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Animal Experimentation

Beyond Dissection: Digital Frog 2.5

Board-certified anatomic pathologist Nancy Harrison, M.D., discusses the highlights and benefits of the award-winning virtual frog-dissection software Digital Frog 2.5.

WSU Video

An undercover investigator revealed horrifying conditions at Wright State University’s lab. The USDA fined the university $25,000 and the scabies experiments on dogs were stopped.

Boy’s Town National Research Hospital

PETA investigators reveal why experts condemned deafness experiments on kittens at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Behind The Beauty

Encourages caring consumers to support compassion with their wallets by buying only cruelty free cosmetics and household products.

The US Air Force Tasered Animals

Pigs were repeatedly shot with Tasers—while fully conscious—to “verify effectiveness” in yet another government-funded Taser experiment at Brooks Air Force Base in Te

Out of Africa and Into the Lab

Thousands of wild monkeys are captured for brain experiments like this one, which was filmed by an activist at Hebrew University.

‘Who Cares About Mice and Rats?’

Mice and rats are affectionate and clever and would risk their own lives to save their friends. However, 95 percent of all animals used in experimentation are rats and …

Military Stabbing Live Dogs PETA2

Thanks to pressure from PETA, Bolivia’s military no longer trains on animals, but the U.S. still does.

Investigation Exposes Cruelty at Iams Lab

PETA’s investigator also found dogs and cats confined to small, barren cages, some for up to six years; at least 27 dogs were kille

Nestea CruelTEA

Nestea torments animals in deadly tea tests. We need your help to stop the abuse!

Locked Away

Imagine spending months—or even years—in a dark, barren cage and that your only interaction with people is when you are tormented in experiments. See the faces of animal resea

This Is Animal Research

Every year, millions of mice, rats, dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, birds, and other animals endure physical and verbal abuse in laboratories for animal “research.”

Genetic Engineering: Bad for You, Worse for Animals

Scenes from a classic horror film are intercut with footage of experiments on monkeys to show what happens behind closed laboratory doors. Peter Gabriel donated his song “Shock the …

Military Stabbing Live Dogs

Thanks to pressure from PETA, the Bolivian military has ended training exercises on animals, but many governments, including the U.S. government, have not.

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