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10 Reasons Why Dogs Should Stay Indoors in the Winter (and Always)

Because if you’re cold, they’re probably cold, too.

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What’s the Cutest Way to Stay Cozy and Help Cold Dogs This Winter?

Help protect your nose—and dogs—from winter’s chill with PETA’s Cold-Nose Cozy. Net proceeds support our winter-relief program for dogs.

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Cats Lose Tips of Their Ears in the Cold ©

Cats Lose Tips of Their Ears in the Cold

Get cats and dogs INDOORS during freezing weather.

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How Did One Grateful ‘Dog’ Celebrate Newport News’ Chaining Ban?

A Newport News, Virginia, council member challenges supporters of an anti-chaining ordinance not to forget about humans in need, so PETA steps up to the plate.

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Thankful: Meet Some of the Dogs PETA Helped Over the Holiday Weekend

Chained dogs never get a holiday, so PETA’s fieldworkers were out over Thanksgiving weekend delivering lifesaving doghouses, straw, and food.

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Finally! Michael Vick’s Hometown Bans Chaining (Graphic)

A victory nearly 10 years in the making: Newport News, Virginia, restricts the chaining of dogs.

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Hopeless No More: Meet Some of the Animals PETA Helped Last Month (Graphic)

From delivering doghouses to alleviating suffering to putting the brakes on animal births, it was a banner month for PETA’s fieldworkers and mobile clinics.

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Chained Dogs—A Chilling Tail

If your community lacks an ordinance against chaining, demand one—and if you see dogs chained outdoors, help them.

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Help a Cold, Neglected Dog This Winter

Become a PETA “Angels for Animals” sponsor and change the life of an “outside dog” who doesn’t have adequate shelter from winter’s chill.

How Did Holly Berry Go From Chained to Champion? Virginia Beach SPCA

How Did Holly Berry Go From Chained to Champion?

Holly Berry, a dog who was emaciated and chained before PETA rescued her, wins first place in her new family’s heart—and in a 5K race.

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Rest in Peace, Peaches—Your Abusers Are Behind Bars (Graphic)

A man and his daughter are given jail time for a horrific case of chaining abuse.

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No Coffee-Fetching Involved: A PETA Intern’s Day Helping Chained Dogs

A PETA intern shares her firsthand account of working with PETA’s fieldworkers to help chained and neglected dogs (and one lucky cat) in rural North Carolina.

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NFL Safety Antoine Bethea Knows Dogs Are Family Members, Too!

Watch San Francisco 49ers safety Antoine Bethea talk about responsible animal care and why he considers dogs to be members of the family!

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UPDATE: Judge Upholds Conviction of Woman Who Starved Pregnant Dog

A woman who starved a pregnant pit bull goes to jail after losing her appeal.

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PETA Tells City That Took a Stand Against Bullying, ‘Don’t Forget Dogs!’

Dogs give us their all. In return, they surely deserve to be protected from bullying.

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