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‘World Week for Animals in Laboratories’ Protest

Written by PETA | April 24, 2009

“World Week for Animals in Laboratories” means demonstrations against animal testing around the world. At UCLA on Wednesday, hundreds of activists from PETA, Last Chance for Animals, In Defense of Animals, Orange County People for Animals, and Stop Animal Exploitation Now banded together and descended upon the campus to speak out for animals in laboratories.

There was no way that drivers could have missed these passionate people or PETA’s posters.
UCLA demo
These people caused quite a stir with the pro-vivisection rally happening at UCLA on the same day.
UCLA demo2
In addition to mice and rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, and many other animals experience unimaginable pain in the name of “science.”
UCLA demo3

To all the folks who showed up to express their disapproval of UCLA’s abuse of animals in laboratories, thank you. You guys rock our world.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • hailey says:

    animl testing is cruel half the testing done is not accurate how would you feel if your own pet wis ripped open or stuffed in small cages. if we wouldnt want to test on humans then why animals their life is as important as ours. sincerely an extreme animal lover

  • lynda downie says:

    Jackie If the images of animal abuse are too traumatizing for children to view maybe we should be asking ourselves why we do to animals things so horrific that children must be shielded from our dirty little secrets. Just a thought.

  • Andrew says:

    Jackie I think its about time for you to stop sheltering your children and get with the times. Apparentely you live in the middle of nowhere and out of touch with reality. In all realityIm surprised you know how to use the internet.

  • Jackie says:

    I was just wondering do you tell schools or parents when you are doing these protests. I mean I’m sure to you one more child trumatized by these images going home and crying is a victory for animal rights and a future vegetarian. For that child’s parents however what do you expect them to tell their children? I suppose your answer would be just send them to PETA Kids. So hey whatever. I feel like I’m wasting my time with this post. After all I’m talking to people who are okay with suggesting to children their parents are mass murderers cause they eat meat. As well as handing out graphic phamplets and happy meals to children. Has it ever occured to you that maybe one of those children would become so upset that you would actually send the opposite message you want to and they would associate PETA with negativity? Just a thought.

  • lynda downie says:

    “I only went to college for 9 years for my understanding of science…. but what do I know I’m a carnivore.” After 9 years and you still don’t know??!!

  • Andrew says:

    KD I really think that you should get a refund on your college education. Apparentely it did you no good. How can you not know what vivisection means or see the cruelty in those pictures. Who knows? Maybe with your refund you can go back to school for 4 more years pay attention and actually learn something.

  • sarah says:

    KD that red thing on top of the monkey is his brain. He’s had his skull smashed open and his brain exposed and clamps stapled to it.

  • Sean says:

    It is laughable how uninformed you all are of the scientific method. You are also jaded in your view of animal testing. Have you ever heard of IRB or IUCUC approval? Do a google search educate yourselves the only way you know how. I only went to college for 9 years for my understanding of science….but what do I know I’m a carnivore. If animal testing or human testing for that matter saves thousands of lives then so be it. Start volunteering for duty PETA members….take the place of those poor animals! We scientists need subjects ASAP! Next time you see a person surviving diabetes leprosy or leukemia….thank an animal test subject. Almost every medical achievement in the 20th century has relied upon the use of animal subjects. If you really want to boycott animal testing next time you become deathly ill refuse antibiotics. You will probably die but it will have saved a lab rat.

  • Shari says:

    Bless those who spoke up for the animals that are pictured above. THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling everyone what they are doing to our wonderfull animals we must protect them! You all did a great job!! Save the animals!

  • Marina says:

    I have seen a video about three kittens that were experimented on and I had only just got my little 8 week old Hazel and those little kittens very much resembled my kitten and their urgent meows of pain and sweet little faces just destroyed me HOW could ANYONE do that to such adorable helpless animals that could potentially have been somebody’s pet! The fact that my cat could have been one of those little kittens just makes me so mad!!!

  • KD says:

    Ok for someone like me who doesnt know what vivisection means those posters are of little help in informing me of what it is and why it is wrong. Maybe its just the bad internet quality of the picture but I cant tell what is wrong with the white monkey picture? Also this isnt necessarily the best method of protest because having lived on a college campus I know most people can give a hoot about the protesters holding signs and handing out pamphlets and trying to talk with me while I am on my way to class. They are more likely to start an argument than be informative on a college campus with that kind of protest. Plus this kind of protest would be more useful in front of restaurants or factories where this kind of stuff happens.

  • Denis Alexander says:

    The success of your demonstration can easily be judged based on the fact that the number of organizations involved outnumbered the number of people that showed up. The hundreds you talk about were on the other side ProScience ProGress and AntiTerrorism which you apparently “understand”

  • Joseph says:

    You know if PETA thinks that testing on animals is cruel wouldn’t normal people think that testing on humans is even more cruel?

  • Phyllis says:

    Derek Hope your Mom is well but the fact of the matter is that drugs tested on animals and approvied as safe for humans are responsible for killing more people than all illegal drugs put together. You your Mom and myself are endangered by animal research we are not saved by it. The results on animals are misleading and vary so much from species to species that extrapolation is purely guesswork. Post market drug surveys show we’d get better odds on detecting drug safety by flipping a coin. Check into the subject a little more and you’ll probably be as surprised as I was to see how ineffective and down right dangerous animal experiments are to humans.

  • Gina says:

    ONLY SELFISH HEARTLESS PEOPLE use products tested on animals.

  • Tricia says:

    From what I heard from the news reports LA Times the hundreds of people came to the ProTest counter demo not to the WWAIL demo. Only about 30 people showed up there according to the papers if they’re telling the truth. If this is the case I think it’s because of poor planning on the part of the proanimal orgs. Having a demo during the week plays to the strengths of the university as all of its people were already there and simply had to come out of their offices and go outside. In contrast proanimal people working all over the city were obviously unable to get away from work and travel over to UCLA to participate in the space of their lunch hours. This protest should have been held on the weekend. The proanimal people would have had time to participate and the ProTest people would have had to make a special effort to attend. If we are going to win against the animal abusers it’s not enough to have heart you also have to be smart.

  • Antoine says:

    Brien I highly recomend that you read Animal Experimentation A harvest of Shame by Dr. Moneim A Fadali. I believe it is available for purchase from the PETA website. While I am glad that your mother has been saved you are misinformed. Often people are told that a discovery was made by animal tests but in reality the discovery was made in a much more direct practical application and then afterwards animal tests were done and the credit goes to animal tests. While it makes people feel better about marching and raising money for research to believe that the reseacrh will “save lives” the reality is that it doesn’t. Doctors and Nurses save lives NOT researchers. The reality is that 1. your mother’s life was saved. and 2. Researchers did studies. And these are TWO TOTALLY SEPARATE things. It is a HUGE leap to claim that the research is what saved your life. It’s a bit like if I sneeze and then it starts to rain my sneeze did not CAUSE the rain. The two things are unrelated. But companies who want your support to fund ressearch are very good at making easy connections and they hope that you will not look too much into it as you obviously haven’t You don’t know that research saved your mother’s life even less that animal tests saved her life. And realistically it didn’t. Plus thee are too many variables in your claim. Which drug was killing her? why was she taking the drugs? All drugs are tested on animals so how did animal research “save her life” if it was a drug tested on animals that was harming her? Presumably if animal tests “save lives” how is it possible that this drug was killing her?

  • Margarita says:

    It is hard to believe what some so called ‘civilized humans’ are capable of doing to an innocent and helpless animal. I think we should be relentless in our efforts to liberate these animals of further suffering.

  • Phyllis says:

    Great job! Those posters are very effective wish we had them at our event in Atlamta. We had a small but dedicated group of people come out to speak for the 3000 plus animals trapped in Yerkes Regional Primate Center at Emory as well as for the nonprimate animals who are sliced and diced for government grants inside Emory University itself. I have a banner I had made that I like to take to antivivisection demos that simply says “ANIMAL RESEARCH IS NOT MEDICAL PROGRESS”. While some people do care about the unmitigated suffering of animals in laboratories many only care about curing disease or developing a weight loss pill so they can eat all the cheese fries and triple bacon cheesebugers they want! When we can get their attention and talk with them it always surprises them to learn how many of the experiments at Yerkes and Emory do not advance human health and most people are staggered to learn how many millions of tax dollars fund the useless “research”. Just one maternal deprivation experiment at Yerkes taking infants from their mothers and scaring them to see how much they cry received $5 million courtesy of the tax payers. Clearly animal resrarch is not medical progress it’s a scam.

  • Derek says:

    Some of the stuff that happens to animals in labs is heart breaking but it saved my moms life when they learned that the medication may end up killing her.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    We can only cure human ailments if research is done on humans andor human tissue. Animal vivisection is evidence that humans are the demons of the world and animals are the tortured souls.