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Feral Cat Gets Head Stuck in Plastic Six-Pack Ring

This feral cat’s story illustrates how dangerous discarded plastic and other trash can be.

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One Life in the Angora Wool Industry

Clothing retailers around the world have pledged to leave angora off their shelves for good, but rabbits are still being abused in the name of fashion.

Why Are Zoos Sentencing Elephants to Solitary Confinement?

Lonely elephants, insane bears, and dejected dogs receive help from PETA.

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11 Ways to Prevent Your Favorite Feline From Becoming a Fat Cat

Is your kitty turning into a tubby tabby? Here are some fun ways to help Fluffy fight the flab.

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Scientists Push for High-Tech, Humane Nanotechnology Testing Methods ©

Scientists Push for High-Tech, Humane Nanotechnology Testing Methods

The PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. organizes a two-day workshop in D.C. to discuss the development of non-animal methods for nanomaterial testing.

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Free Me

All over the world, animals are being abused for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment. Together, we can help stop it.

Experts: Tormenting Baby Monkeys Is Bad Science

Psychologists, other mental-health specialists, physicians, researchers, and primatologists slam NIH’s cruel maternal-deprivation experiments on baby monkeys.

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Sequel Draws Fire From PETA for Plan to Ship Monkeys to Australia ©

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Sequel Draws Fire From PETA for Plan to Ship Monkeys to Australia

The production of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 sea animals.

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Urge Texas Officials to Cancel Appearance of Wild Animals With Kelly Miller Circus!

Speak up today and ask Pharr officials to prioritize animal welfare by upholding their own law and canceling the appearance of Kelly Miller Circus!

Now Leather-Free: A Smart Move for Mercedes’ Smart Cars

Following appeals from PETA to take the cow out of the car, Mercedes-Benz has agreed to make smart cars even smarter by offering leather-free interiors.

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PETA Sends Cheeky Message to Canadian MP

PETA cracks the case of the too-tight tighty whities.

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Joaquin Phoenix Shares Disturbing Video

The acclaimed actor shares barbaric footage of China’s dog-leather industry.

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Happy Animals © Kencredible

Happy Animals

A little reminder of what animals can do when they’re living free.

Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando ©

Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Orlando

Nanuq, a beluga whale at SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic attraction in Orlando, Florida, died while he was being treated for an infection from a jaw injury.

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Take Action by February 26 to Help Elephants Chai and Bamboo!

Please add your name to this petition asking that the elephants be sent to a sanctuary!