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Yeehaw! Kelly Clarkson Drops Out of Calgary Stampede

Written by PETA | April 30, 2009

Well, I’m tickled pink as a pig’s bottom—Kelly Clarkson has ditched her July 9th performance at the Calgary Stampede. The annual rodeo exhibition means 10 days of cruelty, including catastrophic and often fatal injuries for horses and bulls—not really the best venue for an animal-loving vegetarian like Kelly.


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Kelly Clarkson


Our thanks to the pop star are on their way!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Victoria Fisher says:

    Way to go kelly! You are by far a better role model than miley cyrus who did preform at a rodeo. Everyone should look up to you and see how even texans say no to situations like this. Your heart is absolutely filled with gold. With love from your biggest fan Victoria Fisher or you can call me Beatrice Ryal. Pease out Kells.

  • George says:

    The horses bulls steers and all of the other animals live better than most of the volunteers. Show me a Chuckwagon horse who doesn’t get fed topquality feed doesn’t have shelter doesn’t get exercise and isn’t exposed to other animals. Same for bulls and all of the other animals at the exhibition. I WILL admit that there are accidents but they are rare. I’ve seen a grown man cry over the loss of one of his horses and when I hear people say that the owners drivers caretakers care NOTHING for their charges it makes me sick to my stomach. When those accidents happen it’s like a car crash except I don’t hear PETA mourning the deaths of teenagers who’ve been killed in a car accident. I have never seen one PETA pamphlet that says “Inuits kill seals because it’s their main source of food” or anything like that. I’d like to see the founder of PETA deny a treatment for an excruciatingly painful disease that was perfected on animals when she’s lying in a hospital bed her blood turning black and her organs slowly forming into shapeless mush. I’m sorry I seem to have gotten more focused on animals in general than the animals used in rodeos. Oh and get your facts straight the animals like the bulls are brought in from ranches. They are freeroam with plenty of space to graze.

  • Ian says:

    And yet she goes and does an ad for the got milk campaign. Well at least she’s not a hypocrite. Oh wait…….

  • Carolyn Noel says:

    Thank you for not attending Kelly sometimes you have to make tough decisions as a vegetarian and an animal lover the Calgary Stampede is a licence to abuse animals for entertainment and capital gain.

  • Brian Homann says:

    wow you call us uneducated id like to see you come into my ag classes and lets see how educated you are on how things are done on the farm

  • ashley says:

    good for her i’m so happy she did that i want people to ask why and then they will be educated

  • carla says:

    Ok Mark and Yvonne.. who cares what you two say. And high five Kelly!!! Mr. Mark thinks he’s a man cuz he loves stampeds. What a moron.

  • kateyn says:

    way to go kelly I am so proud that you had the courage to fight.

  • Yvonne says:

    And she is for sure not coming because of the conditions at the Stampede? Did she not perform in 2007? And 2008? It seems as though we are making an assumption here…

  • Mark says:

    Good riddens she’a a one hit wonder anyway.

  • Lori Haage says:

    Hey Kelly As a teacher I try to inform the kids about what really goes on at rodeos. When I was very little someone ran a public service spot on TV telling about cinching belts across the genitals of the horses to make them “buck”. I am so pleased that you are refusing to condone this cruelty. Keep up the good work. By the way your music is great too!

  • Joe says:

    While I dislike country music I do think this is a wonderful gesture for a celebrity to make. Great job!

  • Amanda says:

    You go girl!! Way to represent the youngsters!

  • Alicia says:

    Awesome! I wish she would drop out of cruel Proactive ads they get ingredients from suppliers that test on animals and Dove ads. I wish she wasn’t in a cruel milk ad either.

  • Sheryl D. says:

    Awesome Kelly…Thank You for standing up for your beliefs. To me animal killing such as this is Animal Cruelty and they should be prosecuted..

  • Michele says:

    Way to go Kelly!!!! Thank you for standing up for animals!

  • MZI says:

    Popular culture keeps us abreast on the every bowel movement of celebrities yet refrains from offering insight into their most fundamental and selfdefining lifestyle creed of veganismvegetarianism. Even as virtually every celebrity of note from top to bottom is a veganvegetarian and lover of all things animal we hear but piecemeal snippets. But much kudos to Kelly!

  • c says:

    Way to go Kelly! I hope some of your fans follow your lead.

  • Amy S says:

    Thank you Kelly!

  • ragavan says:

    Thank you Kelly Clarkson for stepping against the cruelty to animals. Hope this would inspire others to do the same.

  • Curtis says:

    I was just listening to her song “I Don’t Hook Up” on the radio when I saw this blog. Way to go Kelly!

  • Karen says:

    I live in Calgary. This is GREAT news! I hate that darn Stampede….. it’s a primitive disgusting display of animal cruelty. Thank you Kelly Clarkson for having the ethics and the guts to stand up for what’s right!

  • Kevin says:

    Thanks Kelly This is a fantastic gesture.