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Do Iowa Farms Have Something to Hide?

Written by PETA | May 20, 2011
shelbygop/cc by 2.0

As conservative Iowa lawmakers make an end-of-session push for the bill that would criminalize undercover investigations of cruelty to farmed animals, national Republican political consultant Mary Matalin has entered the fray—on PETA’s behalf! Yesterday, she sent a personal appeal to Republican leaders in the state.

In her open letter to legislators, which has made news across the state, Matalin  says:

Lawmakers and consumers from across the political spectrum have found that while promoting agriculture is of prime importance, so is making sure that workers at farms and slaughterhouses adhere to anti-cruelty laws. … If House File 589 succeeds, it may well single out Iowa as the state with something to hide, which I know can’t be the case.

If House File 589 passes, PETA would not be able to conduct investigations in Iowa like that of a Hormel Foods supplier that led to the Greene County Sheriff filing 22 livestock neglect and abuse charges. You can e-mail Iowa Governor Terry Branstad asking that he veto House File 589 if it makes it to his desk.
Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • dairy 4H member says:

    This video is extremely misleading and slanted. First of all, the pigs are not REALLY getting hurt. They are simply being encouraged to get off the ground and move. The piglets that were shown in the video being hit on the ground weren’t being swung in an attempt to kill them, you have to do that when they are first born so you can get the water out of their lungs and it DOES NOT hurt them. The video states that the piglets was getting its tail cut off when in fact it was actually not in pain but was squealing because it was being held. Although i agree the farmers did say unnecessary comments, you only showed the comments that can be viewed negatively if you didn’t see the plus side of farming. The most slanted part was that you showed one farm out of the whole united states that treats their animals kind of bad but only in what you showed. Most farms i guarentee you are a lot better and have better conditions then that one pig farm. If you researched every parent in the united states, more than 50% of them will admit to hitting their children to discipline them; this is the same for farmers to pigs. They do not experience any emotional attachement to their owners and strictly know how to survive which is all the farmers guide them with. The pigs in the video only displayed the slanted views of an organization who wants to eliminate agriculture but it is missing the other crucial half. Without dairy products and meat, many people would either be extremely unhealthy because one’s diet should consist of the two, or die of starvation with lack of other options that are crucial. Thank you for reading this and please keep in mind that farming and agriculture is one of the most important things in mankind.

  • MA Moo says:

    Saucy: “God doesn’t need a camera”…so true! In my opinion, the punishment for their crimes is heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and stroke to name a few! We are what we eat and if people continue to turn a blind eye to the horrors of factory farming, they will suffer greater fates than the animals. “Any man who harms one hair on the sacred cow will die 10,000 firey deaths”…Lord Krishna

  • Joshy says:

    How can you show this content without even giving a warning, this is beyond sick, i was eating when the part of the video showing the piglets being mutilated was shown, my god i knew the animals in these farms were beaten but i didnt know they did that to them. seriously post a warning next time thats beyond disturbing.

  • Saucy says:

    One would think this would be a very important issue to the Republican party, whose majority are what we call rightwing Christians. Christ as creator. Son of God. God as creator. CREATIONS! Animals from Creator. People from Creator. Animals and people from same Creator. God as a Loving Creator, a Merciful Creator. Qualities of God; Merciful, Kind, Loving, Joyful, Peaceful, Humble. Qualities of the Devil……… For God’s Sakes people, connect the dots. Do you really believe that God gave us these beings, filled with the same breath and spirit of life, as people, (Ecclesiastes 3:19) to do this with? That it’s OK? It is not OK IOWA. Who are you to torture and destroy ANOTHER’S household creations? This is not your house, you did not create our home; planet earth. You did not create pigs and you got no right to spill their blood and take their lives. THOSE PIGS ARE PROPERTY OF ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH OF ARMIES, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. HANDS OFF. But if you would like to continue to PROVOKE THE WRATH OF GOD, go right ahead. If you would like to continue to exult yourselves ABOVE, presume yourselves ABOVE, the DEVINE PROVIDENCE OF GOD, go right ahead. All I can do is warn you. God doesn’t need a camera.

  • Watchdog says:

    Iowa- you try to hide and keep things secret, but now…the entire animal rights community is watching… RISE.REBEL.RESIST.

  • Leena says:

    how could they be so heartless???

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Here in the UK, consumers with the help of AnimalAid have launched a successful campaign for the giant supermarket chains to install CCTV in their slaughterhouses to monitor the treatment of the animals. This action should include factory-farms (also fowl), live-animal markets and stockyards. What HAVE they got to hide??

  • Charlotte Klein says:

    Hormel should do something about this animal abuse. They are going to loose their consumers. I will never buy their products again.

  • RoryReloaded says:

    Welcome to the Policed States of America (PSA), led by PETA…

  • Valerie says:

    This absolutely absurd. How can these lawmakers think they can stop undercover videos. That makes it even more suspicious of what goes on daily in these factory farms. These are Republicans doing this? The Big Ag lobbyers got this going. Doesn’t this fall under ‘freedom of speech’ or some right here in USA. Undercover videos are used in child abuse cases (daycares/nanny cams) and for security purposes – are those in danger of being ‘outlawed’? I don’t think a jury would find this to be that bad of a deed espcially when it exposes such horrible abuse – not that easy to enforce unless you got a bunch of pig farmers on the jury.

  • MA Moo says:

    Personally, I can;t watch more than a minute of this horrific abuse! We have a choice to watch, the animals have no choice. Consumers have got to see what is going on here, then and only then will they be informed! Go Vegan!

  • MA Moo says:

    Get em Jessica!

  • Ana A. Garcia says:

    What is it that conservatives want to hide? I am a fiscal conservative and a vegan and I am disgusted with the majority of conservatives that feel any violence against animals is alright and that it should be kept secret in a dark room so no one knows about it. These demons are in bed with the animal killers and violators. Enough of their hypocrisy. Then conservatives go to church and ask God for mercy; I go to church and ask God for mercy on animals.

  • Jessica says:

    Someone needs to ram a metal rod up that worker’s ***!! This video was absolutly disturbing!

  • MA Moo says:

    Ag Gag Bill Fizzles in Florida! Lets keep the momentum going. These Ag Gag bills are a gross attempt by Big Ag to cover up the rampant abuses and food saftey issues associated with horrific conditions in factory farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses. “If slaughter houses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”…Sir Paul McCartney

  • MA Moo says:

    Put a camera in every stockyard, slaughterhouse and factory farm! Consumers have the right to be informed about their food choices!