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Animal Experimentation

‘Win It’ Wednesday: Super Glossy Sweets Set

I’ve always had a serious addiction to lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick. When I was six, I stopped talking to my then-BFF, Sandy, for an entire week because …

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University of Utah Update: Lawsuit and New Video

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated the promised release of Robert—the tabby who was purchased by the University of Utah (the U) for $15 from the Davis County …

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One More Reason to Love Target

I ♥ Target. In addition to the mega-retailer carrying cruelty-free cosmetics and stylish, skin-free kicks, Target recently made the decision to save the lives of hundreds of frogs. When …

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Save Animals From Being Killed in Military Training Exercises

army-technology / CC For two years, we’ve been protesting the U.S. government’s declaration of war on animals. The military abuses thousands of healthy animals in trauma training exercises, even …

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Animal Heroes

imageenvision / CC Your best friend is hit by a car on a busy freeway, right in front of you. Would you risk your own life to pull him …

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Hidden Lives of Rats and Mice

It is estimated that tens of millions of rats and mice are killed in experiments each year in the U.S. alone.

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Government Inspectors Condemn Animal Laboratories at UW-Madison

After reading an article in the Duluth News Tribune about the goings-on at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I took my dogs, Charlie and Lucy, for a long walk. My …

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Steve-O’s ‘Cut Class, Not Frogs’ peta2 Photo Shoot

Watch as Steve-O explains what’s wrong with dissection and how he’s changed since he’s gotten involved with peta2.

Imprisoned and Poisoned: A PETA Whistleblower Case

A distraught whistleblower from Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories revealed to PETA shocking allegations of the abuse of animals in cruel and painful experiments at the facility.

Andy Dick Battles Dissection

Andy Dick encourages students to exercise their right to refuse to dissect animals in peta2’s anti-dissection ad.

Utah Ends Mandatory Pound Seizure Following PETA’s Investigation

January 2010 Less than six months after PETA released its undercover investigation in laboratories at the University of Utah, Utah legislators voted overwhelmingly to amend an archaic state law so …

World’s Largest Green Tea Company Ends All Animal Testing

January 2010 After more than two years of private discussions with PETA, Japan’s ITO EN, Ltd – the world’s largest green-tea manufacturer, with more than $3 billion in annual global …

Queensland University of Technology Drops Cruel Toad Lab

January 2010 PETA’s Laboratory Investigations Department learned about a physiology course at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology in which cane toads were being killed after having their chests cut open …

Animal Tests: A Choice We Can’t Live With in 2010

veganrepresent / CC The following post originally appeared in Florida’s Bradenton Herald. Who would you save—your child or your dog? This is the phony choice lobbed at those of …

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VICTORY! Construction of Bioculture’s Monkey Factory Halted

This year is coming to a close, but we’re not done yet: The victories keep pouring, or should I say, roaring in! We recently reported the end of cruel …

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