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12 Things Ringling Doesn’t Want You to Know

If there’s one thing Ringling Bros. circus has proved over the years, it’s that it’s the cruelest show on Earth.

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Live-Tweeting of Circus Highlights Cruelty Under the Bright Lights

Ringling Bros. circus gets quite a shock when PETA live-tweets a performance in order to help put the spotlight on animal abuse.

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No, These Elephants Aren’t Dancing

The spin put on “dancing” elephants at the Circus World Museum is … well, maddening.

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Victory! Moscow International Circus Suspends Animal Acts

The Moscow International Circus has pledged not to use any animals in its upcoming performances after tens of thousands of people objected.

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Victory! Honolulu Circus Will Not Feature Live Animals! © Alan Abraham

Victory! Honolulu Circus Will Not Feature Live Animals!

It has now been confirmed that the circus will not use ANY animals this year!

Come One, Come All … Anyone?

Are the days of jamming animals in boxcars and cages finally coming to an end?

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Tyke’s Last Performance

Twenty years ago, Tyke’s final circus appearance ended in death, injuries, and a hail of bullets. Circuses are still driving animals to the brink.

Universal Disdain and Outrage at UniverSoul Circus

Even though it seems obvious that she’s in pain, the UniverSoul Circus apparently forced a lame elephant to perform.

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Tyke the Elephant’s Last Day on Earth (VIDEO)

Twenty years ago, Tyke the elephant gave her last circus performance. Here’s how it all ended.

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Jenna Fischer Says Elephants Shouldn’t Have to Work ©

Jenna Fischer Says Elephants Shouldn’t Have to Work

See what The Office’s Jenna Fischer has to say about elephant rides.

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Mexican Circus Fined for Mutilated Animals

Authorities just fined Harley Circus approximately $53,000 for featuring a bear whose lower jaw had been removed and a lion and three spider monkeys who were declawed and defanged.

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Dumbo: Old Movie, New Twist? ©

Dumbo: Old Movie, New Twist?

Can ‘Dumbo’ have a fairy tale ending after all?

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Circus Signs Go Missing—Police Go After 84-Year-Old PETA Member

Octogenarian PETA member fights for her right to protest.

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7 Videos the Circus Doesn’t Want You to See

Circuses take everything away from the animals they use. These videos show how they do it.

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Urge LivingSocial to Cancel Cruel Ringling Bros. Promotion!

Please contact LivingSocial and politely ask the company to cancel its Ringling ticket deal and to agree never to promote Ringling again.