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WOOF! peta2 Launches Cutest Campaign EVER

Written by PETA | July 8, 2008

The people from peta2 are hitting the road, just as they do every summer. They’re going to concerts, festivals, and all the other things that hip, young people (read: not I) attend. This year, peta2 is rolling out its cutest campaign ever: WOOF!

The idea is pretty simple: Tests show that pigs are actually smarter than dogs, and it’s obvious that they can feel complex emotions and experience pain, just as dogs do. So why on earth do folks (rightly) love their dogs so much but turn a blind eye to the pigs who are beaten and butchered on factory farms to make meals for people?

To help the peta2 crew turn heads as they road-trip it across the country, we’ve gone so far as to get their RV detailed with a sweet (that word is still “in,” right?) campaign banner, which is certain to inspire thought—and choruses of “Aww”—from all who see it. If you want to see the RV in real life, check out the peta2 MySpace page to find out when the peta2 road crew will be at a venue near you!


woof_rv_2.JPGPosted by Sean Conner

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  • stephanie says:

    Wolves ect do not have a choice they are driven by instinct. Humans have a choice and can live perfectly healthy and full lives on a vegetable based diet and chose not to harm others while living their lives. Also the manner in which animals are farmed these days is a very far cry from animal husbandry. They are pumped with hormones and drugs feed litter and garbage to fatten them up abused and slaughtered stuck in crates where they can’t even move…THAT IS NOT WHAT NATURE INTENDED This is NOT humane in the least. Animals are made to live by instinct. Humans are given the opportunity to rise above that and live a healthy peaceful existence and i think that whatever “God” someone believes in could appreciate that. Raising above pleasures of the flesh and living with a respect for all life.

  • S.Q. says:

    Saucy If killing animals for food is a crime against god then I guess all the wolves bears and lions out there are all going to hell.

  • Ana says:

    The Bible does not promote animals sacrifice it simply describes it and these poor creatures murdered were herbivores. But Christians are guided by the NEW Testament not the Old one. Jesus eradicated animal sacrifices.

  • Chris says:

    Uh Saucy God Created Carnivores so no it’s not a crime against god or nature You do know the bible promotes animal sacrifice right?

  • Saucy says:

    What’s happeneing to pigs and farm animals is a crime against God and Nature. There will be a recompense!

  • Judith says:


  • No-L says:

    Of course pigs are smarter than dogs!! How do you think that ManBearPig has evaded dectection for so long?

  • joanna says:

    S.Q. Thanks for the info. Dogs bears and pigs are all smart. One thing we animals all have in common….and I am sure of this…is a heart! I prefer to think less is more when it comes to killing animals and confining them in boxes. If there is an easy alternative to eating pigs then I’m all for it. Even if a person just gave up say…breakfast meat with the idea that they could live a happy life AND reduce their consumption of pigs. I really think our only hope for the planet and ourselves and all the animals with us is to reduce what we waste use and destroy while we are busy living our everyday lives. The WOOF! program targets kids and gives them ideas that hey maybe you should not take a pig for granted…kids get to watch commercial after commercial about buying burgers drinking milk eating eggs and jimmy deam sausage. How many commercial messages do they see that says hey…you can live and be prefectly happy without suasage. I always get a side of fresh fruit anytime I am eating out and see that a ‘normal’ breakfast includes bacon or suasage. I can’t tell you how ofter my plate arrives with that extra fruit and everybody at the table says…mmm should have got that. If americans just cut the bacon out of their breakfast they would be healthier and the environment would be better. Kids need mentors to show them they can make their own choices about food and it CAN be based on humane treatment of farm animals. Woof! is Great Save a Pig Eat a Berry!

  • Ana says:

    Judith and joanna thanks for your wondeful comments!

  • S.Q. says:

    Joanna Let me inform you that pigs are not related to bears in any sense. Pigs are ungulates which means a hoofed animal. Pigs are more related to cows and horses than bears. Anyway pigs and dogs are both smart. You can compare pig A with dog A and say pig A is smarter but you can’t compare two species. Animal intelligence is hard to classify and so pigs and dogs are merely smart in different senses. For example a dog is more loyal than a pig and pigs are more independantly minded. Sidenote Please let me remind you that both pigs and dogs are slaughtered for food in some countries dogs are not always loving companion animals.

  • Carla says:

    joanna love to read your comments! I’m buying that piggy shirt it’s a must!!

  • Chris says:

    This doesn’t make sense at all what difference does it make that pigs are smarter than dogs? cats are smarter than pigs and dogs and they eat meat. if pigs were so smart they would make it so they didn’t taste so good.

  • Leigh says:

    Um Rose you must be a bit behind the times. It has been known for a long time that pigs have greater intelligence than dogs. Do a bit of searching on the net and you’ll find that out. Dogs are also intelligent but sorry pigs do stand higher in the rankings according to research.

  • Judith says:

    Yuka Thank you so much!

  • Soliel says:

    Very cute. It made me smile.

  • joanna says:

    Rose I think a french truffle sniffing pig could be trained to do search and rescue if a person wanted to try. Also remember canines have been selectively bred for hundreds of years to create the great dogs we have today that can do search and rescue. If pigs were trained selectively bred for their talents and treated like dogs here Fido sleep in the bed with me they likely would have even more similarity to them. Dogs and pigs are also alot like their cousins bears who are incredibly smart and adaptive. Strange we do not usually eat dogs or bears but do eat pigs. Giving up pig meat in your diet is not too hard either. There are so many easy alternative foods that are vegan for breakfast and lunch that removing pork is not much of a scarifice. Also don’t feed the dogs those pig ears or buy pig skin gloves shoes made in China. Then you can be PIG FREE. One whole species of animal that you can be free from killing. Pretty easy and pretty cool. Pigs really are thoughtful and sensitive. They are treated like machines on the factory farms and tormented their entire lives. If I treated my dogs like farmers commonly treat pigs I would be fined and possibly arrested. Save the Pigs Eat Sprouts!

  • Yuka says:

    Judith I signed your petition. Good luck!

  • Judith says:

    My husband and I watched the undercover video last night of the beating and torture in North Carolina. We simply wanted to jump in there and do a lot of damage to the human monsters. What they do to these precious beings are is more than any person with a soul could take. This is really wonderful PETA I just love it! You have done a fantastic job! Will all of you please sign our petition for the wild horses they are getting ready to murder because they want the land for the poor cattle. Thank you! httpwww.thepetitionsite.com1savecloudand hiswildherd

  • rose says:

    What studies were these? When were they done? Who did them? Even if pigs are as smart as dogs dogs do many things pigs cant do.SAR drug detection police work mine detection therapy work etc. Please dont misinterpret what I’m saying. Pigs shouldnt be beaten and tortured. I’m sure there are some smart pigs out there I just think dogs are smarter.