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World’s Cutest Puppy Rescued

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 7, 2011

When a good Samaritan found 10-week-old Kiwi wandering in the woods, the puppy weighed just 2 pounds and was barely bigger than a softball. Nearly frozen in the frigid temperatures, the tiny Chihuahua was thin and dehydrated and suffered from a severe genital infection. The person who found Kiwi immediately called PETA for assistance.

During his short stay at the PETA office, Kiwi won the hearts of everybody he met.


Uh-oh. Kiwi is caught being ridiculously adorable on the job.

After receiving some much-needed medical care and TLC, Kiwi was adopted by PETA members who can’t believe the fantastic puppy was homeless. Kiwi’s new family includes a 70-pound canine “brother,” Higgins, who is so enamored with his little pal that he won’t eat a bite of his own food until he knows Kiwi doesn’t want any of it. Kiwi is always game for adventures at work, school, or wherever his family is heading. What a happy ending for this little fella!

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  • Ben Dover says:

    Rhoda has hit the nail on the head. Seriously though, I’m very surprised PETA did not euthanize the little guy, since he was suffering so much. That’s their preferred method of dealing with suffering and mistreated animals. They seem to consider euthanasia preferrable to rehabilitation. Go figure.

  • Rhonda says:

    Just out of curiosity, but does no one else see anything wrong with the name of this blog? I mean, the peta files? Really? c’mon.

  • Cute Stuff says:

    Aww, I’m glad he is okay! Cute little guy!

  • animAL Luver<3 says:

    LOOK AT HIM…HES ADORABLY CUTE!!!! awww i want him. you guys did so good on finding and adopting him before anything happened!!:)

  • Anne says:

    To anyone who has No Kill shelters in their area.

    No Kill closes the doors to new admissions when they get “full” and unfortunately people then often abandon their pets on the streets.

    Keep an eye open for suffering abandoned animals on the streets and in the woods and PLEASE bring them in and call for help!

  • umbria says:

    Okay, this pup is adorable. I vote you make him your mascot! Get him a little PETA bandana! More pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eva Karakostas says:

    Congradulations on adopting Kiwi! He is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad he got a happy ending indeed and I know PETA will take extra care of him :).

  • Kalanix says:

    AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Kiwi!!! Much better than the names we gave him, ha ha. I miss that little guy. Even though he did pee on my shirt, lol.

  • elizabeth says:

    awwww….i want to see more pictures!!!!!! 😀

  • Lisa says:

    What a babe! Seriously, how could you be so cruel to this sweetie?

  • PETA says:

    @milindesai – We thought the orange and white stripes would give it away, but that’s a leopard-print polyester fleece blanket, not real leopard fur.

  • rich says:

    adorable 🙂 and milindesai, its called faux fur. what kind of animal has fur that looks like that?

  • Pat says:

    In response to milidesai. Come on that was the stupidest question I ever heard. Real fur? Think not.

  • Deb says:

    I believe the fur matt is faux fur! Why would PETA have a real fur rug?

  • Aneliese says:

    Oh my goodness, that second photo is so cute it hurt.

  • Melissa Alice says:

    Uh… that’s a fleecy blanket with a super-fake animal print on it. He’s absolutely gorgeous, good to see he has a new home 🙂

  • Camila says:

    oh god, he’s sooooo cute! thank God he has a happy end!

  • Chomp says:

    @milindesai its fake fur, or a print out i would think. use your head!

  • Lady Sexpot says:

    what an angel :)))))

  • jerryvang says:

    too cute, chihuahuas and pitbulls are my fave

  • TessLambert says:

    Gorgeous! I want him! Well done Peta!

  • mary lukowski says:

    You know I can believe some of the things that happen.  I saw a little chihuahua doggie running around the road..several times.  This time I followed him home.  The owner came out and called him in..I told him he has been on the road several times and cars had to stop for I cant believe the stupid people around..this doggie is just so cute..Peta..I love you and all you do for these animals..I call you The Support Group for Animals..they need one…

  • milindesai says:

    the 1st pic of the puppy has a fur mat…and its written that its in PETA office…arent you guys ask others not to use FUR ???

  • Rachel says:

    More pictures of Kiwi please!? =)

  • Daniela says:

    I want one of those, he’s so cute! How can someone do that do this lovely puppy?