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World Leaders in the Dark (Ages)

Written by PETA | November 11, 2010
bensonkua/CC by 2.0

Could someone check a calendar for me? ‘Cause mine says it’s 2010, but the organizers of the G20 summit in Seoul seem to have gone medieval on the world leaders assembled there by using live goldfish to test the water quality.

Really, guys? Surely you are aware that there are plenty of ways to tell what’s in the water without dumping fish into it to see if they survive.

What’s that, G20? You say you had been using non-animal water purity tests before but just decided to start using goldfish for the summit? OK, now I’m really confused. Is the point of this to make South Korea look like a Third World country? Are you looking to bring back royal food tasters and coal-mine canaries too?

Sounds like somebody needs to enroll in Sea Kittens 101. 

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Jasmine Chen says:

    yes exactly PETA there are more HUMANE, hear that G20, H-U-M-A-N-E ways of testing the quality of water. one of these days those goldfish will bite them………. what goes around comes around. G20, be warned……..

  • kristi7717 says:

    That is so sad what Fargo wrote about dogs in Korea. I read that in China there are pampered pets owned by people who love their dogs just like we do and in contrast there are still people who eat the same dogs. Younger people go out and talk to the older generation to try to get them to stop eating dogs. I wonder if you can ever change anything in their culture though as it’s been going on for a thousand years or more…..

  • Fargo says:

    South Korea is one country, where according to a video I have seen on the internet, dog-butchers half-hang a dog from a tree by its lead, and jerk it around deliberately to cause it more stress before slaughtering it. The meat is said to taste better this way.The poor thing even wagged its tail when walked back to the slaughterhouse. Ugh !