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WWF Sells Fish Sticks to Save Fish

Written by PETA | July 8, 2007

WWF.JPGYup, it’s about as dumb as it sounds. Apparently the World Wildlife Fund’s German affiliate has accepted 225,000 Euros for its fish conservation campaign that was raised by Unilever through the sale of fish sticks. I’ll spare you the letter we wrote them, since it feels like I’ve been putting a lot of letters on the blog lately, but the gist of it is that the WWF needs to send this blood money right back where it came from. As our letter points out,

“Selling fish sticks to raise money for fish conservation is like selling poodle burgers to raise money for a dog shelter.”

That pretty much sums it up. Come on now, WWF. I know you guys can do better than that.

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  • pwynn says:

    world wildlife fund think they right and wrong kill rare spedies wrong destory world right save spedies by wwf wrong logging forests

  • Jamie says:

    The truth is both organizations have their negative attributes world wildlife may make some dumb decisions and peta sometimes acts like crazed fanatics so people don’t take them seriously. But at the end of the day both do their best to promote awareness on different issues and succeed at their goals whether it be making companies animal testing free or bringing a species back from the brink of extinction and creating awareness about climate change. These are all crucial issues that need to be dealt with and instead of bitching about an organization trying to make a difference shut the F up and focus on more pressing issues and actual bad organizations. LEAVE WORLD WILDLIFE ALONE!!!!!!!!

  • Maya says:

    Dooley I couldn’t agree more with you I think the WWF does some good work. Let me comment on your issue with shutting down factory farms suddenly because many many people have expressed the same concerns. There is no way in H that PETA or anyone else could convince all of the United States or anywhere else to give up meat that quickly. If it does happen at all meat popularity will decline over the course of 10 20 or 30 or maybe 100 years if at all. That way livestock farmers over 20 or 30 years will simply breed fewer animals until the last one is slaughtered for meat. There’s no way in this world or any other world that meat eating will suddenly cease altogether. I guarantee it will never happen.

  • Serinity says:

    That’s like us selling chicken wings to raise money for a KFC protest….how stupid is that lol. Kill the animals…to raise money to save the animals…freaking brilliant WWF eyeroll.

  • Dooley says:

    well it may be that PETA fights for abused animals but WWF fights for animals that are on the brink of extinction. Dogs cats cows chickens ect arnt going to be extinct anytime soon. And one thing i dont get is how PETA is trying to save cows and chickens and aniamls in slaughter houses because if all factory farms are suddenly shut down whats going to happen with all the remaining animals? is anybody going to keep them as ‘pets’ or are they just going to be slaughtered anyway becuase noone can house that many animals. And is anybody going to try and save the population of these aniamls used in factory farms if there is no use for them. Does that mean that they are going to go extinct? because that sounds like animal cruelty to me. So ultimately theres nothing we can do to stop animal cruelty at once it would take years for that. So tell me who is going to keep all of the animals that are left over form the closed down factory farms becuase there would be a lot and its not like we could just set them free in the wild. That would destroy the little environment this world has left. So to be honest i think that WWF does do a lot more for animals and they go around it a lot better than PETA because they dont accually kill animals themselves i have heard a lot of bad things about PETA whereas i have heard none about WWF.

  • Maya says:

    The WWF have some faults but they are at least as effective as PETA at raising awareness. That’s because they use tact science and intelligent reasoning to sway people’s opinions. Their “Take Action” center has hundreds of letters that can be sent out to decisionmakers to protect animals. All you have to do is sign the letter it doesn’t cost anything and the letters are well written. They also have good educational campaigns that teach people how to save habitat and prevent global warming. That education saves millions of animals. Check out these prewritten letters by the WWF. One is to save rare cats and canid species httpssecure2.convio.netwwfsiteAdvocacy?pagenamehomepagepageUserActionid121AddInterest1086 The other is to save prarie dogs from being intentionally poisoned httpssecure2.convio.netwwfsiteAdvocacy?pagenamehomepagepageUserActionid155AddInterest1110JServSessionIdr011pfiii2mc61.app5b Campaigns that help to save habitat save many more animals than trying to guilt people into changing their behavior because guilt campaigns do not work. The WWF is not perfect but neither is PETA. We should be judging this by how many animals are saved not by nitpicking at campaigns. If you want an example of impeccable ethics and efficacy check out the NRDC.

  • Michael says:

    Here are some links people can check out if interested with a decidedly dim view of the WWF httpanimalliberationfront.comAROrgswhatawasteoffunds.htm http://www.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleWWF httpwww.globalautonomy.caglobal1glossaryentry.jsp?idOR.0048

  • K says:

    WTF? Oh god people are stupid.. This is about as dumb as it gets

  • RabidLeroy says:

    The WWF should really get off their rearends and stop this madness. After logging on to yesh that’s how mad i feel they claim to be caring fot the environment but they should DO BETTER! Lose the fish sticks please!!!!!

  • A says:

    Yes that is rather a cute little panda bear WWF helps with wild animalsdifferent in their own right than PETA They also help to keep animals off the endangered species list and work hard for the ones already near extinction. So the slaughter videos are horrific its also horrific every time you have 2 cross another ANIMAL OFF THE LIST.

  • Ana says:

    Kelly …thanks I have always known they are a hunting lobby and that is why I am not a member… WWF is NOT an animal rights org. What they do well is collect money and claim how they help a few pandas but support hunting other animals. Any org that is supported by the British royalty is not a good sign. I believe Prince Philip is greatly involved with WWF and he is an avid hunter.

  • One Voice says:

    to Scott PETA and WWF are both animal rights organizations but with a little difference WWF is fighting for wild animals and nature and PETA is fighting for every single abused animal. That means animals in slaughterhouses animals in furindustry animals in vivisection and so on and there are sitting the big human bosses with their bloody interests and their intention is to cause PETA a very hard bloody life you get the point? And here every fight becomes much more difficult than fights in WWF! WWF got many states presidents etc. for their cause who just talk for nature in general they don’t have to expose themselves at all and no individual animals are concerned but an anonymous nature which cannot be retraced… Showing us some cute pandas warms one’s heart but looking PETA’s actual frontpage video of animals abused in slaughterhouses turns one’s stomach otherwise his heart is from stone!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Scott… WWF does more to save animals than Peta… hmmm… I wonder how many fish died and were turned to fish sticks… This is crazy!!! WWF have some common sense!

  • Scott says:

    no offence but to me it seems like WWF does more for animals than PETA does

  • Boo says:

    Do you like anyone? I know PETA never has made mistakes or always goes about raising money and defending animals the correct way. So holier than though who do you get along with except for Michael Vick because you haven’t touched the new info on him with a 10 foot poll so far?????? Did you miss the part where they dug up animal remains in his backyard.YES his backyard…you own the land therefore it is your backyard even if you never stay there!

  • Canaduck says:

    Man WWF must freaking suck. It’s just like the animal shelters who hold meat BBQs for dogs and cats.

  • Catherine says:

    what the…?

  • Jamie Burns says:

    I am so sick of everyone dumping on the WWF. Why fight with people who share common goals with PETA and are just trying to make a difference? I am a member of PETA WSPA and WWF and I think every single one of these organizations are crucial in their own individual way. The fish stick thing is retarded but at least they are trying to make the world a better place just like PETA they have different goals than PETA so give it a goddamn rest with the petty opinions. It just brings us all back another notch. We should all be working together.

  • kelly says:

    So many people have no idea that the WWF World Wildlife Fund is a hunting lobby