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Wisconsin Poised to Legalize Cruelty in Labs

Written by PETA | June 24, 2011

For more than a decade, experimenters at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW) have forced hundreds—possibly thousands—of mice to fight each other in cruel experiments, despite the fact that it is a felony in Wisconsin to instigate fights between dogs, roosters, or any type of animal. PETA and Madison-based Alliance for Animals have filed a complaint with the Dane County district attorney calling for him to investigate and file criminal charges against UW. But animal experimenters may soon be able to abuse animals any way they want, because Wisconsin legislators sneakily inserted language in their budget bill that would completely exempt experimenters from state anti-cruelty laws.

This terrible idea was born under pressure from UW after PETA and Alliance for Animals filed a complaint alleging that UW’s torturous decompression experiments on sheep violated state law, which eventually prompted the study to be ended and its funding to be pulled.

Vivatier/cc by 2.0

Cruelty is cruelty, whether it occurs in an alley or a laboratory. Animals desperately need every Wisconsin resident to urge Gov. Scott Walker to veto the animal testing provision in the budget before June 30. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, you can help by contacting the federal government and asking for the funding for these cruel animal fighting experiments to be pulled immediately and for the money already awarded to be returned.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Pslm 23 says:

    take things out of context much?

  • Gerry says:


  • Diane Dube says:

    It is so true abuse is abuse no matter where they are or what they are ,pain is pain, but the only thing they see is “CASH” $$$$,they have no hearts just a wallet instead of it, makes me “ILL” 🙁

  • Elizabeth says:

    In this day and age you are still reverting back to torture in the name of research?!

  • Hastaroth says:

    I suggest that if Governor Scott Walker owns a pet,he should be made to witness “researchers” of the university experimenting on this pet.Then,we would see what he would say.

  • A. says:

    Walker’s been an idiot from the very start. We need as many people to sign his as possible…and be firm. The minute he got into office, he began doing what HE wanted. Wisconsinites were offered money for a rail system, but he turned it down because the government wouldn’t let him use it for the highways instead (which is what HE wanted. There were many of us in WI who backed the rail system.). They gave the money to Illinois. Then, the tides turned, and now he’s changed his mind and wants the money back to build the rail. This guy is really something. He wants to end Unions in Wisconsin, and turn teachers into slaves, essentially. Teaching is one of the most important jobs out there. I knew he was a dirtball since pre-election…yet somehow he still got into office. Amazing. RECALL SCOTT WALKER.

  • pj56 says:

    I always have and will continue to believe that people who perform cruel tests on animals and those that cause animals to suffer are latent murderers. They cannot admit they are angry individuals with problems.

  • gunn nesbø says:

    Do not allow this.

  • SHERYL LONG says:

    Hey! Wisconsin legislators–what a bunch of MORONS!!!

  • ilje says:

    I cannot believe that in this day and age people still think testing stuff on animals is the way to go! Bad, bad people!!

  • KRISTEN says:

    Animal experimentation is outdated. There are other equally, if not more effective ways to test drugs,cosmetics etc, so why does this archaic practice still take place? If roles were reversed, would you still agree with animal experimentation and cruelty?

  • mary aratoni says:

    very disappointed

  • ARIANA! says:

    omg!!!blast the stupidity of some people and omg! im starting to hate being a human its an embarresment people need to change!!!

  • Bethany says:

    Is there a petition on it’s way?

  • Bonnie Shelley says:

    It is unbelievable that anyone thinks it is okay to torture animals all in the name of science! Don’t these people have souls?? How can anyone hurt a creature and sleep at night? Close all labs that harm animals and find another way.

  • Alison Bennett says:

    Please stop torturing animals in labs. I do not support the use of animal testing and I will not support products that support it either.

  • joan lorenz says:

    It is sickening and disgusting what they do to animals in the name of science.

  • Summer says:

    Can’t do it to humans so you take out your sick compulsions on animals – is that what this is all about you sick animal experimenters. As for the politicians – complicit and sick.

  • Despo Ioannou says:

    Stop all animal testing immediately. End this cruelty now!

  • Jackie says:

    Horrible news. Already so cruel to animals. People in this world scare me with what they are capable of doing.

  • Paola Lama Reátegui says:

    Una mala noticia, todo mi apoyo y difusión….

  • Dil says:

    This so sad i thought we are heading for direction ,where there is no need to test on animals because so many ppl are now against of test on animals . Wisconsin heading for wrong direction. i still dont understand why we human being have to test on animals . why they have to suffer for out problems ? why not test on human ? isn’t it safest way ? if i am not wrong , ALL PAUL MITCHEL PRODUCTS test on Paul Mitchel . isn’t that a wonderful and safest way ? I SALUTE HIM for being bold and putting out safe product.(i saw tv interview long ago that he mentioned that he test on him ). if we are civilize nation we should give the rights of those who can’t speak or fight for their rights . its about time take right decision . now world is more educated and we are not living in cave era. PLS STOP USING ANIMALS its cruel and inhuman . i am support all organizations like , PETA , PCRM , ANTI VIVISECTION ASPCA ,HSUS ETC .. PLS help us to make world better place With compassion and love . thank you .

  • QTip123 says:

    If this new legislature is passed then the next step is to allow all animal cruelty. We must fight against this.

  • Prashant Haragapur says:

    This is absolutely insane. I’m sure the concerned authorities will abstain from giving such permissions in the future and will also withdraw the present order. I sincerely request the citizens of Wisconsin to protest against this order right in front of the University. Please do the needful dear citizens of Wisconsin. Prashant Haragapur- India

  • Audrey says:

    The only rat that should be tested is Scott Walker.

  • Tyler Watts says:


  • Rebecca Haley says:

    Don’t allow this to happen, veto the bill!

  • sally miller says:

    All Labs should be closed down and it is terrible and disgraceful what we do to animals and get away with it please stop the cruelty

  • jacqui southern says:

    Animals need protection from pain and torture not a free license given to those who wish to abuse them!

  • tom moore says:

    This must not be allowed to happen.

  • linda schwartz says:

    They should experiment on you, instead of the animals.

  • Fran Hoef-Bouchard says:

    Really need to start exposing the names of the legislators who “sneakily inserted in their budget bill”. Who are these people? Very sick people who deliberately take an action that will cause pain and suffering to countless animals. I say lets expose them and let the world know how sick they really are.

  • forest2929 says:

    Gov. Walker is an evil man, he’ll sign this despicable piece of legislation into law.

  • Marjon says:

    Also animals have feelings and a soul, respect all live and STOP these cruelty experiences. Those who are doing this are sick!

  • Colleen Holle says:

    This Bill must get a big VETO! People who do this to animals should not be working in a lab, they should be incarcerated!

  • sandra lenart says:

    Stop these useless and very needless experiments.

  • Carolyn Everidge says:

    I live in Kentucky and even here where the hillbillies live it is not ok to torture helpless animals.

  • Lavinia Netoi says:

    I highly disapprove. These animals are small, but they feel pain just as bad.

  • Alessandra Carrera says:


  • Bev says:

    It takes a very COLD hearted person to be able to inflict any type of pain to an animal. Whether the pain is physical, mental or emotional. Oh, but Lab workers don’t believe that animals FEEL anything … say, let’s trade places with them and you … then tell me how it feels.

  • Renee says:

    you guys are sick !! to legalize cruelty why don’t you just legalize cruelty to humans so they have to feel the same pain those animals go through.

  • Charli says:


  • BB says:

    jordan THANK YOU. Please give the phone number to all your friends. People in Wisconsin have to stop this sneaky exemption.

  • charlotte says:

    stop any kind of cruelty it is sick and twisted

  • Jess says:

    Animals testing is not acceptable, those innocent animals dont even know why r they in cages suffering pain and dreaming of freedom. Studies have shown hoe animal testing is not the best choice, it doesn’t bring real results. Pls stop animal testing! “The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.”

  • Shannon says:

    I live in Wisconsin, and this is horrifying. Especially since i plan to study Fashion Design at Madison soon. This bill better not pass. How can anyone even think of allowing something so sick happen? This is why sometimes, I hate people… :/

  • Reebokchoy says:

    Thank you Michelle for the article and your time. I love animals, even mice. I wrote a piece about my childhood experience witnessing the killing of a pair of mice I’d like to share here. THE MICE The smaller mouse dies first. It slowly sinks, on its side, in the bucket full of cold water. Like a dog running in its sleep, it jack knifes twice before settling to the bottom, dead. At four, witnessing death first hand, there’s a sour taste in my mouth. I’m sick to my stomach. In the backyard, only moments before, I’m ecstatic with the gift I think my cousin is giving me. A wire mouse trap holding two grey mice lay at her feet. With soft brown eyes, paper thin ears and wildly busy whiskers, I adore them. Overjoyed, I think of fitting names for them. I’m not paying attention when she explains, “…spreads disease… dangerous… kill.” I’m confused when she picks the cage up roughly, dropping it clattering into the metal bucket positioned under the spigot of the well pump. Vigorously, she pumps the handle—the sound of gushing water follows. The cage bound mice paddle in circles as the water level rises in the bucket. Finally, the water flows over the top of the cage. They claw madly at their wire ceiling with upturned faces, their cries trapped inside icy bubbles sputtering from their mouths. The surviving one, clamping onto the wire mesh, gnaws frantically with determination in its eyes. A tiny yellow tooth splinters—its mouth, now bleeding, turns the water pink. I do nothing. It’s pleading, but I am paralyzed. The light slowly fades from its eyes. A little girl sobbing is the last thing it sees. M. Gilmer

  • S. Earlene Baty says:

    Animals have always been treated in humanely and after decades to get the animals some protection UW wants to be exempt. They have received multiple violations over the past 10 years and now they want to be able to do far worse with no accountability. The law is the law and certain people should not be allowed to be exempt. Please don’t allow this to happen.

  • Charles Cavalca says:

    Please veto this bill to legalize cruelty in labs. These animals suffer horrible deaths. This is absolutely inhumane and immoral!

  • jordan says:

    I live in Wisconsin, and I called his office a few days ago asking him not to hold animal research above Wisconsin laws.