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If You Wouldn’t Eat Your Dog …

Written by PETA | August 6, 2007

Sometimes it’s kind of hard for people to make the connection between their pets and the animals they eat, so here are some masks our Production department made to help with that. What do you think?


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  • Susannah says:

    to tmax Many thanks for your sympathy and I didn’t mean to come off as attacking you or anyone else As far as I’m concerned ALL are welcome and I like a lively discussion and don’t feel that everyone has to agree with me. to Cody I would never knowingly push my beliefs on anyone else but if it felt that way to you then I’m sorry for it. Please stay and debate with us anytime but this IS an animal advocateanimal rights organization so don’t be surprised if people don’t necessarily agree with your point of view. I would fight to the death for your right to express same though. Peace Susannah

  • Jack says:

    Hey tmax I just wanted to say that you are very welcome here. Especially after the heightened interest in PETA’s work following the Michael Vick case there have been a lot of people coming on here simply to spew hatred no rational argument at all just a lot of cussing in allcaps as far as I can see so there’s an understandable amount of frustration. But I wouldn’t want you to think you’re being lumped in with those people. It’s always great to see intelligent discussion of the issues from both sides and I hope you’ll continue to participate. Jack

  • Ariel says:

    TMAX and CODY I really don’t understand why you and some others are under the impresson that this is a debate forum and that we are pushing our beliefs on you. This is an animal rights’ activist ws to which you are welcome but meanwhile you are debating or trying to push your beliefs on us. You give your comments on here about your choices then you resent or challenge our comments that present our beliefs and why we believe in them. If anybody is pushing their beliefs on everybody big time particularly concerning eating meat I would think more along the lines of tv ads about the fastfood chains and other highly meatrelated restaurants. I think of the ar’s comments on here as being educational which are based on facts…while others comment on why they arrived at becoming vegansvegetarians. Anyway we merely present our beliefs and are not looking to be “converted.” We have already gained the indepth knowledge about the whole animalmeat issues and because of that we have established firm irreversible convictions. You are the ones who have made the decision to come on this ws and read our comments. Therefore we did not force you so how could we be accused of pushing our wills and beliefs on you?

  • Black Cat says:

    to tmax just a moment please in your statement you clearly said that wars were not fought over burgers and steaks! this means that you are convinced that meat eating has nothing to do with violence here my dear tmax you are really wrong and uninformed there is a very close link between the two! Before the start of every big war there were massive animal abuses going on! I can’t go into detail here but if you are interested reply and I shall write about it! But now I give you a riddle you know where the female torturer of Abu Graib worked before? Check it out!!!!

  • Roger Delta says:

    Ummmm the reason i eat pigs and not dogs is because my dog is my pet dumbass and it probably doesnt taste good pretty simple answer for a simple question if you ask me

  • cody says:

    for your information susannah the human teeth and digestive system were designed to digest BOTH plants AND MEAT and in such humans are omnivores and though some are content to live on just meat it is unfair to push your will and beliefs on others while they let you alone please listen for no one disputes your right to be a vegatarian or your right to speak out against the verry real problem of animal cruelty but other people also have the right to live their life the way they wish without harrasment from people who live and belive on different ethics and morals

  • KATERS says:


  • Randi says:

    You people are all fucking idiots.

  • tmax says:

    time out.. just because I dont agree with a statement someone else made i am automatically labeled as an in a nicer way and less time consuming way idiot? I respect your rights to voice opinions. Never once did I attack the poster however it seems that in my comment since I disagree with your views I am personally attacked. The only person who actually responded to my comment in a rational sense was michele and I applaud you for that. It seems that no matter what a view is members of said board do not want contracting views. Its a shame to shut out different insights. I did not come here looking to pick a fight. I actually came hoping to find some conversation on a subject in spare time. However it seems as if I am attacked for disagreeing with a view of Vegan lifestyle world peace. For Susannah and her husband that had cancer I am sorry there was such disrespect pointed toward you and your family. Again just because I disagree with the views of eating animals as part of my diet dont attack me. You dont know who I am or the accomplishments I have in my life. There should be some respect reserved for the people who offer a peaceful counterpoint to your argument.

  • Ariel says:

    K 8407 1114 1. We don’t think of ourselves as “great” as you mentioned. Such thinking is selfcentered and selfcentered people can’t think of anyone else or anything else but themselves. 2. We are not the SPCA “P” for “prevention.” This org. is PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. at any time 3. Not everyone is a believer in this world whether they are with PETA or not. 4. IF you are a believer especially of the Chrisitan Faith then what are your thoughts about St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals and the environment who believed that animals are our brothers and sisters and he preached the Gospel to them…because he believed that we are all created by the same God who gave all of us His same breath of life. ONLY God can give life and ONLY God SHOULD BE the only One to take it away. Just some FYI inclusive of ALL of his beliefs Francis was the first to be canonized a saint in the shortest time period being two years after his death. He is also considered to be “the” greatest saint the most Christlike. 5. I really don’t think that you are “open for discussion” OR I should say want your questions answered. You have already expressed solid conclusions at which you arrived. Nevertheless giving you the benefit of my doubt there are plenty of enlightening comments on here that would answer your questions and more with foundation and credibility. 6. What is so wrong about eating meat you asked? The answer healthwise high cholesterol levelclogged arteriesstrokecardiac bypass surgery fatal heart attack. My own opinion NO ONE is forcing you or anybody to abstain from eating meat. We present the factual issues then it’s your decision.

  • Sarah says:

    I like it. It gets people to think on how one can not lable animals as they wish. That there is no difference between pets and the wild. It will open up a lot of peoples eyes!

  • Susannah says:

    Another p.s. this one re Joe Kinn Tmax Mitur Baniderty Chris Edman Dogeater On every website I’ve ever visited where a particular interest or group is represented there are always people who come on just to bust on the others. This was even true when my husband was dying of pancreatic cancer and I would go to an online support group to get advice. There were people even there who would come on just to bait the others and stir up controversy. All I can say is that those people needed attention much more than I ever did. To edman “animals are ours to be used”? The old Dominion debate huh? Look up the word dominion. It’s about stewardship and taking RESPONSIBILITY for the animals not killing and eating them. Queen Elizabeth has dominion over her subjectsfor instance but that doesn’t give her the right to eat them experiment on them hunt them or wear them. In fact the only specific reference to what we should eat in the Bible is the one about God giving us the plants of the fields to sustain us”and that shall be your meat”. As for the “nobility” of hunting an old OLD argument and a very tired one at that there is NOTHING noble about tracking down a defenseless animal and killing itespecially not as a “trophy”. You are NOT Hemingway so get over it and Hemingway was more talk than action anyway he was a writer not a safari guide. The “canned shoots” of today are particularly pathetic the playpens of usually rich but bored and insecure people who need to feel BIG. And then there’s the old dog food argument the one meant to shut the vegans up when all else fails right up there with “what are your shoes made of?” Mine are microfiber or canvas thank you. Dogs ARE carnivores yes but PEOPLE’S teeth are differnt than a canine’s teeth. Ours are the teeth of HERBIVORES and we were meant to eat accordingly. Maybe it is necessary for dogs to eat meatalthough there ARE good vegetarian dog foods out there but people don’t have that excuse unless they’re Inuits who could have a problem raising plants on the icebergs. To Joe Kinn I can only say…HUH? Maybe Rehab? As for the rest of you mentioned above some of you have been on these blogs before which can only lead me to believe that there’s SOMETHING here that appeals to you something that keeps you coming back to PETAville and maybe even sounds like there just might be something to it? Instead of just bashing PETA members why not try the vegetarian starter kit and see what you think? It won’t hurt you and you might be surprised at how easy and delicious it is to eat the way humans were meant to eat.

  • Susannah says:

    P.S. You go Selena! Come on these blogs anytime when you want to be heard there are many many people here who agree with your viewpoints. And to all of you on this particular blog who are putting down animal advocacy just read Selena’s post again and just maybe you’ll learn something new.

  • Ariel says:

    DOGEATER Here’s some “irony” for you you start out by saying that you are “…in the truest sense and animal lover.” Then you go on to say that you don’t feel any guilt about eating animals. Further down the line you indicate that some animal activist protesters are violent against humans. Howeveryou said nothing to indicate that the protesters have ever slaughtered any humans or animals which slaughtering is violence to the extreme…let alone heartless…yet you don’t oppose the violent slaughterers who impose agony on the animals and feel intense pain. Just for the record to all who think otherwise animals attack each other out of instinct. It is not a thoughtout process like humans have when they attack. Animals can’t distinguish between humane and inhumane…but SOME humans can like animal activists. Animals eat prey because that is the natural order of the animal kingdom. So it follows suit that dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores…and their nutritional needs require the same needs as those in the wild…therefore it is unfortunately necessary to provide them with a diet that fulfills their natural needs. IF mankind was meant to eat animalsmeat we would have long canine teeth in order to tear apart our prey like the animals do. Finally ever hear this TRUE story a man made a bet with another man. The first man said that people were meant to eat animals. The second man said to him “I’ll buy you a brand new car if you can prove this to me if you put a rabbit and an apple in front of a hungry child which would the child eat and which would the child prefer to play with?”

  • Michele says:

    What gives people like Dogeater the right to procreate?? Yikes! There’s a serial killer in the making…

  • K says:

    i just have a question to ask the great people who say they are for the prevention of cruelty to animals. What the hell makes you think that animals OF ALL KINDS aren’t meant to be eaten? its called NATURE. lions eat antelopes and rabbits and other animals and bugs eat bugs and alligators eat all kinds of animals. yes they EAT ANIMALS. so whyis it so bad for humans to also EAT ANIMALS? i understand and i am all for not experimenting with animals and no cruelty to animals such as forced fighting and unhealthy living conditions for animals but lets be serious here. GOD yes GOD created meat for consumption. If its by the earth by animals of anykind including humans or bugs. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!!There is no way you can tell me that anyone who is for Peta or who is against eating animals because its cruel believes in Jesus or God. im open for discussion…. please excuse all typos and spelling errors

  • Vishal says:

    As for the connection between vegetarianism and peace I am just not so sure about that. I have many vegetarian friends many of whom have angry personalities especially when defending their vegetarianvegan views. Not to say that they should not be angry at a world which squashes their beliefs but I think it is very unfair to say that these particular people are more compassionate towards human life because they feel strongly about animals. I myself think people are a product of their environment and being more compassionate in nature does not necessarily trend towards vegetariansim. There are millions of compassionate people in this world vegetarian or not that animal activists can overlook or accuse because of one aspect of their life what they eat. I personally am vegetarian because it feels good for me but I will not judge others in this regard because that really is none of my business. And anyway in my personal experience most of the vegetarians I know started it because of their friends or because they wanted needed attention from their families. Doesnt sound very compassionate to me. But I also believe in a means to and end so I cant say Im not glad they are vegetarian.

  • rojo says:

    kathy thanks for backing my thoughts up. Do you raise free range pigs?

  • freedom for animals says:

    to Chris if you reed the bible very slowly you shall remark that God sent them quails just because they were not content with manna and He angrily said You shall have meat until it’s evacuating from your ears! sending the quails was actually a punishment with severe consequences continue reading! The fact that Jesus went out fishing with His future disciples was clear there was no other choice for to make them ‘fishers of men’! in some way He had to catch them! furthermore the fish has a symbolic meaning for several different things in the Bible! for this the evangelic churches removed the chapter ‘Tobit’ from the Bible because they didn’t get the meaning of the putrified fish! but removing something is no solution but studying it! ok?

  • Mark S says:

    Why are people allowed to keep animals such as dogs cats in captivity?

  • Kathy says:

    Shadowfax Sorry you’re wrong. Pigs prefer mud. Why? It’s part of their natural instincts to root and waddle in mud. Mud actually does a better job of cooling them off and in addition protects their sensitive skin from sunburns. We humanely raise pigs and it gets very hot in the summer. I provide them with kiddie pools. They roll in the pool for a while but eventually they dump it over and make mud.

  • Dogeater says:

    I am in the truest sense of the word an animal lover. I have several dogs. I used to take care of a cat. And a snake too before my dad overfed it with 2 rats on the same night. I also love to eat. I eat pig cow buffalo duck chicken turkey. Hell my daily lunch consists of 2 boiled duck embryos. Oh and I absolutely adore mutton. And I’ve also eaten dog. And I can honestly say that I didn’t feel a pang of guilt as the meat slid down my gullet. In fact I still go through my daily routine of attending to and feeding my own dogs. In fact If ever I decline to eat dog in the future it’ll be because the flesh tastes well for lack of a better term grainy. We personify animals because of their behaviors and expressions which are vaguely human. But this doesn’t change the fact that they’re not. They’re animals who by the way know how to kill other animals more inhumanely than we ever could. Kinda reminds me of the amount of violence some animal rights protesters give OTHER human beings while calling for the HUMANE treatment of animals. Irony really.

  • edman says:

    the bambi effect….. letting emotions blow perception out of proportion about animal death. people especially at this blog are way too emotional about anything cute if animals are so sacred how come they get to eat each other? dog food? how many peta members are pet owners and talk about their ‘precious babies’ when they feed them commercial food. dogs and cats are not vegetarians and dog food has meat biproduct at least. I too have a pet golden retriever but I also hunt and I guess this gives me a unique perspective. life is taken within nature and humans as members of the earth also have that power. animals are ours to be used but not abused. eaten and respected. that is why steak and puppies can exist in the same house. cattle live a short but relatively easy life. it is a noble thing to provide venison as a meal as the animal was if done right taken without pain and celebrated for its sacrfice. p.s….. people will and have eat their pets to survive

  • Ann T. says:

    It’s really lovely to see that there are many altruistic people in this world. I recently became a vegitarian and I’m sad for all the years that I wasted deluding myself that I loved animals while I was happily eating them. We shouldn’t argue about whether or not vegitarians are better human beings than their counterparts. All people have the potential to reach Enlightenment if we are gentle and tolerant towards them. Being judgemental makes people become more stubbornly attached to their stance. Let’s try to help them see the light too For the animals’ sake.

  • UmmNoThanks says:

    I don’t ever remember Lions eating Humans on a daily basis. Except maybe in greek arena’s when lions were fed christians…….But I really don’t think that was the lion’s fault. And it really sounds like you’re putting the lion down when you say “I have always wondered why we portrait kings as lions and vice versa? After all lLions used to eat us on a daily basis not too long ago?” so what the lion doesn’t get any respect from you? Lions are animals too. And about people torturing livestock there are plenty of farms and people that love their animals and treat them so.

  • Karen in bc says:

    I love and respect all animals. In fact I like animals more than humans and sometimes I feel ashamed to be apart of the human race. It sickens me when I hear about cruelty and what angers me the most is the overconsumption of meat. Big obese people eating triple patty burgers…..disgusting!! An animal had to die for their glutony.

  • Philip says:

    Maybe you should retitle it…. If you wouldn’t eat A dog or cat…??? or The way in which we choose the animals we eat is the same way Bush chooses what country to invade. Americas Foreign policy. Human Diet Foreign policy.

  • Lee Terwilliger says:


  • Jeanne Richardson says:

    I started out as a vegetarian because of health reasons…I coudn’t stand the idea of ingesting all the hormones and antibiotics that are put into meat to make more money faster for the meat industry. But as the years have gone by I have realized and seen that vegetarianism is a very peaceful way of life and I can’t imagine being any other way. I am appalled at the atrocities that are inflicted on animals in the name of food…. By the way…Joe seem full of hate yourself and you need to learn how to spell..or type….

  • Margarita says:

    Well said Michelle. And I am doing my part by showing the video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix called Earthlings I showed it at a library and now I am loaning it to friends and families and turning people to vegetarianism because they are disgusted and appalled with what they see in the video.

  • Chris says:

    Ummm..question to some of the uneducated…You guys say God didnt want this and that but God sent down quail bird for the people of Isreal when they were in the wilderness. Its like you guys dont read the bible you just skim through the parts you like lol…Also Pink one of your biggest supporters quotes “who are we to think we are smarter than animals?”…Well animals eat EACH OTHER everyday…are they uncommpasionate? Should they be put in animal jail? Jesus went fishing. In the bible so few of you probably believe in or read he went fishing with his disciples the day he walked on water. No activist is gonna tell me what they do is better than what Jesus did get off your high horse… PS. Healthy commentary no disrepect intended…

  • kateee says:

    i love the idea like people dont even know how important this really is. maybe since pigs and chickens arent popular pets they think its okay to eat them but to tell you the truth ……its never okayy love the comparison kateee

  • Black Cat says:

    to Joe Kinn and tmax It is indeed very frustrating to see again and again some microbrainintruders on the blogs who don’t understand anything about the animals the world and it’s people and are nevertheless always trying to let their negative traces behind them. like this this blog remains always in its ‘children shoes’ instead of growing also in a scientific way! too bad indeed!!!

  • Mark says:

    Keep the faith Selena. Your family will come around eventually. I made fun of my sister for two years after she became a vegetarian. Then I changed my outlook and became one myself.

  • Michele says:

    Has anyone seen the newest gross Burger King commercial with Homer Simpson? It shows this new Whopper saying “double the meat double the processed cheese double the bacon double mmmmm”. How about double the heart attack risk or double the chances of obesity double cholesterol or just double barf!!! Is the backlash against vegetarianism and healthy eating so strong that they have to basically say “oh yeah? you want people to stop eating meat? well just for that we’re going to eat twice as much meat” ????? Happy clogged arteries to all of you “proud” meat eaters out there… Tmax the connection between peace and vegetarianism is that people who are compassionate towards animals are less likely to be the kind of people who start wars because they are most likely compassionate towards people as well as animals. Also we are not saying that pigs chickens and dogs are identical just that they are all animals who deserve to live a life free from cruelty by supposedly intelligent human beings.

  • Ariel says:

    Here we go again still with the antianimal activists spouting out their narrow uneducated views versus the animal rights’ activists who have a deep and vast knowledge about the whole humananimalenvironmentalsocietal relationship how it all interacts and how it all relates. JOE KINN TMAX and the like since a 13 year old girl Selena above already has MORE than a clue above and beyond what you people will ever seem to have you really really should be ashamed of yourselves that you won’t even try to understand animal rights. Can you at least TRY to open your minds to TRY gather some understanding of the valuable information and education that is being offered here? If not then YOU are choosing to live in your own narrowminded worlds…and that is a very very unhappy life. In fact it is SO sad because your minds misconstrue animal rights’ activists as people who hate. What in the world are you basing that concept on when we continually talk about us having compassion?…compassion for the voiceless animals who are tortured and suffer at the hands of cruel mankind. Don’t you have any clue or opinion about those people who are SO unconscienable and heartless towards animals? Remember this if a human can be cruel to an animal they are VERY capable of being cruel to humans. It is really obvious that some of you antiactivists fall under the catergory of cruel and inhumane “people.” Therefore it makes sense as to why you would disagree with ar’s activists. And it continues to make sense that you contribute to the atrocities in society.

  • rojo says:

    brianna pigs roll in mud in preference to water because it sticks on and gives longer lasting protection from the sun.

  • millie says:

    LOL those animals are ADORABLE! How could anyone eat a pig or a chicken?? Awww I’m gonna print that out and frame it…..

  • Selena says:

    I just want to say I TOTALLY AGREE!!! And I love the message you give out. I am 13 years old and will be a vegetarian for 4 years in Jan. of 2008. My family is not vegetarian and it kills me to see them eat the animals I love not cooked. They get angry whenever I try to speak my mind and that angers me because I know there are so many others just like them that are so ignorant and refuse to even hear about the TORTURE that we put animals through. What humans do to animals is like what Nazis did to Jews in the holocaust…except worse! It is HORRIBLE what people do to animals because they want to grill them and enjoy them. They say animals aren’t meant for anything but to feed us…and I would be more OK with it if they weren’t CRUEL to them!! I love PETA and the message it gives out to whoever will listen. It tells people what my heart totally believes and my head totally knows. And people think it’s disgusting whenever anyone eats a dog in China but Americans and other people like us do the same thing…just to other animals! Just because cows and pigs don’t fetch sticks doesn’t make them any less valuable at all. For those of you who are religious…does god look down on pigs and cows and other animals? Does he say “You don’t speak human language. You should be tortured and eaten!” Truthfully I don’t see god saying that in the bible or any other place. sorry to ramble and go on But this is what I truly believe in and salute those who realize it! Thank you for bringing this to so many people’s recognition. I know 2 or 3 people who just recently became vegetarians because of what they had on PETA. Thank you for caring!

  • KATERS says:

    i totally think this 2 be a perfect portrayl of how narrow minded people actually can lovingly speak of a petthen turn around and devour a mooburger.who could call themselves a lover of animalsthen turn around and chew on a dead corpse?i truely love my doggy.thing is in all other animalsi see beauty.this beauty always reminds me of tristenand how vunurable all animals are to us.humans….superior breed?..not so much.

  • Anna says:

    Shadowfox I know what you mean. I’m also vegetarian only for about a year now. I feel its not nessecary to eat meat either. I mean does this country need a big Mac or huge portions? I actually feel more healthier not eatting meat. Thank you for making an excellent point!

  • Jessica says:

    Honestly it looks like the kind of random weird picture that gets passed around the internet among a few people and never taken seriously.

  • Mitur Banisderty says:

    I think that PETA is too much propaganda the story on fish is crap because it should really be focused more on the fact that our oceans our not safe but instead of pushing for a cleaner enviroment they want us to stop eating fish. Uh retards fish oil is used to focus people like people with ADD. So that article is way off topic and the people PETA need to actually have an accruate story instead of just makeing stuff up. P.S. I love to eat meat.

  • tmax says:

    Im not sure I am making the connection of people who stop eating meat and world wide peace.. last time I checked wars were not fought over burgers and steaks.. and also.. i guess the no difference between a pig and dog and a chicken and a cat is the same as there is no difference between hitler and ghandi or bin laden and MLK jr. Im not saying that chickens and pigs are evil but there is a difference between the two.

  • Joe Kinn says:

    fruity flamming peta loving wackos all need to get a clue. All peta members can’t say they a faithful. Once in you life and my more then once you have betrayed your animal frineds. So don’t feel sorry for them blam yourself for starting this group and making yourself hateful againist them people who do think animals are a way of life and do play a major role in the way we live. So eat a hotdog or something im sure there are plenty of animals in that!!!!!

  • Susannah says:

    Hilarious! And oh so true! Pigs are said to be if anything smarter than dogs and considering how smart MY dogs are they must be geniuses. Chickens are also very intelligent and sensitive creatures I think the comparison is apt and right on the mark.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Awww pigdogs are so cute!!! It’s weird how some people say that dogs are more worthy of respect because pigs are “filthy” when in truth we’re the ones forcing the pigs to live in filth. Pigs are unable to sweat so they roll in either mudd or water to cool off. I’m sure that if pigs could tell us that they’d rather roll in water instead of mudd they would do so. When it really comes down to it there’s barely any difference between a pig and a dog a cat and a chicken or a horse and a cow.

  • shadowfax says:

    since my earliest childhood i included always the whole animal kingdom in my compassion and my heart is bleeding every day knowing that milliards of these wonderful living beings are killed and abused in every second of my life! it is different when animals are killed by other animals in the wild but it is really heartbreaking to see domesticated animals killed by humans! this is perverted and against human dignity because it’s not in the eternal godly design. the human being is not meant to kill other living beings but to love them this is his whole purpose of life the love! i love all animals and my compassion is illimited for every kind of life including insects crocodiles rats snakes and all the other animals that many people don’t have much sympathy i’m just afraid of wasps but i always try to find a way to save them if i can’t i leave the room and after 5 minutes they have left! but killing cows pigs sheeps goats chicken geese etc. is not understandable for me because i’m a vegetarian now for more than 35 years and i think it’s not necessary to eat meat. a complete stop of animal killing would really be paradise and then also hunger and wars would stop! so i just can hope that one day….but i think that this shall not be during my lifetime!

  • Laura says:

    Woof!! Puuuurfect!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    I have always wondered why we portrait kings as lions and vice versa? After all lLions used to eat us on a daily basis not too long ago? When it comes to the Devil we make him look like our livestock goatbeard hooves horns.. the animals we eat and torture ourselves? God looks more like a lion again? Those who are more powerful than us we respect and warship those weaker and at our mercy we loath and seem to fear unconsciously more than those who eat us..? Why? Is the Devil really in all of us and somehow connected to our livestock? It might also be like the comedian Sarah Silverman once explained “I don’t make fun of black people because I am afraid of them.. Chinese and midgets on the other hand…”