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Yes, There Is a Santa Claus

Written by PETA | December 24, 2008

In fact, there are two Santas! Wearing little red numbers sure to make Old Saint Nick’s heart skip a beat—and to make any other dude in the vicinity pretty darn jolly—a pair of PETA’s Sexy Santas recently greeted Greenville, South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia, grocery shoppers with free soy nog, kisses under the mistletoe, and copies of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit.” Their merry mission? To urge shoppers to bring comfort and joy to animals by giving meat, milk, and eggs the old heave-ho-ho-ho this holiday season. After all, it’s no “wonderful life” for animals who are raised, abused, and killed for Christmas dinner.

What is wonderful is a little (s)nog under the mistletoe. Just ask this dude:

Soy to the World
Soy to the World
Soy to the World


Written by Amy Elizabeth

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