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World’s Dumbest Vegetarian?

Written by PETA | April 10, 2007

I’m sure everyone has seen our Sexiest Vegetarian contest by now, and hopefully you’ve voted for your favorite already. The number and quality of entries has been truly inspiring.

If we ever decide to have a Dumbest Vegetarian contest, however, there won’t even need to be any voting because this girl will definitely win. … Not much to say about it, huh? Wow.

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  • Myoxia Fruit says:

    Blond birls should not be allowd to vote in my county of americas. she they dont need the right to do this. if woman is alloweed to vote in this country than i will leave back to pakistan.. here women dont need right to vote in elecions for govermant as only man to do such votings.

  • Ariana says:

    wow… and i thought lohan and paris were dumb. . .

  • Jesse says:

    Hey I’m glad Maya brought up the issue on the tacky advertising stuff you occasionally do. I whole heartedly support Peta and I am a member and I profess to others the great stuff that Peta does. But I wish you would stop the crass publicity stuff. Like when that ad of women’s milk was introduced for the Super Bowl or the “sexiest” vegan or whatever. I don’t think it helps at all. I’d like to see it kept to animal issues and not try to offend even its own members. Some of the stupid “light hearted” stuff does offend. I love the stuff Peta does for animals that is why I am a member. The crudeness that is occasionally displayed I just tolerate till hopefully Peta gets a more dignified group of people working for the cause. Certainly I am only talking about a few. I wish those few would stop thinking crass is funny or effective. Its enough to drive even its own members away.

  • sally says:

    Education is the key to defining what an animal is or isn’t. It isn’t sexiest to say this girl is dumb but a better word would be ignorant. No animal should be killed for human consumptionas to our pets is vegetarian food giving them the protein they need? If it is I’m on boardcats are difficultthey are very picky so I don’t know that my cats will ever go veggie but my dogs are not so picky and do like veggies and pastaplease let me know.

  • CL Blankenship says:

    Whether or not you approve me or not that Maya post on 41207 gave PETA some excellent advice. There are many of us who would like to participate in PETA but do not. Your public image is horrible!

  • Gabriella says:

    It us the humans who are doing the barbaric things to the animals. Who will speak up for the animals that are skinned and boiled alive? Reality is reality and the bloody canadian flag thankfully is not getting worldfamous.

  • angie says:

    All we can do is to be kind…to explain the difference. I have so many friend who after I explain I dont eat animals ask if I eat fish…people confuse birds and fish and mammals…if you ask them if a fish is an animal or a plant or mineral then they get it…be kind patient…this is what helps people grasp what we are talking about…riducule wins no one.

  • Maya says:

    PETA calling a woman dumb. What a shocker. I read your polite response to the women’s group who objected to your unrelenting sexism. You were very kind but said that you needed the shock value to raise money and grab attention. How about saving animals does that matter to you? Because you could reach thousands if not millions more people if you classed it up a bit and weren’t so cruel to your fellow human beings. It’s clear you are an extremely successful talented and creative group of individuals. You may be the only people actively saving lobsters fish and other underdogs of the animal world who are tortured and disrespected as fellow creatures of the earth. This would earn y’all amazing karma if you weren’t so tacky and mean in public. No more bloody Canadian flags no more sexism no more telling people to laugh at broken bones. It’s 2007 PETA. Put on a new face and save millions more lives by announcing your new progressive cool and fair campaign.

  • Nancy says:

    Excellent point Jacko. But I must say Larry I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far… your humor is a refreshing change from so much of the hostility that comes from some on both sides who post here. It’s sometimes hard to tell where you actually stand on a given issue… which is a good thing. So while I do agree with Jacko in most cases I’m definitely more inclined to discuss the issues with someone like you who seems rational and open to intelligent debate than with those who are so defensive aboutand insecure intheir own actions or beliefs that they can’t handle being challenged on them. But it takes all kinds I guess…

  • Jacko says:

    Larry I’ve always found it faintly ridiculous when a meateater confronted with the horrors that he is supporting by refusing to acknowledge the torture involved in industrialized farming tries to win points off vegetarians by asking them nitpicking questions about what they feed their dog or whether they kill mosquitos. These are good questions and they ought to be debated seriously but in my opinion you have to earn the right to ask them if you want to have any credibility.

  • Larry Buck says:

    But how many peta members keep pets and rave about how cute and cuddly they are?

  • Anna says:

    They make vegetarianvegan pet foods.

  • Michele says:

    K is right this individual is not a vegetarian. But she sure does give blondes a bad name! it’s okay for me to say that as I am blonde too LOL

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    “what is peta’s stance on dog food?” Don’t keep dogs. Pretty simple really.

  • Larry Buck says:

    go on its ok to laugh also… What is peta’s stance on dog food? animals are killed for it and protein substitutes are also manufactured from guess what?! dead animals. where does peta draw the line? is it okay for a cow to die so a cuddly little puppy can have its science diet? dogs are carnivores they cant change that. how would you like it you were forced to completely change your diet? what is peta’s stance on dog food?

  • K says:

    No such thing as a dumb vegetarian! ..But she clearly isn’t a vegetarian!

  • kelly says:

    The interviewer is great!! She is really funny That stupid expression on the model’s face is scary. When these girls start to put a little age on them their lives slide into oblivion. And she clearly hasn’t got the brains to do anything productive with her life when that happens. Meanwhile the woman who is announcing will be a media star. Funny.

  • Quwen says:

    Well she’s a pollovegetarian I guess. Hey her ignorance will at least save SOME animals.