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PETA Steps In After Breastfeeding Mom Is ‘Mooed’ at by Coworkers

After a working mom is “mooed” at while excusing herself to pump breast milk at work, PETA jumps in to support her and all breastfeeding mothers.

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Hens Get Homes for the Holidays … and Do a Little Painting, Too

Nearly 100 chickens head for their new homes after being rescued from an egg farm.

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Photo of the Day: Make No Bones About It, Meat Is Murder

Concertgoers craving sausages at Morrissey’s recent London show were out of luck.

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Woman Hid Corpse in Her Home for Six Months―and She’s Not the Only One ©

Woman Hid Corpse in Her Home for Six Months―and She’s Not the Only One

After a Hamilton, Ontario, woman kept her dead husband in their home for six months, PETA is alerting people that there could be corpses in other homes, too.

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What’s Sexier Than Pizza?

Jalapeños have nothing on these hot slices of pie.

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Adorable PETA Ad Urges People to Stop Eating Pigs

PETA placed an attention-grabbing, pro-vegan billboard near the Hilton hotel in Québec, where the pork industry’s 2014 convention is being held.

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Man the F*** Up and Eat Some Tofu (Explicit Language)

Man the F*** Up and Eat Some Tofu (Explicit Language)

We get it: Meat industry propaganda has kept you from realizing that burgers and steaks are actually the food of wimps. But we know that you’re not a wimp.

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Excited D.C. Crowd Gobbles Up Subway’s New Vegan Riblet Sandwich

When PETA’s bikinied beauties gave away Subway’s new vegan Riblet sandwiches in D.C., were they a hit? You bet your Tofutti Cuties they were!

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12 Hearty and Meat-Free Chili Recipes

Fill up your recipe book with these hearty, warming chilies.

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Mother Pigs and Piglets Abused by Hormel Supplier

Undercover Investigation Reveals Hormel Supplier’s Abuse of Mother Pigs and Piglets

Rescued Pigs Celebrate Thanksgiving Photo by Helga Tacreiter

Rescued Pigs Celebrate Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is extra-special for seven pigs rescued from slaughter.

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Photo of the Day: Chrissie Hynde Helps Holiday Shoppers Choose Kindly

Thanksgiving shoppers who visited Salt Lake City’s Harmons Grocery weren’t expecting to get shopping advice from rocker Chrissie Hynde.

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RZA Vegan Interview: Do Good Today for ‘A Better Tomorrow’

Wu-Tang’s RZA chooses to leave animals off his plate, knowing that going vegan makes for “a better tomorrow.”

Which Celebs Skip the Turkey on Thanksgiving? ©

Which Celebs Skip the Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Who are some of the famous faces starting the holiday season off compassionately? Check out 2014’s turkey-free celebrities!

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