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Mexico’s Congress Condemns Animal Cruelty

Soon, no more wild or exotic animals will suffer in circuses in Mexico.

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It’s Indisputable: Bullhooks Are on the Way Out

Austin becomes the latest city to tackle circus cruelty.

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Chai and Bamboo Have Earned Their Retirement—but Will They Get It?

The Woodland Park Zoo should do the right thing and send elephants Chai and Bamboo to a sanctuary.

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Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room Photo by Leigh Vogel

Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room

See what happens when PETA’s “elephant” takes over Capitol Hill.

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Next? 4 Texas Cities Pull Welcome Mat on Liebel

Nosey wasn’t scheduled for a mini-break, but find out why she got one.

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Another Day, Another City That Has Taken Steps to Ban Animal Circuses

Eureka Springs is the latest city to take steps to keep cruel animal circuses out of town.

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UPDATE: Is Ringling Writing Its Own Inspections?

Elephants are jammed into Ringling’s stifling boxcars.

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PETA Slams Ringling in Time Capsule Proposal

It’s time for the clock to stop on Ringling’s abuse of elephants.

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UPDATE: USDA ‘Indifferent’ to Nosey’s Suffering

An ailing elephant, agitated alligators, and other animals get an assist from the PETA Foundation.

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9 Animals Driven Insane

Zoochosis is a disturbing psychological condition. This is what it looks like.

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12 Things Ringling Doesn’t Want You to Know

If there’s one thing Ringling Bros. circus has proved over the years, it’s that it’s the cruelest show on Earth.

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Live-Tweeting of Circus Highlights Cruelty Under the Bright Lights

Ringling Bros. circus gets quite a shock when PETA live-tweets a performance in order to help put the spotlight on animal abuse.

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No, These Elephants Aren’t Dancing

The spin put on “dancing” elephants at the Circus World Museum is … well, maddening.

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Victory! Moscow International Circus Suspends Animal Acts

The Moscow International Circus has pledged not to use any animals in its upcoming performances after tens of thousands of people objected.

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Victory! Honolulu Circus Will Not Feature Live Animals! © Alan Abraham

Victory! Honolulu Circus Will Not Feature Live Animals!

It has now been confirmed that the circus will not use ANY animals this year!

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