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Neglected, Blind, Deaf Hound Gets a Home for Thanksgiving

Sarah was nearly blind and deaf from untreated medical conditions. Her miraculous transformation will make your day.

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This Dog’s Mange May Have Saved His Life

After mange caused all his hair to fall out and turned his inflamed skin bright pink, Keane is hardly handsome—but that’s part of his charm.

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35 Inspiring Rescue Stories From 35 Years of PETA © Emile Hallez

35 Inspiring Rescue Stories From 35 Years of PETA

Grab a tissue—these rescue stories are so touching.

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14 Dogs Before and After They Were Rescued by PETA (Photos)

Prepare to be wowed by the inspiring transformations these dogs made after they were rescued. See their before-and-after photos now!

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This Chained Dog Got Fed Every Day … Unless It Was Raining

A dog who used to spend every hour alone outdoors—even in terrible weather, when he wasn’t fed—is seeking a fair (and foul) weather friend.

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Tangled Tether Almost Costs Dog Her Leg

We have no idea how long the dog had been immobilized, but one thing is certain: She needed help right away.

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Video: Cats Chained Outside

It doesn’t matter who’s at the end of the chain—chaining is wrong.

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Woman Protests Dog Chaining by Wearing Fur Coat in Sweltering Heat

A PETA supporter chained herself to a cinderblock to call on government officials to outlaw tethering.

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Officer: ‘The Poor Dog Did Not Make It’ ©

Officer: ‘The Poor Dog Did Not Make It’

Hot weather can be deadly, especially for dogs who are penned or chained outside.

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Emergency Call to Police: Protect K9 Officers from Dying in Hot Cars ©

Emergency Call to Police: Protect K9 Officers from Dying in Hot Cars

In the wake of least 20 K9 officers dying in hot patrol cars in the past three years, PETA issues urgent plea to police to install lifesaving heat-alert systems.

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Tiny Dog Attacked Not Once but TWICE—and Lives to Tell About It

Two attacks by stray dogs left this intrepid little pup battered, but not broken.

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From Chained to Cherished: Neglected Dog’s Journey to a Loving Home (Video)

Cora spent years chained in a backyard, but thanks to PETA, she’ll never be neglected again. Watch this rescued dog see her new home for the first time.

Sweet Dreams, Ms. Piggy

PETA fieldworkers extend one last act of kindness to an old friend they’ve been visiting for more than nine years.

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These Dogs Lived in a Shed for Months, but Their New Digs Will Warm Your Heart

While delivering straw to cold “backyard dogs,” PETA fieldworkers came across a shed and discovered something strange.

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One Rescued Dog’s Stunning Transformation

When PETA found Coco, she was so malnourished that you could see nearly every bone in her body. Now? She doesn’t even look like the same dog.

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