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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vegan Soccer Ball

Written by PETA | June 17, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the vegan soccer balls are Keren Genet, Rev. Meg Schramm, and Hannah Claire Jarvis. Congratulations!

The World Cup has just started, and you can already spot the true fans. Dedicated soccer (or, if you prefer, “football“) enthusiasts all over the world are breaking out their jerseys and dusting off their giant foam fingers.

Before you start practicing your Ronaldinho moves, don’t forget to make sure that your ball is cruelty-free. Many sports balls are made of leather, despite the cruelty and human health risks involved in producing it. Hasn’t anyone at FIFA ever been to

For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we’re giving away leather-free soccer balls from Fair Trade Sports so that cows can keep their skins and you can kick butt on the field.


Fair Trade Sports Soccer Ball


How do you win? Tell us about your favorite animal-friendly athlete in a comment below. The three most fan-crazed comments will win.

The contest ends on July 1, 2009, and we’ll choose one comment as the winner on July 3, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • james bender says:

    MY favourite animal friendly athlete is me I play soccer basketball hockey cricket softball netball Ive been playing soccer for seven years and I can to over a thousand juggles

  • christopher h says:

    gotta be prince fielder

  • michelle hill says:

    Looks like a great invention. Hope im the lucky winner!!

  • Kelly Ann T. says:

    Tony La Russa’s is a huge animal fan and he even started ARF.

  • Keren Genet says:

    My favorite animal friendly athlete is my son Ari. He’s nearly 5 years old and is taking an interest in soccer. He’s been a life long vegetarian. He loves animals people and nature and enjoys our organic farming lifestyle in Northern Vermont. He’s going to be lean tall and quick. It would make his day to get a ball!!! Blessing on all creatures great and small.

  • Margarita says:

    My favorite animalfriendly athlete is Carlos Puyol from Spain’s soccer team. I found out by looking animal organizations in Spain and there he was making a comment about the fur farms of Spain.

  • Dan says:

    Pam Anderson…she swam a lot in Baywatch remember? And jogged on the beach. Oooooohhhh….did she ever.

  • Hannah Claire Jarvis says:

    My favourite is Prince Fielder. I am a Milwaukee girl he is definitely my favourite Brewers player! He was inspired to become vege after reading ‘Skinny Bitch’ a present from his wife!His change definitely made more people here in Milwaukee think about the issue of vegetariansim. Fielder holds the Brewers’ team record for home runs in a season as well as the MLB record for youngest player to reach the 50 home run mark. Amazing what a crueltyfree diet can do!

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    My soccerloving hubby says “leatherfree soccer balls are the norm these days not the exception.” Just an FYI

  • Kelli says:

    Prince Fielder because baseball is my favourite sport and it’s so cool that he’s gone vegan.

  • Joeann says:

    My favorite animalfriendly athlete has to be my son Austin. He is 11 years old and I have tried to teach him to respect all animals and he definitely shows a passion at a young age. This is where it starts at home.

  • Jennie Weer says:

    WellI’m not much for sports except for baseball. I read on a blog and several other websites that Hank aaron was a vegetarian!! When I read that I was SOOO happy! I may not know alot about him but just knowing he was veg was enough!!!

  • Sean Rinehart says:

    Gotta go with Cindy Parlow and not just because you are giving away a soccer ball. I am a huge soccer fan but feel like no matter how much support the US Women’s team gets it’s never as much as they deserved. Parlow is awesome and I was glad to hear about her animal friendly ways.

  • Elizabeth Dehart says:

    Scott Jurek

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My favorite animal friendly athletes are the children in my neighborhood and if I win the ball I plan on donating it to the local Boys and Girls club. Money is tight right now so I am giving of goods and my time.