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WTF, Monks?

Written by PETA | February 21, 2007

The high school I went to was a small Catholic school in DC called St. Anselm’s Abbey School, which was run by Benedictine monks. Although it was pretty stressful academically—and kind of traumatizing that there were no girls there—the experience was one of the best of my life, in no small part because of the powerful example of wisdom and kindness that all of the monks provided, both in their teaching and in their daily life. (I also really liked the fact that we had a ping pong table in our senior lounge, but that’s a different story.) But the point here is, as those of you who have seen the huge breaking investigation on the front page of our website will have guessed, that my personal experience with the genuine compassion that’s a fundamental part of the Catholic monastic tradition has made it even more difficult for me to try to comprehend the tragic blindness to horrifying cruelty that is shown by the monks at the Mepkin Abbey, who run an egg factory farm to fund their South Carolina monastery.

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One of the worst parts of this video for me is when a monk compares the process of forced molting to a fast that he and his brethren practice to show their devotion to God. The difference—for the benefit of any Mepkin Abbey monks who happen to be reading this—is that a fast is a voluntary religious practice, while forced molting is an excruciating torture in which chickens who are already crammed together in cages so small that they barely have room to spread their wings are starved for up to two weeks to shock their bodies into another laying cycle.

Before I get too carried away here, the point I want to make is that, while torturing birds is particularly reprehensible when you find out that the people who are doing it should damn well know better (because, for instance, they’re monks, for God’s sake), the truth is that most of the horrific practices documented in our investigation are industry standard. If you’re looking for something to give up this Lent, please think seriously about giving up eggs. You can always give up chocolate next year.

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  • JANEDO says:

    I hate to see this. I cant believe we as humans are allowed to be so cruel. GO VEG!!!

  • ronald moss says:

    to lux coeli I agree with you in describing an almost cosmical christ and this can only be done by including all socalled holy scriptures I remarked that you took one point namely that jesus made birds out of clay from the apocryphs focusing on just one book makes us taking the risk to end in stagnation of progress. for the animals it is important to use every favorable means we can find in any books and which are permitted by the law to help them. this we are aiming for!

  • randy dawson says:

    argumentations basing on socalled ‘holy books’ are not good because they are written by humans and humans fail. even if they are ‘inspired’ they are still human. so let us profit from our being human to become humane towards animals!

  • jim good says:

    it’s almost sure that this sentence was added by some animal breeding monks because it’s a contradiction in itself all the socalled early fathers of the church were vegetarians. if they were week how could such a church survive! sophia est mater sapientiae wisdom is the mother of knowledge!

  • Erwin Meyer says:

    For Sue This is one of the most preached sentences in churches priests and pastors adore it! and yet i feel free to suggest that it is one of those added later to the holy book aswell as there are many sentences which were and are until nowadays completely eradicated. For example the last international English version is completely crippled the worst chapter concerning Pauls salvation on the road to Damascus where complete sentences have vanished! Is this another miracle or have the translators in our modern cities forgotten what’s the meaning of a sting! But this is not another bible lesson just i would like to focus on the importance to develop a human feeling for all living beings rather than to loose oneself in ancient books! living beings are more important than letters!

  • tony says:

    sue the meaning of this sentence is symbolic like diddy’s ‘babysteps’. to every grownup person it’s clear that he is not a baby aswell as paul is talking of ‘babysteps’ concerning new christians. paul himself said that it is better not to eat meat and not to drink wine! check it out! and you didn’t get the sence of this campaign the scandal is actually not the fact that these monks are breeding chicken but the conditions in which these poor animals have to spend their life if as a christian you don’t understand this i can’t help you i’m sorry!

  • Sue says:

    Romans 1414 Accept him whose faith is weak without passing judgment on disputable matters. One man’s faith allows him to eat everything but another man whose faith is weak eats only vegetables. The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does for God has accepted him. Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?

  • araceli says:

    this bloody abbey is a scandal in heaven and on earth!

  • Francisco Cardenal says:

    They should indulge in reading the bible indeed for there it is written ISAIAH 221214 And in that day the Lord God of Hosts called for weaping and for mourning for baldness and for girding with sackcloth but instead joy and gladness slaying oxen and killing sheep eating meat and drinking wine let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die! ‘Then it was revealed in my hearing by the Lord of Hosts’ ‘Surely for this iniquity there will be no atonement for you even to your death’ says the Lord God of Hosts.

  • LUX COELI says:

    Here we got a tragic example of misunderstanding and misusing the Christian religion. These atrocities are lasting since several centuries with either ignorance or approval from the official churches around the world. Nevertheless there are 3 big proofs of the very different intentions of the christian way in itself the Saints the Bible and Jesus Himself. During His teachings on earth He talked to people concerning people but concerning animals he acted without talking showing in this very special way His mercy on the nonhuman creatures He was born in a stable among animals in His youth when He saw judas killing birds He formed birds from clay and gave them life He went out to the desert for to be with the animals He entered Jerusalem on a donkey AND HER FILLY this means in the old testament there is a law given to the jews to sacrifice a lamb everytime when a donkey is born or to break the donkeys neck. So adopting the donkey’s filly He wanted to show us His coming for the liberation of ALL living beings He chased the animal sellers out of the tempel by using a whip Just when His apostles saw Him for the last time after His resurrection He spoke go out into the world and teach the gospel to EVERY LIVING CREATURE! So by abusing and torturing animals you cannot teach the Gospel to EVERY LIVING CREATURE. These monks are really deaf dumb and blind and for to be liberated from their gridlocked conscience they really should indulge in reading the bible and not in breeding suffering animals!

  • SB says:

    I sent the protest email but it bounced back?????

  • pcb says:

    While I respect all faiths it seems a bit contradicitory of devout Christian Monks to allow such sadistic and inhumane pracrices to continue at Mepkin Abbey all in the name of profit. While certain customstraditions of Mepkin Abbey have existed for centuries the Monks need to realise that their methods are dated and inappropiate. In this present day I believe there is no excuse for more humane alternatives. I these practices are devotion to God I can’t say in my opinion he would agree with them Was it God or Buddha that said? “May all that have life be delivered from Suffering”

  • angelo boni says:

    it’s disgusting to realize that still today movies like ‘the name of the rose’ are a bitter reality in our world and not just cinema from yesterday! shame on you ugly monks stuffing your bellies with dead corpses and all this here is blood!!! sic!

  • Nancy says:

    These monks seem to rationalize their behavior by maintaining their compliance with industry standards. And what lofty standards they are… serving profits above compassion charity selfsacrifice and the stewardship of Gods creation. Yep just like Jesus would do. It is chilling to see socalled “men of God” so wholly untouched by the suffering of fellow sentient beings. Suffering which THEY themselves administer. If the Catholic church has become this desperate for adherents it is surely doomed. And if we allow such cruelty to continue so are we all.

  • kelly says:

    I cannot say how disappointed and disgusted I am. It is clear that no matter the claimed “religious” activity or function this facility is pure profiteering and getting rich by abuse. AND they don’t pay taxes to and support the community! Church leaders need to deal with this. Enough people are discouraged with some of the questionable practices of organized religion. No wonder members are leaving!