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In Memoriam: Virgil Butler

Virgil Butler, the former slaughterhouse worker from Arkansas who dedicated his life to educating others about the horrors of factory farming, died last night in his sleep at the …

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Christina Ricci Loses Her Biggest Fan

After reading about Christina Ricci’s continued refusal to stop wearing dead animals (including, for God’s sake, reindeer), Dodger, the owner of Ricci’s biggest fansite, replaced all of the site’s …

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New Naked Ad

Meggan, a PETA activist in California, just sent in some great ads she made for This one changed my world a little bit.

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Kevin’s Sister From The Wonder Years

This one’s for you die-hard Law & Order: CI fans (and closet Wonder Years fans) out there: We spent some time hanging out outside Vogue in New York this …

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Christina Aguilera’s Costume Change

So we just heard from Christina Aguilera that she has replaced the fox-fur stole she wears on stage with a faux-fur version after receiving a letter from PETA. Apparently, …

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Shaq’s Sensitive Hands

Shaq’s sensitive hands So, after a few months of getting used to their new synthetic ball, the NBA has decided they need to switch back to balls made from …

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Adventures in Spaying

This video is pretty cute. It’s an award-winning PSA that a PETA member gave us to help encourage people to get their pets spayed or neutered. I’m not entirely …

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Kristen Bell, and Joel

My good friend and colleague Joel Bartlett just started watching Veronica Mars, starring the lovely Kristen Bell, who was voted the world’s Sexiest Vegetarian this year. Joel, who has …

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CSI Investigates…Poultry Slaughter

If you caught the new episode of CSI on Thursday, you’ll know that the story involved a murder at a “poultry manufacturing plant.” Meaning, like, a murder of a …

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Oh, Madonna

Look out, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Madonna. In a £35,000 chinchilla fur coat. For those of you doing the math, that means Madge needs to have more than …

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POM Wonderful Makes Rabbits Impotent

Up until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of POM Wonderful, but apparently they’re this big company that sells pomegranate juice for like three times what …

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Yom Kippur Fashion Faux Pas

Avoid “putting your foot in it” on Yom Kippur. PETA’s video shows you why wearing leather is prohibited on the Day of Atonement.

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