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Animals in Entertainment

Court Orders Chronic Abuser to Lose the Cats

A Nevada court orders big-cat abuser Karl Mitchell to get the animals out of town.

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Taiwan Raid: Police Bust Pigeon Racers

Young birds are shipped out to sea, released in the middle of the ocean, and forced to fly back home. Often less than 1 percent of birds survive.

Big Cat Magician Dirk Arthur Needs to Do a Disappearing Act

Protesters are betting that a Vegas casino didn’t count on this.

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Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room Photo by Leigh Vogel

Washington Can’t Ignore This Elephant in the Room

See what happens when PETA’s “elephant” takes over Capitol Hill.

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Next? 4 Texas Cities Pull Welcome Mat on Liebel

Nosey wasn’t scheduled for a mini-break, but find out why she got one.

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UPDATE: Bob Barker Asks NYC Mayor to Rein in Carriages

Why has Bob Barker stopped visiting Central Park?

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Camels, Llamas, and Sheep in New York City?

Urge executives to close the curtain on exploiting animals on stage and in the chaotic streets of New York City!

Urge Macy’s to Cancel SeaWorld’s Float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Take a moment to contact the company’s CEO and parade producer and urge them to cancel plans for a SeaWorld float in the parade.

Chrissie Hynde Makes Grand Concert Entrance to Protest Horse Carriages

Chrissie Hynde’s surprise e-carriage arrival at her New York concert had animal advocates cheering.

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Planned SeaWorld Protest Turns Into Celebration—See Why

Students at one university planned a protest to get the school to stop promoting SeaWorld. But as it turned out, they didn’t have to protest at all.

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Urge Texas Renaissance Festival to Stop Cruel Elephant Rides TODAY

Speak up TODAY for these mistreated elephants.

VICTORY for Nosey in Texas!

Nosey was spared a week of exhausting and painful circus performances!

Another Day, Another City That Has Taken Steps to Ban Animal Circuses

Eureka Springs is the latest city to take steps to keep cruel animal circuses out of town.

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Tell Del Mar Racing Officials to Release Vet Records of Deceased Horses

Numerous horses died this year at the Del Mar racetrack. Tell officials that the public wants to know if drugs were involved!

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