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Down Feathers

‘Tis the Season to #ShopVegan, Falalalala …

Several of the brands featured below have offered rocking discounts for PETA supporters from 12 a.m. on Black Friday (November 28) through 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Monday (December 1).

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Vegan Cold-Weather Coats for Men

Don’t get stuck in the cold without a trendy cruelty-free coat. We’ll keep you warm with our long list of PETA-approved layers.

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60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Can you step into the life of an animal for just one minute?

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Ducks Duke It Out on Pillow Fight Day

To show you how Pillow Fight Day is done, here are two of PETA’s fowl friends getting in the spirit!

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The North Face Puts Its Best Face Forward and Snags a PETA Award

The North Face’s innovative new technology is making its customers—as well as geese—very happy.

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Crate and Barrel Creates Animal-Friendly Menu on Website

Crate and Barrel now allows shoppers to select down-free options via its Custom Furniture menu. In addition, the default option for pillow inserts is now a down alternative!

Victory! Coleman Company First Outdoor Retailer to Drop Down

After learning from PETA that down is often plucked from live birds, outdoor retailer The Coleman Company switches to selling only synthetic gear.

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New Poll Reveals Down Is Out With Outdoor Enthusiasts

After learning that down is often plucked from live birds, 88 percent of outdoor sports enthusiasts surveyed said they’d shop at a store that doesn’t sell down.

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An Open Letter to REI Employees About Duck and Goose Down

We want you to know why we are urging the company to stop selling down and also hope that you will encourage your employer to do what’s right.

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Why Your Pillow Could Mean Misery for Animals—Watch Now

In 60 seconds, the secret behind goose-down pillows and jackets is revealed. Find out how to be sure you’re not sleeping with or wearing a product of misery.

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Photo: PETA’s Giant Plucked ‘Goose’ Ruffles Feathers

A PETA member dressed as a giant 8-foot-tall half-plucked goose ruffled some feathers to expose the cruelty behind the down industry.

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Urge Caesars to Drop Down VIER PFOTEN International

Urge Caesars to Drop Down

Please ask Caesars to drop down in all its hotel rooms.

Nursing Home Staffers Nurse Ducklings Until Help Arrives

PETA staffer Erin Vader’s mom was visiting her father-in-law at a nursing home on a Sunday afternoon in Livonia, Michigan, when she overheard worried staffers talking about a flock …

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Home Furnishings Company Drops Down!

If PETA’s recent successes are any indication, down is going down fast. The latest company to make the synthetic leap onto our anti-down bandwagon is Colorado’s leading furniture manufacturer, …

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Have a Cruelty-Free Ski Season

Enjoy ski season in great animal-friendly gear! Find jackets, hats, and gloves that don’t use animal products such as down, wool, and leather.

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