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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Veganopoly

Written by PETA | August 26, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winner of Veganopoly is Jenny. Congratulations!

At my house, we turn Scrabble into “Vegan Scrabble” by tripling points for animal-friendly words. Instead of seven measly points, “t-o-f-u” is suddenly worth a whopping 21 points. It can get a little heated, and game night at my house often goes like this:

My husband: “Applesauce?! I’ve never baked in my life! How am I supposed to know applesauce can be an egg replacer?”

Me: “Well, you should try baking once in a while. You’d learn a lot—and improve your Scrabble game.”

My husband: “And you should try not cheating once in a while.”

Me: [Feigning shock] “Well, I never …”

Veganopoly to the rescue!


veganstore / CC


In a vegan twist on an old classic, players try to succeed in the restaurant biz instead of becoming the main course. My husband will no longer be able to claim that I have an unfair advantage on game nights.

Luckily for you, I can’t enter “Win It” Wednesdays or I’m certain somehow I’d be the winner of the Veganopoly board game we’re giving away. But you can win it. Simply list the ways in which your vegan diet has improved your health. We’ll select one winner who offers the most complete and compelling list of reasons to go vegan.

The contest ends on September 9, 2009, and we’ll choose the winning entry on September 11, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • gretchen says:

    I used to have horrible stomach problems even when I was vegetarian. Once I went vegan though I never had those problems again. It’s amazing. I’ve lost weight I feel better and cleaner my skin is better my eyes are brighter… The list of positives is too long.

  • Celine says:

    Omg. Veganopoly sounds so cute! Haha. Hm. 1. Lost alot of weight. D 2. My friends tell me my hair has never looked healthier 3. I’m so much happier now that I’m vegan. 4. My skin is smooth and clear. 5. I gained much better endurance. 6. Better eating habits. 7. My skin glows. That’s not it just the one’s I can think of from the top of my head. O

  • Christian says:

    Veganopoly! How cute! I love it!

  • Rebecca says:

    being vegan has given me more energy and a sense of well being cos i feel like im doing good for the world… but best of all i think anyways… ITS MADE ME LOOSE WEIGHT!!! YAY!!!!

  • Erin Register says:

    Within a few short days after going vegan my digestion improved dramatically. I felt lighter and cleaner. Veganism also improved my overall mood probably due in part to the fact that I no longer have the guilt of killing animals on my conscience. And I know I get more vitamins and minerals since I’m eating more fruits and veggies cooked in interesting new ways.

  • Kateline Zullich says:

    Just some of the Reasons to go Vegan 1ANIMAL RIGHTS there is no such thing as an “ethical” method of killing. Not to mention “ethical” farming is even worse greenwise as the animals need even more land and resources. 2 Lower cholesterol level vegan average of 128 cholesterol can cause impotence. 3 Milk consumption has been linked to colic ear infections asthma of other diseases. 4 Vegans dont smoke and smoking is one of the leading causes of death 5 A large percentage of Americans are overweight while only 2 of vegans are 6 Dairy cows on average live for 57 years where as they are able to live to 20 years or more! 7 Pigs are more intelligent than dogs and have the intelligence of a 3year old. 8 Egglaying hens are kept without water and food for 14 days at a time to force their bodies into another egglaying cycle 9 MEAT IS GROSS ANNND DEAD FLESH…EWW 10 There is no guilt in a vegan diet! Being a vegan improves your health in everyway I can possibly think of. If you have a health problem it can probably be helped by a vegan diet. A vegan diet can help you lose weight. You make better food choices so you get sick less often because you consume more vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function. I have a higher energy level. Would you believe me if I told you my hair felt stronger and more shiny? My skin has cleared up in a way I had never thought possible. Im juicy like Alicia. Haha. Ive always been lactose intolerant but I know now that that was my bodys way of telling me that I should not have been eating that food! My body was a lot smarter then I was! I aim to pass this message on to anyone I can I aim to have an impact on those around me and convince them that there are amazing liberating alternatives to meat!

  • Rachel A says:

    Since giving up animal products I have never felt better. I’ve lost nearly a stone of weight already but that’s not the greatest benefitmy thinking has been much clearer. I suffer with highfunctioning autism Aspergers Syndrome which makes me very nervous around other people. I also used to have issues with staying organised and really struggled to pass my work at college… but I went vegan in the last term and suddenly found that I was capable of doing distinction work it wasn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be! Thanks to this I’ve been invited back to do a degree at the same college which I totally love! GO VEGANYou WON’T regret it. 3

  • Ashleigh says:

    1. You’ll stop being a fatty and get up and exercise and live healthy. 2. Studies prove that drug and alchahol addiction is mainly from people who eat meat and dairy few vegans are addicted. 3. You’ll have more energy! 4. You can have the sense of knowing your saving something every day and at least have that to look forward to at the end of the day! 5. Studies have proven that 87 of vegans and people have the highest paying jobs and enjoy it! 6. You’ll probably live 10 years older than meat eaters 7. You’ll lose weight feel healthy and your kid will most likely be a genious if your on a vegan diet when your preggo. I am 10 years old i’ve been vegan for 4 years and still going!

  • Jenny says:

    Being vegan helped me become healthier in so many different aspects of my life! The most obvious reason is that I have lost weight. I used to be quite chubby and now I am healthily lean and am at a healthy weight. Whenever someone asks me about my weight loss I just tell them to go vegetarian or vegan. They are usaully surprised and sometimes one of them will actually try it! I feel healthier. Its hard to explain but my stomach feels “purer” without dirty meat in it. I spend less nights sitting on the toilet doing… errr… “heavy reading” and I feel more energetic. And now I dont have to worry about getting food poisoning from undercooked fish! D I have made so many friends from being vegan. Vegetarianism gives me something to talk about with the people I meet. Vegetariansim also gives people almost a special connection because they can relate to ezch other. We exchange tips on replacements for out favorite foods like fried chicken and ice cream sandwiches. I am more emotionally healthier because of my new social life! Ever since I became vegan my skin looks fresh and youthful which is very amazing since highschool has been giving me bags under my eyes and breakouts from stress. I feel great and healthier! I still exercise but I’m pretty sure that vegetarianism improved my metabolism because I find myself not gaining weight as easily! Being vegan is the BEST choice I made in my life. It will help me for the rest of my life. I owe vegetarianism much of the health and happiness I experience today!

  • Kaleigh Mitchell says:

    Almost two years ago I had a seizure due to highblood sugar and being generally unhealthy. I saw my doctor and she told me that I had been really ill because I was in the developing stages of Type II Diabetes and that if I didn’t do something about my weight and eating habits I would have fullblown Diabetes. A couple months later I saw the “Meet Your Meat” video and gave up the filthy stuff. Since going veg I’ve lost weight and haven’t had a single diabeteslinked health problem. Also not being guilty about what I eat has made me a much happier person.

  • Kelly says:

    So many plus points! I was veggie for ages but went vegan for lots of reasons. 1 hard to say its wrong to eat meat while chowing down on a calves dinner! 2 When my family went dairy free my sons eczema cleared up almost over night. I used to get a new perscription for his meds every week I have only had repeats 3 times now in the last 18 months!! 3 My asthma improved lots as well! 4 Weight loss….added bonus!! 5 My culinary skills improved as I got more much so that my carnivore husband is now also a vegan D 6Because my culinary skills improved I have more dinner parties and have converted many friends to the delights of animal free cooking….they may not be veggie but they HAVE cut down on the meat. 7My kids are the only ones at school who really understand where food comes from. They are great kids and will always ask if food offered to them is veggie and dairy free. 8 Its a great feeling to know that my family are not contributing to ecological disaster by eating meat and dairy. 9 I feel fantastic fitter and better than I have in years. 10 My new and improved vegan sense means I can spot junk food a mile away…WHY would you eat something that coats the inside of your mouth with rancid fat? ewww.. Vegan forever

  • Danielle Nichole Clos says:


  • Kelli says:

    It has made me feel better about myself more at peace for not eating animals. As an added bonus it also keeps my weight down!

  • michelle curfiss says:

    1 i’m losing weight 2 i’m gaining energy 3 no more acid reflux! 4 no more phlegm 5 no more feeling guilty all the time. 6 no more depression. 7 increased feelings of compassion leading to increased feelings of happiness. 8 deeper understanding of happiness and health.. they’re very interconnected!

  • Melanie says:

    I could list the ever growing health reasons I love being Vegan infact I may do but I fear it would turn into a book one that I would then hand to all my friends and family for inspirational reading. My passion for my health got me into an argument with a shockingly overweight deitican. After a discussion he suggested white meat as a way to improve my health I suggested he check his facts. He suggested Milk for calcium and vitamins I suggested he do a comparative study of me and a cow. He suggested Fish I suggested mercury poisoining.. …He suggested Cheese I suggested I take his job.

  • Neil says:

    Since I’ve become vegan I’ve stayed super slim by eating whatever I want and by not working out! greatesteasiest “Diet” ever!!! Even my Karma isn’t drowning me since living a cruelty free lifestyle is the way for me

  • Tara Brady says:

    I went vegan after watching PETA’s Meet Your Meat video. I couldn’t comprehend why people harm innocent animals eat animals etc. It’s horrific. I have endometriosis and since going vegan it my health has improved dramatically. I have much more energy and my stomach hurts much less. I have found plenty of alternatives so I am more than capable of getting all my vitamins that I need. I also enjoy spreading knowledge of animal cruelty and how people can help the issue. I think Veganopoly is an amazing way of making game lovers aware of what it means to be vegan the horrific animal cruelty that innocent animal endure every single day and how people can make the change.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    1. Last cholesterol test showed normal results for the first time in years. 2. Blood pressure was always low now it’s lower. 3. My midsection is slowly deflating. My thighs and upper arms are much slimmer. My neighbors are noticing all of this. 4. I can now do aerobics and swim 200 laps in the swimming pool without feeling as though I am going to expire. 5. It is easier to keep my diabetes under tight control. 6. I just feel healthier.


    I’ve been incorporating more and more veg and vegan meals into my diet on my way to being a total vegan. I can say for sure that when I eat no animal products that I don’t get cramps from my period my complexion is amazing and I have a calmer attitude and more energy. It’s a great diet for overall health that I’d reccomend to anyone

  • KITTY JONES says:

    easy peasy! 1. being an animal rights advocate alone has importved my health immensely having somehting to work toward fight for and live for has pulled me out of a deep anorexic depression. 2. for the first time i can touch my toes! not only that but i can also run and swim longer than my former animaleating self! 3.i get more exercise dancing around in a duck suit during foie gras protests jumping up and down at KFC protests when people give us a thumbsup running threw ALbertson’s for a carton of Rice Dream 2 minutes before they close etc. 4. my hands have gotten stonger too from all the letter writing and petition signing! 5. and last but not least im happier than ever to know that no animals are being harmed for my existance. happyhealthy. thank you for everything Kitty Jones

  • v says:

    Aww you probably have to be from the US to enter. the game looks awesome.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I started being vegatarian a year ago wen i moved in with an old roomate who also was vegatarian and had been for 4 years so far. She would go to protest stalling in winnipeg every second weekend. She gave me a bunch of panflits and i sighned up for my free vegitarian starter kit here at and soon after took the 30 day pledg I didn’t think it would be hard at all to start because i already hated seafood and alot of red meats. I have been vegatarian for just over a year and even quit a job at BK but wen i worked there i told lots of customers about our veggy burger. Since beeing vegatarian I have alot more energy my amune system has gone up and i have somthing to talk about and be proud of. I’m also helping the enviroment with my diet. Wen i went vegan for a month to try it out i found my nose wasn’t as runny. I havn’t drank any animal milk in over 2 years and drink only soy i tryed to take a sip of cow’s milk and i could taste the fattyness and instuntly could not handle it. I lost 20 pounds wen i became veg because i wasn’t stuffing my body with all the fat’s and other suppliments they feed animals. being a vegatarian has seriusly changed my life for the better i care for animals alot more and am always willing to have a heated dibate after studying alot on it. Wen ever i have friends come over I show them some of the panflits my old roomate got me and hope it will at least help them cut back on there intake if not quiting meat and animal by products all together. Thanks Peta for making me realize how i can make my life and the lives of all living creatures Healthy and Happy.

  • Taylor says:

    Growing up I lived off farm food potatoes beef and pork. I hated it! Recently in the past year or so I set a goal for myself to give up meat entirely. I’ve been living meat free for three months now. It feels amazing. I don’t feel so gross anymore and I’ve lost weight which is always a good thing. Family and friends don’t approve but I think that if I can feel this good and benefit from the health pluses I’ll keep it up. As for eating dairy products well I’m lactose intolerant so that is always easy to avoid. I think this was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far.

  • Linda says:

    When I went vegan I lost weight without even trying but not too much just the right amount! My skin glowed. I had tons of energy. Now after 12 years vegan I still think I look and feel younger than my age. I also don’t feel as worried about diseases like cancers and diabetes that run in my family. I’m finally in control of my health. I’ve had three healthy children on my vegan diet too!

  • Nina says:

    since I’ve stopped eating meat I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better. Growing up I used to get sick easy but since I’ve gone vegan I don’t get sick as easy. I just look and feel better. The best thing is that now I don’t feel guilty after I eat because I know that no animal had to suffer and die for me to satisfy my hunger.

  • Alice Persinger says:

    This looks like a really fun game that me and my family would really love. I have been veg for just over a year now and the differences in the way I feel are amazing. I no longer get sick from who knows what in meat I feel younger and lighter and just not so weighed down and sluggish. But I think the thing that has changed the most is my compassion for animals. I have always loved them but now when I see stories about animal cruelty it makes my blood boil. I just don’t understand how you could treat an animal badly and think that it doesn’t matter!!!

  • Kara says:

    Since I’ve become vegan I’ve lost 77 pounds and stopped waking up with a headache every day. I no longer get stomach aches after I eat and I have a ton more energy!!

  • Nicole says:

    My vegan diet has improved my health in many different ways. 1st off I just became a vegetarian on March 1st after I gave birth to my 2nd child. Once I stopped eating animal products my baby weight dropped very quickly. I also had so much energy that I had never had before. I have all the energy I need to play with my kids take them for a long walk and then do my pilates for an hour!

  • Bonnie Corno says:

    when I became Vegan I realized that at every meal I was saving an animals life. That in itself make me feel like a million bucks

  • Kathrin Friedrich says:

    Hi! As I am from Germany please excuse my perhaps not perfect englisch. I went vegan about 5 years ago and the first thing I recognized was that I lost weight. I was a little bit out of shape so to speak and I lost about 5 kg without any real reduction diet just by changig from vegetarian lifestyle to a vegan lifestyle. I became more interested in cooking and preparing my own food changed to organic products and eat loads of vegetables and fruits. Since that time I feel healthier due to the amount of vitamins in my food. Moreover I became more interested in reading the lists of ingredients of products in the supermarket and you can’t imagine how many artificial additives are in our products. Since that I don’t only avoid products based on animal ingredients but I am even more aware of unhealthy and unnatural products. The last benefit I would say I got from being a vegan is that I don’t feel sick after eating dairy products. Looking back I guess I have already had an lactose intolerance and always hab stomach problems after heavy cheese or milk meals. As I now know Milk is for babys and not for human grown ups Finally I feel better because I don’t have a guilty conscience of exploiting or eating animals. Cheers Kathrin

  • Kimberly says:

    Oh this would be the ultimate game to play with my nonvegan friends on game night. Maybe a little Veganopoly would help convert a few meat eaters into full fledged Vegans!!!!!

  • Christy Hahn says:

    This would be such a great prize! Monopoly is the only game I can get my kiddos to play with me. Love it!

  • Jill says:

    When I started cutting out meat just to try new foods every time I ate it I got so sick. I figured it was my body trying to tell me something and then when I looked into veganism I realized I was right! My body knew there were horrible things happening that I didn’t want to partake in. Being a veghead has made me healthier by exposing me to a broader range of options and a thoroughly inspired love of cooking new friends via vegan potlucks is good for my health too!

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Wow where do I begin with this one… Having a wonderful animalfree diet has lowered my blood pressure boosted my energy cleared up my skin who knew dairy could cause such horrible blemishes? helped me lose stubborn weight I never thought I’d lose and even improved the texture of my hair! I’m sure there’s more benefits that I had forgotten to mention but I think the greatest health benefit is the good feeling I have when I know that my diet is benefiting more than myself it’s good for the earth and all of the sentient beings that I share this earth with.

  • Jaime says:

    Hmmm listing the ways in which my vegan diet has improved my health… 1. I will never have to tak a fiber capsule or laxitive ever again! 2. I lost all of 40lbs of my baby weight…plus some! 3. I don’t have stomach problems any more acid reflux idigestion heart burn nasueaetc after eating. 4. No “bad” breath ie the nasty fishtank rotting on the inside breath…Maybe a little garlic breath but that’s WAY better! 5.Increased energy. 6. Better skin no acne and way less irritation and rashes. 7.I can eat tons of food and it really isn’t a ton of calories there are Vegan “junk foods” out there. They’re just not allowed in our house! 8. My 17month old BEGS for Broccoli and Blueberries. I am so happy to be able to be a good food rolemodel! Its one thing for me to abuse my body by eating “crap” but to pass on bad food habits to my son is irrisponsible.

  • nicole licklider says:

    i decided long long long ago to live a vegetarian life…i guess i was about 11 years old…the thought of all those cute helpless defenseless animals kept making their ways into my dreams begging me not to make them my lunch…also i couldn’t imagine someone taking my mom and eating her all up…where would that leave me??? helpless and alone…just like i’m sure all those little calves feel when their mom is led onto the “bus” to the slaughter house…animals have families too!!! a lot of animals mate for life…and once their mate is gone…well…i couldn’t stand that thought…so first i noticed at such a young age that my concious felt a whole lot lighter…i didn’t feel guilty when i ate lunch or dinner whenever i atewhatever meal i ate… then i noticed i didn’t feel sick while i was eating due to guilt and digestion… when i got a little older and really started getting into the WHOLE lifestyle passing our literature going to protests gathering signatures justice for dusty i really noticed not only did i not feel guilty anymore but i really felt like i was “doing something…” i felt GOOD…i felt like i had to let other people know how “light” the LIFESTYLE would make them feel…I HAD WENT VEGAN…i could no longer support keeping cows and chickens prisoners for their milk and eggs…i used to think that it was okay to drink milk and eat cheese and occasionally have an egg…then sometime in my teens when i was first starting to read the literature that i realized these were not “free range” cows and chickens…these animals were prisoners…once they were all “used up” they were sold for their meat…how sickening…to think how these animals were suffering…finally i understood…the milk eggs and cheese were not gifts…they were stolen property…it was so liberating…it was then that i really started passing out the literature and BEGGING people to listen to me and work with me…i wanted more and more people to feel the way that i felt…i LOVE animals…why would i want to keep them prisoner scared overcrowded living in filth no one to comfort them use them all up and then slaughter them…not to mention the ABUSE they suffer…i had to spread the word…what i’m getting at is the FEELINGS i was experiencing were worth it alone!!! but also i noticed that my stomach was no longer cramping while it was trying to digest the meat i wasn’t even half as gassy i was more “regular” and it wasn’t as foul if you know what i mean… my acne disappeared after a while…my WEIGHT!!! WHERE DID ALL MY WEIGHT GO??? talk about…WOW…talk about wow…my waist line went bye bye…i was a happy happy person…you know??? people spend a lot of money going to therapy the gym the doctor and on all kinds of other self help remedies don’t they??? maybe if everyone would just put down the meat and cheese…maybe??? i think they would find they felt a WHOLE lot better…i know i did…sure i still have situations that make me feel crazy…life will do that…but i made a huge lifestyle change when i was young…when i was a little older i improved on that change…it made such an impact on me…it “moved” me…really…

  • Rachel Peresie says:

    What a great way to help me help the rest of my friends and family go veg! And who doesn’t love monopoly! This is by far the best addition to the opoly board games. I would love nothing more than to play this game with my friends and spark up conversations about all kinds of animal rights.

  • Ashley Auerbach says:

    I love monopoly and so does my meateating family!! I’m sure this will change their opinions and make them think twice of what they are eating!!! oh and since I have become Veg I have felt happier! I have been a little more gassy… but oh well! Its nice everyday to have guiltfree meals! also I have been actually getting all my vitamins and i eat less processed foods! I think clearer thoughts its easier to concentrate and I have more energy and excersize more often! When i shop now i actually read the ingredients labels and i google unknown things that may be lurking in my food! I have become more aware of how what I eat can impact other people and animals too! Just ask the dying animals in a slaughterhouse or the morbidly obese people at McDonalds! Becoming a Veg is the best thing I have ever decided to do in my whole life!!!

  • Christa says:

    Vegan diet has improved my energy levels I have been choosing better foods. IFeel much better physically and mentally. Ever since going Vegan I’ve not had any digestion problems and I’ve not gotten bloated or sick. I’ve also been losing weight without even trying! I went Vegan back in May and I’ve lost about 20 pounds from the diet change alone. I’m very happy as a vegan and I never dream of going back!

  • AAG says:

    This game would be a nice way to introduce my students to veganism. It is fun educational and humane. High schoolers would be very open to this!!

  • Jennie Weer says:

    OMG My fave game is monopoly and this is the best prize EVER! When I ate meat I always got really sick. My stomach felt awful and I never new why. Since I’ve gone Veg I don’t get sick from meat at all and I love it! To not be sick from dinner is amazing! Also i stay away from cheese especially hot cheese because I get very sick from that too!