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Animal Experimentation

Announcing PETA’s 2014 Company of the Year

PETA is proud to announce that biotech startup Emulate is our 2014 Company of the Year.

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There’s No Relief for Many Animals Suffering in Laboratories

Millions of animals are being hurt and killed in laboratories, and tens of thousands won’t get so much as an aspirin for their pain.

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The Government’s Other Secretive Torture Program

PETA takes the government to task for the taxpayer-funded torture of baby monkeys.

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Victoria’s Dirty Secret: Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China

Please tell Victoria’s Secret that cruelty isn’t sexy and that you won’t buy its products until the company is 100 percent cruelty-free again.

Victory! European Ruling on a PETA UK Complaint Could Spare Millions of Animals’ Lives © Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Victory! European Ruling on a PETA UK Complaint Could Spare Millions of Animals’ Lives

The European Ombudsman makes a landmark decision on a PETA UK complaint that could prevent millions of animals from suffering and dying in laboratory experiments.

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Landmark Ruling in Europe Could Save Millions of Animals

December 2014 When PETA U.K. learned that the agency responsible for overseeing the largest animal testing program in the world had failed to investigate numerous cases in which seemingly …

The Holiday Gift That Air France Probably Wishes It Could Return

Air France is the only major airline that’s willing to ship primates to laboratories, so it’s the only one that PETA presented with a gift this holiday season.

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Drew Barrymore’s Cosmetics Are Cruelty-Free

Drew Barrymore’s new line of cosmetics is good for you and bunnies!

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Dr. Jenn Berman: It’s Not the Monkeys Who Need Their Heads Examined © VH1

Dr. Jenn Berman: It’s Not the Monkeys Who Need Their Heads Examined

“Couples Therapy” host Dr. Jenn Berman wonders what cruel baby-monkey experiments say about the experimenters themselves.

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jane iredale Makeup Puts Principles Before Profits

Add jane iredale to the list of companies that won’t torment bunnies for money.

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The NIH Director Wasn’t Expecting This

PETA disrupts NIH director’s speech and tells his peers that the agency tears newborn monkeys away from their mothers to terrorize them intentionally.

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U.S. Military Ends Animal Use in Many Medical Training Areas

November 2014 In a groundbreaking decision, following years of campaigning by PETA—including letters, e-mails, and complaints from PETA, military and civilian medical experts, and concerned citizens—the Department of Defense …

Victory! U.S. Military Saves Countless Animals’ Lives

In a PETA victory more than 30 years in the making, the U.S. military agrees to use simulators in many medical trainings.

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Mary Matalin: NIH Spent $30 Million on WHAT?

Republican strategist Mary Matalin doesn’t want the government to throw any more money away on cruel experiments on baby monkeys.

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‘Monkeys’ Tell Air France: ‘You Brought Us Here—Now Get Us Home’

During an Air France event , a disruptive “monkey” asks to be sent back to the home she was stolen from.

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