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Animal Collective’s ‘Save the Seals’ Photo Shoot

Go behind the scenes at Animal Collective’s “Save the Seals” photo shoot for PETA and find out why the band is speaking out against Canada’s cruel annual seal slaughter.

David Cross—Exclusive Interview

He may have played a “never nude” on Fox’s hit comedy Arrested Development, but David Cross wasn’t afraid to appear in a PETA anti-fur ad and bare his skin …

Amy Sedaris Knows Losers

A behind-the-scenes look at the shoot for “What Becomes a Loser Most,” Amy Sedaris’ spoof ad for PETA.

Save the Seals

PETA’s PSA starring the “evil twin” of each official Olympic mascot urges the Canadian government to stop the annual baby seal slaughter.

Fur Is for Animals: Litterbox

In this PETA ad, a fur-clad model answers nature’s call by using the cat’s litterbox—reminding us that wearing animals’ fur is on a par with mimicking their toilet

Fur Is Dead

This PSA poses the question, “What if you were killed for your coat?” A man clubs a woman unconscious and then rips her fur coat off her body.

Persia White: Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat

Actor Persia White exposes the bloody truth behind fur in this graphic PETA PSA.

Fur Is for Animals: Toilet

A model on all fours and draped in fur laps water from the toilet, illustrating the fact that dressing in animal skins is no different from acting like animals …

Golden Girls: Anti-Fur

“The Golden Girls” ask you to clean out your closet and your conscience by donating fur coats to PETA for distribution to the needy.

Fur Is for Animals: Hairball

When our fur-licking model coughs up a fur ball, the revolting nature of human fur-wearers becomes clear.

Plucked Alive: The Torture Behind Down

Down jackets, comforters, and pillows mean one thing for geese—the agony of having their feathers pulled out by the fistfu

PETA’s Fashion Week Bash

Pamela Anderson hosts PETA’s Fashion Week Party and Humanitarian Awards in New York City, honoring Martha Stewart, Moby, The Rev. Al Sharpton, Nellie McKay, and Tim Gu

Model Fernanda Takes Back Runway

Top model Fernanda Tavares and fashion designer Todd Oldham take time at a photo shoot to share with PETA why they don’t support the fur industr

NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross Bares Her Buns

Tune in to see our exclusive interview with gorgeous NYPD Blue star Charlotte Ross, who tells why she jumped at the chance to bare her buns in order to …

Pamela Anderson: Skins Trade

Pamela Anderson asks compassionate consumers to shed their skins and try animal-friendly alternatives to leather.

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