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The World of Fur

Written by PETA | November 30, 2006

I found this in The Oregonian this morning:

Schumacher Furs & Outerwear, after 111 years of business and one solid year of fervent animal-rights protests, is hanging it up in Portland. …

According to the article, Gregg Schumacher, who owned the place, was all whiney and sad about having to close down his store, but I have to admit I had trouble mustering up a whole lot of sympathy. As In Defense of Animals’ Matt Rossell put it,

“I’m sure he’ll try to present himself as a victim, as he always does. … The reality, though, is the animals are the victims, not Gregg Schumacher.”

In related news, there have been some monumental strides against fur recently in the cartoon world. Forbes just released a survey of cartoon villains and found that Cruella de Vil has had a sharp dropoff in popularity “as demand for fur coats plummeted.” And in last week’s Simpsons episode, animal rights crusader Lisa Simpson became a PETA member and doused Krusty with a can of red paint. It has to be admitted that victories in the cartoon world aren’t exactly PETA’s primary goal, but they’re nice all the same.



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  • Kevin M says:

    This isn’t intended to disparage PETA but PETA has had no involvement with the Schumacher Furs protests in Portland. I live in Portland and have participated in these protests for over a year. The uninterrupted weekly and some of us have been there almost daily since New Year’s Eve 2006 have missed only 5 days total since then Saturday protests from 1 pm to closing last Saturday that was 7 pm began Nov. 12 2005. Almost all of the activists who have particpated are unaffiliated with any organization. We are working full time career people high school students retired folks parents people of all ages and a diversity of backgrounds. Our media spokesperson and unoffical leader is affiliated with another national organization. We are mostly just a group of likeminded souls who have been there to be the voice of the animals even in the worst weather and on holiday weekends too. Last Monday 219 Gregg Schumacher announced his plans to close the store permanently check out the 220 Oregonian article at httpwww.oregonlive.comoregonianstoriesindex.ssf?basenews1171943730278200.xmlcoll7. We are of course very pleased. This is a victory for the animals. We will continue the protests weekly for the big group and daily for others until the Schumachers have vacated their space on SW Morrison.

  • keith says:

    There are at least 2 passages Old Testamentin the Bible where God tells why He is punishing or has punished certain groups of people. One reason He gives is their mistreatment of animals. Since the situations for Israel USA Britain are rapidly declining for many reasons associated with denying God consider this isue a wakeup call to do the right thing and help the animals. k.l.

  • Brenda Skoland says:

    Great work PETA and everyone who contributed!! The animals also thank you! Bless you all in all you do for our friends!!

  • Debra says:

    I am so happy to hear of this store closing. I live in New York and you do see these vain horrible people wearing furs from time to time. When I pass them I tell them they should die like their coats. I have gotten alot of flack from this but hey that’s the way I feel. Another time this women of color told me “that was what these animals were raised for” when I brought up the fact that they used to raise slaves for horrible reasons and she should understand the situation she got way pssed off. It is the same thing so anyone who was against slavery should compare the two and maybe they too would stop wearing fur. It’s all relative that living things should not be abused used as unpaid help or slaughtered for what they offer someone in a position of power who can control their fate.

  • Teresa says:

    AWESOME!! It shows that hard work and consistent pressure on these places pays off! We are protesting against “Burberry” here in ChicagoIL every weekend during the holiday season. Also some weekday leafletting as well. Keep up the good work everywhere!

  • Michele Wilde says:

    I am surprised this place wasn’t out of business many decades ago. No one in Portland Oregon wears fur! Who were they selling to? I lived in Portland for over 30 years and don’t think I ever saw a fur coat. People there are too compassionate it’s the land of old hippies and activists. Congratulations! No compromise for Mother Earth!

  • Lily Rocco says:

    Another victory for our furry friends thanks to PETA and all their hard work Only UGLY people wear fur!

  • Cindy Jenkins says:

    I remember watching Charlottes Web as a child and when you watch that movie you do not plan to go home and eat “Wilbur” or kill “Charlotte” in the corner of your house. The movie theaters where Charlottes Web is playing is not a place to hold animal protests. A better place would be grocery stores and telling people if you want to buy meat go to Whole Foods. The reality is you’r not going to make everyone a vegetarian so suggesting a more humane and healthy meat is best. I am a vegetarian and a supporter of PETA and I know PETA always means well but a movie kids go to? Their not buying the meat it’s the parents and their influence and there needs to be more Whole Foods most people complain they don’t have the time to drive all the way to Whole Foods when Giant is right around the corner.

  • thanna says:

    i think wearing fur is disgusting I am so glad they are shut down. TO all those who ever wore fur or still do how about I take you.. tie YOU to a pole so you cant move and begin ripping the skin off your body all why you are screaming in horrible pain and then I will sell your skin to a coat factory and call it fuax croc skin…this is what NEEDS to be done to those who wear fur there is NO NEED for fur..

  • P.Sydney Herbert says:

    Schumacher’s of Portland did not go out of business They are planning to move from downtown to a suburban mall.

  • Mary says:

    Congratulations PETA!!! Another success story!!! No time to rest though…there are still so many innocent animals living in misery or dying in agony…we need to continue to fight for them on every front!

  • Charlii says:

    All you people with fur coats should be ashamed of yourself. poor animals have died for your fur. Buy fake fur for gods sake!

  • mary panos says:

    ShopNBC advertizes real fur products on tv channel 32 in Floridathe designer is Cedricthis is very sad and should be stoppedusing the fur of animals for fickle fashion is outrageous and inhumanedon’t know how they get away with it on tvthanks

  • Katherine says:

    WAIT! am i reading this right? they’re going out of business?! YES! i live in california.. in the bay area and i visited portland or to see some family a few months ago. you know how badly i wanted to go to that scuzzy place and bitch? my mom was like ‘no no don’t start anything now.. this is a nice family vacation’ i said fine i’ll do it when i go back! now that messes up my plans that they went out of business. oh well i hope the schumachers loose a bunch of money. THANK YOU PETA AND PROTESTERS! ONCE AGAIN YOUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!!!

  • heather says:

    Yeah I am glad that bastard is OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! go PETA once again and all of its protestors. thank you so much for at least putting this sleeze out of business and hopefully saving some innocent souls. Thanks Simpsons i know the music composer this is awesome!!!!