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The World’s First Hunting Accident

Written by PETA | June 11, 2007

OK, so it’s no secret how I feel about hunting.

But I just couldn’t resist this one. It seems that from the start, hunters have had trouble not shooting each other with their weapons . . . could it be that this was the world’s first hunting accident?


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  • Dack Wallace says:

    God… I hate idiots who type in all caps. I also love how these tards try to justify hunting like it’s a service to the animals. I for one love watching and hearing about hunting accidents. It’s poetic justice. There was one just on the news where this moron kid was taken on a hunting trip for his birthday his gun slipped while the idiot was trying to carry it and drive an ATV at the same time and the little bastard shot himself in the face. LOL! Now that’s Darwin’s principle of natural selection in action! I personally find no problem with hunters getting killed. It thins out the population of the already massively overpopulated earth. Any surplus hunter who is not killed will die a slow and horrible death from disease anyway just like Paul said. By the way Paul what kind of “Trophy” is an animal head in your living room you think you deserve a trophy for killing an animal with a gun like a pussy? If you’re going to hunt you might as well do it like man has done for ages. For hunting humans a gun is necessary because it evens the playing ground. That’s why deadly hunting accidents are so funny. Live by the gun die by the gun. They should implement a hunting program to thin out the population of these rednecks who breed dozens of little welfare babies. Do it for the lulz! Hey Hunter Mike Chevyman? can you get more white trash?! I don’t care how you’re raised many parents are morons anyway and don’t know how to raise a kid and their kids end up being people who should be flagged as expendable citizens in some sort of government depopulation program anyway. Why don’t you tell us about the “benefits” of hunting hmm? How about you tell us how different you are from serial killers like David Berkowitz and Ted Bundy who liked to shoot animals for the sport so to speak throughout their childhoods although they get props for thinning out the human retard population too as long as they did it for the lulz! Anyway if you kill you have no place to cry like a pussy when someone wants you to be killed. It’s as simple as that. I hope all you redneck hunting yiffs get your faces blown off by your little redneck bastard kids when you take them on a hunting trip. Or do the world a favor and shoot them so they can’t grow up to carry on your sick legacy. Cheers!

  • Hunter Mike (aka) chevyman says:

    Amen brother I’m tired of their crap. They wish death on us hunters so the animals we harvest can “live free of fear”. But they don’t understand the conservational side of hunting because most of them are from cities and have never actually been exposed to hunting or even tried to learn the benefits.

  • ilz says:

    in some areas such as the adirondack park of northern new york state hunting does not upset the delicate alpine ecosystem it actually helps to preserve it. white tailed deer are an intrusive species that feed and reproduce so quickly that for a space of time the existence of native animals was actually in danger. hunting does not harvest a large enough number of deer to wipe out the population there but instead helps keep it under control. on top of that except for in bow hunting and muzzle loading seasons only deer with visible antlers are allowed to be killed and tagged and only a certain number of deer may be tagged per hunter. no deer are ‘orphaned’ by this since male deer do not stay with their mates after they have stopped rutting. sport hunting is wrong but it doesn’t mean that all hunting should be canvassed as being ‘bad’

  • huhftyu says:

    Wow anon on Nov 6 is not very wellresearched. What do the animals eat? Air? They eat plants too. Many calories are lost when a human eats an animal. For example you would get more food value if you ate a bunch of corn than you would get if an animal ate the whole bunch of corn over it’s life and then you ate the animal about 10x more. People would end up using LESS farmland not more.

  • patman says:

    us sportsman hunters dont kill just to kill we use the meat and enjoy the sport so dont picture us as monsters

  • Brian Butrick says:

    what a bunch of idiots you all are hunters do it for the sport. The meat taste great and the trophies go well with the rest of the house. Hunting now a days only takes surplus animals that if not taken by a hunter would only die in a slow painful way from disease or other form of death. And that little comment about getting drunk and going to shoot something is completely wrong. A true hunter don’t do that. Hunting accidents are declining in recent studies and most of those are falling or tripping causing broken bones. You are more likely to get hurt on a damn bicycle than you are to get hurt while hunting. Wake up and get a life hunting is helping not hurting

  • Paul says:

    What is it with people saying there is no excuse for hunting these days. Let’s see the reason for not hunting is that just go buy a turkey raised in awful conditions? What’s more humane? An hunter killing on the spot a wild turkey raised in freedom or someone buying a turkey raised in brutality. If it’s for food there is nothing wrong with it. For you vegans tell your story to the thousands of animals who died every year in the harvesting process. Tell the countless deer who get shot by farmers and left to rot because they eat their crops. There’s blood on everyone’s hands. Let’s assume for a second that everyone on this earth converted to vegetarian. Do you really think there is enough farm land to to grow the crops? No! How do we get the land? Cut down the remaining forests for farm land. By by animals. Wake up people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hunters are the no.1 conservationists hands down!!!!! What do you think about that.

  • Robie B says:

    I dont understand what is wrong with hunting if you hunt for the right resons. If you go out in the woods and kill anything that moves i feel that this is wrong. I have hunted since i was five and have taken the saftey coures and i feel that it is a time honored tradition to hunt and to have the freedom to hunt. I always eat everything i kill or catch so i dont know how this is so bad please expain?

  • sm says:

    I an an Hunter And I Love animals. I can see that you people would find any reason to complan

  • JayP says:

    I have a question. First of all let me tell you guys a little about myself. I’ll try to keep it short it will hard bear with me. when I was young my loving Grandfather bought me my first shotgun. He took me out and showed me how to shoot it. Then he enrolled me in hunter safety courses. I failed the first one I think I was about eight years old. He helped me study and later I passed it. I go hunting maybe six to ten times a year and maybe only harvest one deer sometimes none. I always feel a little bad about killing the animal and actually thank the deer for the experience. Now I use only archery for my hunting weapon a little less of an advantage. I always harvest the meat and eat it. I can’t stand the useless killing of animals for any other reason than eating it. Does PETA stand for the ethical treatment of animals or just people who are vegatarians and hate other people just because they eat meat no matter how they accuire it? This is not a post just to piss people off I would like to have real responses and not just hate please. Thank You. I will also respond to any questions you guys may have.

  • cappuccino says:

    to steve i guess dennis rodman is more sexy than you and instead of you he thinks ink!!!

  • STEVE says:

    I love camufflage love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    I can’t beleive someone actually used the Jimbo and Ned “We have to kill them or they’ll die” argument seriously…

  • Haley says:

    There is something seriously wrong with PETA. As for hunting I honestly couldn’t care less. As long as you have a reason for killing animals like you want to eat it or something I don’t care. But hey if you just like to kill animals to kill them more power to you I guess. Rather a deer than a human.

  • Michele says:

    Kelly Maureen Canaduck Adam and cappuccino you said it all! Yes people who lived thousands of years ago sometimes had no choice but to hunt for survival. Now there is simply no excuse. It seems to me that it is now a pathetic “sport” primarily for men who are so insecure that they need to prove how “manly” they are ewww! And to Steve BORING! Blah blah blah no one cares what you have to say zzzzzzzzzzzzzz that’s me falling asleep when I read your uninspired comments HA HA!!!

  • American Sportsmen says:

    actually hunting is one of the safest sports available. In addition to allowing for a deeper understanding of wildlife there are only about 1.3 accidents for every 100 participants this is extremely low when compared to other sports soccer comes to 9.3 accidents per 100 participants touch football at 4.4. also shooting related accidents are comparable to people hurt by lightning strikes. Hunting is very safe and is increasingly safe partly due to the hunter safety programs. also firearms manufacturers always post firearm safety rules on their products. the “beer drinking dumb rednecks” you make hunters out to be are not what defines the American sportsmen. I am even tempted to go into detail about the contributions hunters have made to conservation in the US but that is for another post.

  • steve says:

    adam… ignore me all you want but who’s the moron saying killing a fellow human being is amusing cappucino… here’s something new you and your fellow petaphiles have as much creditbility in the real world as using dennis rodman as a spokesperson

  • cappuccino says:

    WOW our good old STEVE is back yeah!!! but i don’t like coffee from yesterday bring something new!!!!!!!!!

  • Maureen says:

    When our ancestors hunted it was pure survival and respect for their prey was genuine. Todays so called hunters go out armed to the teeth and the animals dont stand a chance. It is cowardly and pathetic and if they shoot each other one can only sit back and lament such blatant ignorance and stupity. There is a big difference between that and gloating.

  • kelly says:

    The least educated and least skilled members of our society who get drunk and go out to shoot in the woods. Disasters waiting to happen and happening

  • Canaduck says:

    Haha Steve posts that in every thread he can. Just ignore him. Anyway the idea of “the first hunting accident” is amusing though surely nobody can find fault in people having hunted for survival 5000 years ago.

  • ADAM says:

    I wouldnt wish harm on a human its just that idiots and guns dont mix. Ill give hunters respect if they can kill a deer or bear with their hands instead of being cowards in an uneven war.

  • STEVE says: