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Companion Animals

She Went Home to Die—and Then Something Amazing Happened

The vet gave Soupster six months to live, but she had other plans.

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Officer: ‘The Poor Dog Did Not Make It’ ©

Officer: ‘The Poor Dog Did Not Make It’

Hot weather can be deadly, especially for dogs who are penned or chained outside.

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If You Think You’re Doing Your Cats a Favor Letting Them Outside, You’re Wrong.

Abandoned, tortured, left to die—31 emotional stories that highlight the harsh reality that “outdoor cats” face.

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Caution: Cute Kittens Ahead

What happens when cats aren’t spayed or neutered? Kittens! This adorable trio is desperately seeking their forever scratching posts.

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PETA Wants to Nip the Problem of Deadbeat Dads in the Bud © S.r.l.Skyhobo

PETA Wants to Nip the Problem of Deadbeat Dads in the Bud

With Father’s Day approaching, PETA is getting snippy with deadbeat dads.

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Could Your Cat or Dog Have Diabetes?

Just like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from diabetes. But what does diabetes “look” like—especially in an animal?

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What to Do if You Find a Stray Dog or Cat

You could be a crucial part of reuniting lost animals with their families or, if they don’t have homes, giving them a chance at finding one!

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850 Animals Who Will Never Contribute to the Overpopulation Crisis ©

850 Animals Who Will Never Contribute to the Overpopulation Crisis

Are you as passionate about tackling the homeless-animal crisis as PETA is? Do we have the job for you!

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Animal Shelter Employees Get Their Moment in the Spotlight

An online adoption event celebrates shelter animals and the humans who are trying to find them their forever families.

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Are These Chihuahuas Too Cute for Their Own Good?

You’re in luck: Persephone and Potato are still up for adoption!

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Bunnies Sold for Pelts, Pet Food, or People’s Plates—Then PETA Intervenes

Eighty-three rabbits are now safe and sound and won’t be turned into meat, fur, or bunny breeding machines.

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49 Thoughts You’ll Probably Have When You Adopt Your First Rescue Dog

Adopting a dog is a big decision. It’ll probably be the first time you think, “I’ve never been so proud to pick up poop.”

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Photos: They Came, They Saw, They Adopted

Dozens of potential adopters converge on PETA’’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters to have their hearts stolen by homeless dogs.

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Update: Students Dance With Cat Corpses: Tell Oklahoma School to Stop Dissection!

The school announced that it is suspending its cat dissection program!

What Are These Animals Doing on a Train?

Thousands of commuters get a reminder to spay, neuter, and adopt homeless animals from the shelter.

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