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Captive Elephants in Seattle Need Your Help TODAY!

Please add your name to this petition asking that the elephants be sent to a sanctuary!

Chai and Bamboo Have Earned Their Retirement—but Will They Get It?

The Woodland Park Zoo should do the right thing and send elephants Chai and Bamboo to a sanctuary.

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Why Is a Convicted Felon Running a Zoo? ©

Why Is a Convicted Felon Running a Zoo?

Ever wonder what would happen if you put your hand in a tiger’s cage? A Florida construction worker finds out—the hard way.

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From sexy scales to oozing wounds … celebrities have donned both in chilling campaigns to make the case against cruelty to animals.

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Misty Upham for PETA

In a candid and heartfelt interview with PETA, actor Misty Upham—whose mesmerizing performance in Frozen River garnered rave reviews—expresses her dismay over a wide range of animal issues, including …

9 Animals Driven Insane

Zoochosis is a disturbing psychological condition. This is what it looks like.

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PETA Calls Out USDA Over Lame Elephants, Insane Bears, and Dead Birds Photo Frame ©; Fail Stamp ©

PETA Calls Out USDA Over Lame Elephants, Insane Bears, and Dead Birds

Can the feds be publicly shamed into taking action for animals?

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Your Next Facebook Share: Zoos Are Usually NOT Educational

Zoos have long tried to hide the cruelty of captivity behind a mask of “conservation education.” But a new study shows that learning is usually not the outcome.

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West Virginia Wesleyan College Cancels Plans for Petting Zoo

September 2014 After PETA contacted the college and explained why having a petting zoo at its Alumni Weekend—which is scheduled for this October—would be a bad idea, the school …

Feds Crack Down on Sleazy Zoos

See how the PETA Foundation’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement Division’s work prompts action.

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Tiger Cubs Are Not Stuffed Toys ©

Tiger Cubs Are Not Stuffed Toys

An Indiana roadside zoo owner is caught on tape abusing a tiger cub—and other animals-in-entertainment news.

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Zoo Owner Tells Visitors to Hit Baby Tigers on The Nose

Tim Stark, owner of a Charlestown roadside zoo called Wildlife in Need, was caught on video holding an agitated tiger cub by the nape of the neck, hitting the …

New York Yanks Big Cat Exhibitors’ Source of Income

In a New York minute, everything can change. And for big cats, things have certainly changed for the better.

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Good News for Dolphins, Bad News for Fingers

A zoo visitor leaves a little bit of herself behind, plus other animals-in-entertainment news.

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14 Pictures of the Cutest Bear Cubs You’ll Ever See

A post for people who love bear cubs, feelings, and seeing animals living free.

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