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UPDATE: Judge Upholds Conviction of Woman Who Starved Pregnant Dog

A woman who starved a pregnant pit bull goes to jail after losing her appeal.

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PETA Tells City That Took a Stand Against Bullying, ‘Don’t Forget Dogs!’

Dogs give us their all. In return, they surely deserve to be protected from bullying.

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Make a Mother’s Day: Neuter and Spay

Preventing dogs and cats from becoming mothers (or fathers) is the kindest thing that we can do for them this Mother’s Day—and every day of the year.

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Hard-Luck Pups Hope for a Fairy ‘Tail’ Ending

Macey and Brooklyn had rough starts in life, but now these formerly hard-luck “pups” are up for adoption and hoping for their “happily ever after.”

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Small Town Takes Big Step for Dogs

After citizens in Weldon, North Carolina, expressed concerns about the suffering of chained dogs in their community, town officials took decisive action.

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Chihuahuas in the Snow

You’ll never guess who was left out in this winter’s record-breaking cold: the tiniest dogs. And here are three who survived.

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PETA’s Straw-Delivery Team Arrives Just in the Nick of Time

It was a long time coming, but a neglected Doberman mix finally got a happy ending.

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Chilly Pup Has a Change of Luck

Ride along with a PETA fieldworker as she delivers straw to keep a sweet momma dog warm and rescues a puppy named JoJo. Warning: extreme cuteness ahead!

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Check It Out: Chained Dogs Seen Through Google Glass

Would you like to see what our fieldworkers see? Well, you can, with our new Google Glass video.

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A Glimpse Into the World of Forgotten Dogs

PETA’s social media team went out into the field to help some of the saddest animals in the world: forgotten “backyard dogs.”

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Starving Pit Bull Escapes Becoming Another Winter Weather Statistic

Based on evidence provided by PETA, a judge has forbidden the owner of a starving pit bull from having another dog—ever again.

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Chained Dogs—A Chilling Tail

If your community lacks an ordinance against chaining, demand one—and if you see dogs chained outdoors, help them.

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UPDATE: Conway, N.C., Officials Give Neglected Pit Bulls Diamond and Ace Doghouses and Bedding

Thanks to the calls and letters of hundreds of people who contacted Conway, N.C., Mayor Brian Bolton, neglected, chained pit bulls Diamond and Ace have received doghouses and dry …

How a House Can Change a Life—PETA’s Doghouse Program in Action

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Day, or a Saturday when the temperatures have dipped below freezing, PETA staffers and volunteers are outside delivering dry, fluffy straw bedding and warm wooden …

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12 Easy Ways to Make the Holidays Brighter for Animals ©Kencredible

12 Easy Ways to Make the Holidays Brighter for Animals

The holiday season is a time of peace and goodwill. And animal advocates know that those sentiments shouldn’t be reserved solely for human beings.

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