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KFC Serves Garbage. No, Really.

So we all knew that KFC has some trashy practices, but did you know just how disgusting they can be? Recently, a delivery person recorded a KFC employee in …

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New Year Not Off to a Good Start for Amazon Parrots

treehugger / CC While hope and optimism have struck a chord with humans for the New Year, it couldn’t have started off worse for Amazon parrots. The extremely rare …

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Something ‘You Oughta Know’: Alanis Morissette Is Vegan!

toppayingideas / CC There’s nothing “ironic” about this: Music superstar Alanis Morissette has gone vegan and is feeling better than ever. According to OK, the always-trim Alanis eventually found …

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What Has 2,310 Calories and 66 Teaspoons of Sugar?

cynical-c / CC OK, so our love affair with lists is no secret. We admit it. But really, who doesn’t enjoy a quick bit of knowledge delivered in a …

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Casey Affleck’s Exclusive Interview With PETA

Casey talks to PETA about being vegan and how to help animals.

Happy New Year!

Start off the New Year right by making an animal-friendly resolution. And check out our cute New Year’s e-card below, from us to you! Here’s to a safe, compassionate, …

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Chew on This

30 reasons why you should go vegan today.

Game Over, Cockfighters

This rooster from the property was wearing an ankle tag when he was found. A collaborative effort involving multiple law-enforcement agencies has resulted in the takedown of what may …

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Katy Perry’s New Year’s Resolution

starpulse / CC We’re all about New Year’s Resolutions here at PETA. Mine is to quit eating so much delicious vegan junk food and start cooking healthier vegan meals. …

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Sea Kittens Now Have Competition!

First there were sea kittens. Now, I give you sea puppies:     Volkswagen’s commercial for the new SpaceFox car shows a half-dog, half-fish animal and his loving guardian. …

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It’s a Dog-Eat-Horse World

We all know about the horrific treatment of animals killed for human consumption, but a lot of us dog guardians haven’t stopped to think about what we’re feeding Fido …

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Yes, There Is a Santa Claus

In fact, there are two Santas! Wearing little red numbers sure to make Old Saint Nick’s heart skip a beat—and to make any other dude in the vicinity pretty …

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PETA Offers Tofurkys to Laid-Off GM Workers

Some folks at our PETA headquarters were moved when they read that after spending the last few days packing up bags of food for needy families, a General Motors …

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Palin to PETA: Drop the Snowball or We’ll Sue!

This morning, PETA’s Policy Department received a Scrooge-like phone call from someone purporting to be from Gov. Sarah Palin’s office threatening legal action against us if we don’t play …

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Nickelodeon Gets a Lump of Coal

Ugh …No, seriously. Ugh!OK, having turned *mumble* years old last Friday, I’m not really a member of this show’s “target demographic.” But even ‘tweens must find the heartless use …

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