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5 Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Be Left at Home

They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason.

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Urgent: Speak Up for Captive Turtle and Fish in Illinois!

Urge officials to provide these animals with a living environment that has more space so that they can swim freely!

Demand Justice for Florida Pigs Tortured in Traps!

Please urge Charlotte County officials to take immediate action to ensure justice for Florida pigs tortured in traps!

Foie Gras Sales May Not Be Unlawful, but They’re Still Despicable

PETA has dropped our lawsuit, but Hot’s Kitchen is still in hot water with people who care about animals.

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City Hall Cheese Ban Prompts Unusual PETA Care Package

PETA rushed a care package directly to Bainbridge Island’s city office.

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Could New York Become Cats’ Favorite State? ©

Could New York Become Cats’ Favorite State?

New York State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal has introduced a terrific bill that is the cat’s meow.

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5 Big Fat Lies About Fatty Liver (Foie Gras)

Foie gras fanciers are adding insult to injury by trotting out a laundry list of misconceptions, inaccuracies, and outright lies about the foie gras industry.

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Implore Perrysburg High School to End Cruel Tradition!

Please urge school administrators at Perrysburg High School and Colby College to put a permanent end to goldfish swallowing events!

Is tattoo ink vegan?

A tattoo can be a creative, eye-catching way to display your passion for animal rights. However, some tattoo inks are actually made with animal products. Nonvegan varieties may contain …

Will Jail Convince Real Housewife to Rethink Fur? ©

Will Jail Convince Real Housewife to Rethink Fur?

Maybe a stint in prison will change ‘Real Housewives’ star Teresa Giudice’s mind about supporting the fur industry.

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Success! Cruel Worcestershire Chicken Farm Proposal Finally Rejected

Plans to build a horrific new chicken factory in Worcestershire were dismissed after almost 30,000 PETA supporters spoke out against the proposal.

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These Baby Monkeys Have a Message for NIH

Thanks to a generous grant, PETA will be plastering buses and bus stops surrounding NIH’s Bethesda headquarters with ads blasting cruel experiments on baby monkeys.

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PETA Demands Action After 30 Captive Animals Die in Fire, Cold Weather ©

PETA Demands Action After 30 Captive Animals Die in Fire, Cold Weather

It was a deadly week for animals in captivity.

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Victory: Huge News For the Largest U.S. University

Following months of pressure and 2,000 petition signatures, Arizona State University (ASU) has committed to opening vegan stations in every dining hall on campus.