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Rescued! Chimpanzee’s Solitary Confinement Comes to an End

It’s a whole new world for Joe, a chimpanzee who has been held in captivity since the day he was born.

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VICTORY! Urge the Mobile Zoo to Retire Joe to an Accredited Sanctuary

Thanks to pressure from PETA’s Endangered Species Act lawsuit and the nearly 85,000 supporters who signed an action alert calling for Joe the chimpanzee’s retirement, Joe has been moved …

GRAPHIC: Zebra Beheaded and Fed to Tigers at Norway Zoo ©

GRAPHIC: Zebra Beheaded and Fed to Tigers at Norway Zoo

The zoo admitted that they killed the animal because they had too many.

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Meet Bernard, the Robotic Bear Who Talks to Tourists About His Life

Actor Casey Affleck gives a voice to Bernard—former prisoner of a roadside zoo—to let people know about his horrendous living conditions and his new life.

Casey Affleck’s Latest Role? Saving Bears

PETA’s newest robotic animal will tour the country in behalf of bears—and Casey Affleck has something to say about it.

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Zoo Worker Dead After Tiger Attack ©

Zoo Worker Dead After Tiger Attack

Today’s incident is only the latest in a long list of fatal maulings around the world.

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Chimpanzee Runs for His Life After Escaping Japanese Zoo

This horrifying video will break your heart. The world MUST do better for animals.

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Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits

Help close this cruel animal prison by urging the owners of Cherokee Bear Zoo to release the bears to a reputable sanctuary.

These Videos Prove That Animals Really, Really Don’t Want to Be Imprisoned in Zoos ©
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‘Generic’ Tigers Get Long Overdue Protection ©

‘Generic’ Tigers Get Long Overdue Protection

The feds finally close a loophole that left “mixed-breed” tigers out in the cold.

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Help Polar Bears at the Saddest Zoo in the World

Polar bears, walrus calves, beluga whales, and wolves are languishing in a zoo with no natural light. Sign the petition to close the zoo!

On World TB Day, Remember All Tuberculosis Victims

Experts estimate that 18 percent of elephants in the U.S. have this deadly disease—but zoos and circuses don’t want you to know about it.

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Could a USDA Warning Mean an End to Unbearable Bear Pit Cruelty?

A notorious roadside zoo in Pennsylvania gets hit with a USDA warning for more than a dozen Animal Welfare Act violations.

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How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel ©

How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel

If you’re thinking about swimming with dolphins or riding elephants on your next getaway, read this first.

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