KFC’s restaurants are bred and drugged to grow so large that they can’t even walk. Learn more at

Virgil Butler Interview

In a sworn affidavit, Virgil Butler, a Tyson slaughterhouse employee for more than five years, revealed that he had witnessed extreme cruelty at Tyson’s Grannis, Arkansas, facility.

Kosher Milk

Cows used for their milk are drugged and bred to produce unnatural amounts of milk.

PETA Infiltrates Another KFC Supplier of the Year

PETA conducted an undercover investigation at a KFC Supplier of the Year slaughterhouse owned by Georges Poultry.

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