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‘Year of the Dog’ Director’s New Vegetarian Testimonial

Written by PETA | July 30, 2009

Mike White’s dog looks like a pig—and for that, we’re grateful. It was Mike’s unique-looking canine companion who first inspired him to try a vegan diet—and now the creative mastermind behind such quirky comedies as Year of the Dog, School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and The Good Girl has stepped in front of the camera to star in a brand-new veggie testimonial for PETA.

“You know I have a dog who looks like a pig,” Mike explains in the PSA, “and I would look at him and I’d think, ‘You know, I cannot eat pig anymore.'”

It’s true—there are so many reasons not to eat pigs. One of them is that they are even smarter than dogs.

Mike also sat down for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, in which he told us of yet another great reason to go vegan—for your health!


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Let’s see: Saving animals’ lives and drastically improving your health. If you’re wondering where you can sign up for such amazing rewards, look no further.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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