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How Much Water Does It Take to Make One Steak?

In observance of World Water Day, PETA Germany placed this aqueous installation to let people know that it takes over 1,000 gallons of water to produce just one steak.

‘Glee’ Stars Sing Out for Animals

In honor of Glee’s final episode, we’re looking back at a few of the ways five of the show’s stars have raised their voices to speak up for animals.

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VICTORY! Pennsylvania Apartment Complex Removes Body-Gripping Devices

Thank you for taking action and helping squirrels!

Urge McDonald’s to Drop Cruel Chimpanzee Ad

Please send a polite note to McDonald’s France and urge the company to pull the offensive commercial and to pledge never to use chimpanzees and other great apes in …

Urge Live Earth to Offer Only Eco-Friendly Vegan Food © Randi Fair

Urge Live Earth to Offer Only Eco-Friendly Vegan Food

Please urge Live Earth cofounders Al Gore and Kevin Wall to combat climate change by offering only vegan food at the Live Earth events.

Chained Circus Protesters Take on Cruelty at the Capitol

Do bodypainted ladies standing outside get attention? You bet they do.

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What SeaWorld’s New Ad Should REALLY Say  ©

What SeaWorld’s New Ad Should REALLY Say 

SeaWorld’s new ad describes the “joy” felt by one of its captive sea lions, but we know the truth.

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Victory! Washington ‘Ag-Gag’ Bill Fails to Make It to the Floor

After being slammed with objections from all sides, Washington’s “ag-gag” bill “can’t move any further.”

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Prince Charles Gets ‘Goosed’ at the White House

Prince Charles gets honks from a grateful “goose” during his White House visit.

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Teaching Prisoners to Butcher Animals—Dumbest Idea Ever?

File under “What were they thinking?” A Minnesota state senator wants to give inmates a license to kill.

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