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Companion Animals

Marjorie de Sousa Urges Fans Always to Spay and Neuter!

Marjorie de Sousa reminds her fans that they can help prevent animal homelessness by always having their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.

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Chinchilla Breeder: ‘If They Don’t Work Out, I Pelt ’Em’

Two of the more than 400 chinchillas rescued from a California farm are at PETA’s shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, waiting for a new home. Extreme cuteness ahead!

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Get Married, and Brad & Angie Get Rescued

PETA gives Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a wedding gift unlike any other.

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Denver Broncos’ Wes Welker Knows Loyalty

Denver Broncos’ receiver Wes Welker and his sweet adopted pup, Penny, agree that adoption is the only way to go when choosing an animal companion!

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New Mexico Group Proud New ‘Parents’ of PETA’s ABC Clinic

A New Mexico animal protection group breathes new life into ex-PETA spay-and-neuter clinic.

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Behind the Lies, Images That Will Change You © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

Behind the Lies, Images That Will Change You

This is their reality. These images will change everything you think you know.

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Is This a Dog or a Fruit Bat?

Looking to adopt? This Chihuahua puppy is all ears.

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See the Ad That’s Sending Shoppers Scurrying to Their Cars

Our “Too Hot for Spot!” ads are popping up at malls across California, reminding shoppers that parked cars can cook an animal alive in minutes.

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When Animals Need Rescuing From Their ‘Rescuers’

Some “rescues” are far from what they claim to be. Beware of hoarders, scammers, bunchers, dealers, and others posing as “rescuers” who are victimizing animals.

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How Would You Like to Have Your Fingertips Amputated?

The American Veterinary Medical Association has revised its policy on declawing to emphasize the seriousness of the surgery, referring to it as an “amputation” for the first time.

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8 Reasons Not to Let Nature Run Its Course (GRAPHIC)

Most of the kittens born this summer won’t even survive six months.

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PETA to Place Anti-Crating Ad After Child Locked in a Cage in Wyoming © Goodwin

PETA to Place Anti-Crating Ad After Child Locked in a Cage in Wyoming

With a couple facing charges for caging a child, PETA plans to place a billboard reminding people that no one—child or dog—belongs in a crate.

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What to Do When You See a Dog in a Hot Car (VIDEO)

The next time you see a dog trapped in a hot car, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Why We’re Urging ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star to Give Up Her Dogs dog photo ©

Why We’re Urging ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star to Give Up Her Dogs

Following disturbing scenes of abuse, PETA is urging a “Teen Mom 2″ star to give her dogs a chance at a better life.

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5 Reasons Why Doing Everything Is Better With a Cat

Cats are furry pals who carry their weight more than you might think.

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