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PETA Sends Cheeky Message to Canadian MP

PETA cracks the case of the too-tight tighty whities.

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Joaquin Phoenix Shares Disturbing Video

The acclaimed actor shares barbaric footage of China’s dog-leather industry.

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Happy Animals © Kencredible

Happy Animals

A little reminder of what animals can do when they’re living free.

Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando ©

Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando

Nanuq, a beluga whale at SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic attraction in Orlando, Florida, died while he was being treated for an infection from a jaw injury.

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Photo of the Day: Tiny Ballerinas Lead Cutest Ringling Protest Ever Photo by Cynthia King

Photo of the Day: Tiny Ballerinas Lead Cutest Ringling Protest Ever

Those nearing Brooklyn’s Barclays Center likely did a pirouette as a troupe of tiny ballerinas led more than 100 animal advocates in a protest against Ringling.

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Urge Colorado Developer to Halt Prairie Dog Massacre!

Please urge Alberta Development Partners and Castle Rock officials to halt this cruel killing initiative!

Spice Things Up With These Awesome Latin-Inspired Vegan Recipes

Delight family and friends at your next fiesta with plant-based tacos, taquitos, tamales, drinks, and desserts inspired by Latin American cuisine.

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Justice Is Feeling Much Better, Thank You

A young Lab–pit bull mix who had sustained wounds from a grotesquely embedded collar is on the mend and looking for a perfect home.

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Can You Imagine Sitting Outside for Hours in the Frigid Cold?

See what it’s like to sit outside in the freezing cold in a doghouse all day long.

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Horse-Drawn Carriages in 60 Seconds Flat

Would you step inside the life of a horse used in the carriage industry for just one minute?

Report of New Citation Against UniverSoul Circus-Urge It to Stop Cruel Elephant Acts!

Join PETA in asking UniverSoul to make the long-overdue decision to eliminate cruel elephant acts from future UniverSoul Circus performances!

Before It Was a Fur Coat, It Was a Someone: A PETA Exposé

A look at the barbaric ways in which minks are killed and skinned at countless fur farms around the world. 

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“Cutest Vegan Kids” Contest 2015!

Think your animal-lovin’ vegan kiddo has what it takes to be named the Cutest Vegan Kid of 2015? Here’s your chance to tell us why!

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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Shed Excess Pounds

You want your best friend to be around for many years to come, so try these canine slimming tips.

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New Cleveland Clinic Study Reinforces PETA’s Campaign for Vegan Kids ©

New Cleveland Clinic Study Reinforces PETA’s Campaign for Vegan Kids

Cleveland Clinic Children’s recently compared a low-fat vegan diet to the typical American Heart Association diet. The vegan one showed distinct advantages!

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