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Bollywood Beauty Says, ‘Vegans Make Chicks Happy’

Are you ready to follow in Ayesha Takia Azmi’s footsteps by eating healthy, humane, environmentally friendly vegan foods?

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The World Vegan Month Video You Need to See

A baby was stolen from his mother. It turned out to be just a bad dream, but what really happens is a nightmare.

PETA ‘Cow’ Tells Gov. Jerry Brown ‘Quit Letting Big Dairy Milk California’

PETA’s “cow” was determined to get a chance to chew the cud with Gov. Jerry Brown and give him advice on California’s drought.

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It’s the (Otta)walking Dead

Looking like a scene out of “The Walking Dead,” a group of hungry zombies tucked into a macabre picnic in downtown Ottawa.

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6 Scary Videos That Will Keep You Up at Night

Are you ready for the scare of your life?

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PETA Tells Ben & Jerry’s: Vegans Want Ice Cream, Too ©

PETA Tells Ben & Jerry’s: Vegans Want Ice Cream, Too

As vegans scream for ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, PETA has come up with the next great flavor for the commanders of the cone.

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From sexy scales to oozing wounds … celebrities have donned both in chilling campaigns to make the case against cruelty to animals.

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Want to Fight Breast Cancer? Think Green

The most potent weapon against breast cancer could be in your kitchen.

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PETA Wants to Turn Meat Truck Into What …?

Can a place of pain and suffering be turned into something better?

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PETA Pig Farm Investigation Highlighted in Harrowing New Book

Acclaimed journalist Ted Genoways’ new book reveals the true price of cheap meat: abused animals, exploited workers, and a poisoned planet.

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