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Animal Experimentation

Bob Barker: Caring Consumer

Each year, millions of animals suffer when cosmetics and personal-care and household products are tested on them. Find out why the price is never right for products tested on …

Alicia Silverstone: Dissection

Students from elementary school to medical school are taking a stand against dissection before it happens in their classes. They say, “Cut it out!”

Primate Torture at Columbia University

A veterinarian in Columbia’s experimental laboratories has blown the whistle on neglect and cruelty to primates left to suffer and sometimes die in their cages without veterinary car

Nellie McKay—Exclusive Interview

Nellie McKay talks to PETA about the horrible things Columbia does in its animal tests and what you can do to help.

Nellie McKay’s “Columbia is Bleeding”

Nellie McKay protests against Columbia University’s cruel abuses to animals in their laboratorie

Beyond Dissection: DryLabPlus Fetal Pig

Board-certified anatomic pathologist Nancy Harrison, M.D., discusses the highlights and benefits of the eye-catching virtual pig-dissection software DryLab Plus Fetal Pig.

Stephanie Pratt Interview

On the set of her PETA photo shoot, MTV star Stephanie Pratt chats exclusively with PETA about the importance of buying cruelty-free products.

David Gallagher Dissection Ad

Actor David Gallagher teams up with his canine costar, Happy, to let students know that they can ask for humane alternatives to animal dissection in biology class.

Dr. Emad Aboud’s ‘Living Cadaver’ Surgical Training Method

Dr. Emad Aboud’s internationally renowned “living cadaver” method can replace the use of live animals in surgical training.

Mars’ Ghoulish Secret: Candy-maker Kills Animals

Mars’ animal tests make PETA’s skin crawl. Watch this video to learn more about animal experimentat

Beyond Dissection: Digital Frog 2.5

Board-certified anatomic pathologist Nancy Harrison, M.D., discusses the highlights and benefits of the award-winning virtual frog-dissection software Digital Frog 2.5.

WSU Video

An undercover investigator revealed horrifying conditions at Wright State University’s lab. The USDA fined the university $25,000 and the scabies experiments on dogs were stopped.

Boy’s Town National Research Hospital

PETA investigators reveal why experts condemned deafness experiments on kittens at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Behind The Beauty

Encourages caring consumers to support compassion with their wallets by buying only cruelty free cosmetics and household products.

The US Air Force Tasered Animals

Pigs were repeatedly shot with Tasers—while fully conscious—to “verify effectiveness” in yet another government-funded Taser experiment at Brooks Air Force Base in Te

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