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Yes, It’s Cold in Germany …

Written by PETA | October 15, 2009

… But PETA Germany’s spunky supporters—including Jana from Germany’s Big Brother—were still willing to brave the fall chill in Düsseldorf to call attention to Canada’s seal slaughter.


Forget the fur—boots and scarves prevent frostbite just fine.


These gals and other caring people distributed postcards (which were addressed to the Canadian Embassy in Berlin) urging government officials to stop the slaughter. Hopefully, each passerby who picked one up put it in the mailbox.

Not quite ready to strip for the cause? Fear not—there are many other ways to call for an end to the seal slaughter.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • vegancoin says:

    Aaron don’t step on that banana peel. the abusrdist “both eyes wide shut” reductionist logic that you invoke here is unbelievable and incoherent.. and let’s be honest… wishful thinking. the hunt is subsidized to the tune of millions of dollars each year do some research. the EU has banned the sale of seal products there has to be a reason for this.. but almost predictably canada has declared the seal hunt humane. i tell you no lies. the brutal and sadistic slaughter of baby harp seals is unnecessary and it must end. it needs to stop. a living testament to mans greed insensitivity and “buy the numbers” arrogance.

  • Aaron says:

    So what do you suggest the people who rely on the seal hunt for their lively hood do? And what of the economic impact banning the hunt would have? Surely you’ve thought that out.

  • Jackie says:

    Not even rain or snow will keep PETA’s female protesters from protesting half naked or naked.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Dusseldorf is also the City where electronic music band Kraftwerk reside. Their leader Ralf Hutter is a longtime vegetarian because he abhores slaughterhouses.