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Animal Experimentation

Emmylou Harris in the Country Hall of Fame

The title says it all really. The country sensation took her rightful place alongside country’s biggest stars this week in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Emmylou, for …

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Monkey Boiled Alive at SNBL

Update: Please click here to take action on this issue. I wish I could say that the title of this entry were anything other than a simple statement of …

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Deflocked, by Jeff Corriveau

Deflocked, baby. Deflocked. Click for a larger version To check out the archives of past strips, click here.

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Britain’s New Memory Champion

smh/Creative Commons As of last week, according to The Daily Mail, Britain’s memory champion is no longer Ben Pridmore—who is capable of memorizing the order of a shuffled deck …

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Pig-Surgery Demonstration Canned

January 2008 After a whistleblower faxed PETA the brochure for a thyroid-disease conference at which a “live dissection” was to be performed on pigs, PETA sent the conference organizers a …

FDA Agrees With PETA: No More Animal Tests Needed on Stevia

January 2008 When PETA learned that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) was calling for more animal tests on a natural, plant-based sweetener derived from stevia, our …

PETA Europe Funding Helps Save Animals From Skin Testing

January 2008 In November, the E.U.’s Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods announced the validation of MatTek’s EpiDerm reconstructed skin model as a full replacement for rabbits in skin-irritation …

Testing … One, Two, Three’

Every year, millions of animals are routinely cut open, tortured, and killed―all in the name of researc

Naked M&Ms Tell Mars What’s Up

Now I know why my friends Allie and Virginia came into the office this morning a slightly different color than normal (respectively, a sort of off-yellow and a nice …

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Pamela Anderson Takes On Mars Candy

The wonderful Pamela Anderson, who was once paid to promote M&M’s, has come out against Mars Candy for funding inhumane experiments on animals in violation of its own written …

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Are Worms Gay?

Should anyone even care? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but check out what PETA’s Director of Research, Kathy Guillermo, had to say about them in this …

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Kentucky Fried Cruelty HQ

Earlier this year, we took our KFC Campaign up a notch by sending our fearless Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaigner, Lindsay Rajt, deep into the heart of darkness—Louisville, Kentucky, itself—to …

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Covance Pays for an Anti-Covance Billboard

Here’s a taste of what PETA UK’s been doing with the money they received from Covance Inc. following the dismissal of Covance’s lawsuit against them. Karma’s a bitch, sometimes.

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Washoe the Chimpanzee Dies at 42

Washoe, the chimpanzee who became world-famous after learning sign language and teaching it to other primates, died last week in Washington State. PETA’s Primate Specialist, Debra Durham, wrote this …

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Good Night Tex

To be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with a decent intro to this video. It’s a behind the scenes look at the companion animal overpopulation crisis, from the …

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