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Companion Animals

Cat Miraculously Survives Blow-Dart Shot to the Face

We’re offering up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

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The LICKI Cat Brush Is the Weirdest Thing Ever, and I Absolutely NEED One

Take your ‘Crazy Cat Person’ game to the next level. Who needs human friends anyways?

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Victory: PetSmart Finally Cuts Ties With Holmes Farm

After a PETA exposé and the feds found at least 117 violations of the law there, PetSmart dropped this cruel supplier. Tell PetSmart to stop selling all animals!

You’ll Flip for Pancake

If you like cats the way you like your flapjacks—sweet, irresistible, and, well, “fluffy”—you’ll flip for Pancake.

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Justin Long Stars as Charlie, a Neglected ‘Backyard Dog’

Actor Justin Long will break your heart as Charlie in the real, and all too common story of this neglected “backyard dog”.

Chicago Fire Department Nabs Award For Rescuing Dog Stuck in Bathtub

After PETA alerted them to the Chihuahua’s plight, the 16-person crew sprang into action.

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If Your Cats Could Talk, They Would Ask You for a Catio

Catios are the perfect way for your cat to get some sunshine while staying safe from outdoor dangers.

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Henry’s Story: Dachshund Reportedly Dies During PetSmart Grooming Session

As if you needed ANOTHER reason not to go to PetSmart.

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Dog Suffocates in Plastic Bag in Botched Home ‘Euthanasia’ ©

Dog Suffocates in Plastic Bag in Botched Home ‘Euthanasia’

What happens when misguided “no-kill” shelter policies make it hard for financially strapped people to surrender sick and elderly animals? Things like this happen.

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Video: We Thought We’d Never See This Chained Dog Again. We Were Wrong.

When Edith disappeared after years of being chained outside, we thought she must have died. But then something amazing happened.

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Watch the Video Trap-Neuter-Release Advocates Don’t Want You to See

Would you ever dream of abandoning your cats on the streets to fend for themselves? This is what could happen if you did.

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Meet Animals We Were Able to Help Because of Your Donations

Each month, PETA puts your donations to use helping hundreds of individual animals in need. Meet a few of them and hear their stories.

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This Rescued Cat Really, Really Loves Baskets

Can you imagine anything worse than a world without baskets? This cat can’t.

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Rescued Dog Determined to Defeat Blanket Foe

Danny the rescued dachshund mix is a master magician.

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Heed the Dancing Condoms: Get Your Cat or Dog Spayed or Neutered

There aren’t enough good homes for all the cats and dogs who deserve them. Spaying and neutering can help end the overpopulation crisis.

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