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‘Win It’ Wed: Vegan Halloween Chocolates

Written by PETA | October 13, 2010

Forget black licorice and candy corn—PETA’s got a real treat for you this Halloween: Our lucky “Win It” Wednesday winner will receive one bag of Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates dark chocolate bites with peanut butter and one bag of Sjaak’s dark chocolate bites with a blast of orange flavor. They’re to die for—but no animals had to:



To win, just say “trick or treat” … and then tell us where the scariest place on Earth is, be it a Butterball factory farm, a Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS) laboratory, a SeaWorld abusement park, or any other place where animals suffer. All these places are terrifying, but the winner will be the person who best explains why the facility should give us all nightmares.

The contest ends October 25, and the winner will be chosen on October 27. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting

If you don’t win, you can always try banging on your neighbor’s door and begging for some gourmet vegan chocolates (threatening to T.P. the house may or may not help). Or you can just order them from the PETA Catalog.

Happy Halloween!

Written by Heather Moore 

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  • Nikki says:

    Trick or Treat! The scariest place is in the fields all around me where animals are hunted for sport. My son heard shots being fired one day and asked me what was going on, I told him it was probably shooting pheasants or other animals out in the fields and he was horrified “quick, call Grandad, he’ll arrest them!” said my son (grandad is a policeman)… how do you explain hunting for sport to a five-year-old vegan?!

  • Megan says:

    Trick or Treat! The scarest place to be is here in Kansas City, heart of bbq country. There are a few exptions to this. Example: My house and Eden Vally on the plaza.

  • Nicole Licklider says:

    Trick or Treat!!! The scariest place on earth??? Hmmmm… Maybe the “Troll-sen Twins” closets??? Or, maybe McDonalds chicken nugget factories (how horrible, to be tortured your entire life only to be murdered and then reduced to a “nugget…)

  • Geezshannon says:

    “Trick or Treat…” The Smithfield packing Company, founded in 1936 by Joseph W. Luter and his son Joseph W. Luter, Jr. is located in the Town of Smithfield, Virginia. (near Jamestown) It was originally founded to produce Smithfield hams. However, today, Smithfield Packing is a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc. (Fortune 500 company.) It is now declared “The Ham Capital of the World” and Smithfield Packing is an international marketer of pork products, the largest subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc. it is one of America’s largest meat companies. It also owns the largest slaughterhouse in the world, located at Tar Heel, North Carolina.

  • Akri says:

    The scariest place on earth right now is in the offices of those running the food industry. We are about to go into the holiday season, and for most people, this means treats. This means milk, butter, cheese, eggs, honey, and other animal derived ingredients will be purchased in abundance by people all over the world. This means the mechanical rape of cows in the milk industry, the suffocation of young male chicks in the egg industry, and all for what? All for people to enjoy things that could me made more sustainably, more humanely, better for your health, and better tasting in almost anyone that has actually tried good vegan confections’s eyes, than the more expensive(in terms of cost to produce, not nessessarily supermarket value)animal based alternatives. Why don’t more people go to these alternatives that are clearly much better? Because America’s food industry is so worried about money that they don’t care about the welfare of animals, including humans. The scariest place on earth right now is in the offices of corporate executives, where our minds are being targeted to be brainwashed into thinking there is nothing wrong with animal products, and that they are the only way to do things.

  • annabeth says:

    trick or treat. dairy farms. whenever i drive on vacation, we always pass by those dairy farms. its terrible. all the cows are in dirt pits just laying there. makes me sad.

  • Leann says:

    The scariest place in the earth to me was Toys R US parking Lot. I had pulled up to park and had my niece. A punk boy about 28 years old his wife and his 3 to 4  year old daughter was being followed by an adorable small cat. The cat was meowing almost like he was begging to be taken home. Next thing I know is the dude turns around and kicks the cat like so hard and the cat went flying and landed and was shocked. I hurried over to get it while screaming at the guy. Took him to Vet E 911, he had no broken bones and was so sweet. He shortly later died from internal bleeding from impact. To do that evil thing in front of his daughter just shows what scum he is and to do that to such a Sweet, adorable, innocent cat?!?! HOW could Anyone ???

  • Holly Cooper says:

    Trick Or Treat!McDonald’s is a very scary place indeed. It is full of clueless zombie consumers who don’t have any idea of the horrors that took place in order to make the McNuggets and burgers that they are scarfing down.

  • Signe L. says:

    Wow.It must be the place where people are “putting animals to sleep”- deadth rooms. Either it’s at the veterinary station, or experimentation rooms or pounds.. 🙁

  • Scary Sara says:

    TRICK-OR-TREAT! The scariest place on earth is in an animal hoarder’s home. They might have good intentions and make you (the animal) feel loved, but you soon find out they can’t afford to feed you etc. and have more animals moving in soon. You are skinny, hungry, living in filth, and have to room with lots of other guys you might not like and there are just too many. Your new “brothers and sisters” might also have diseases that you could catch, especially since no one receives veterinary care and you live in such close proximity… So it may sound like a TREAT for animals like these to get a “home,” but they are definitely TRICKED once they are there in this awful reality!!

  • laura says:

    Trick or Treat,,,The scariest place on earth is in Jennifer Lopez’s closet. All those dead animals that were tortured hanging in there, Perhaps they might come alive on Halloween night and creep up on J-Lo

  • LHouchin3 says:

    Any and ALL Tyson Chicken factory or eggs for that matter all should be cage free and not have their feet ruined from standing in a cage the size of a milk crate and their poor beaks it is truly horrible, I agree with Jamie Oliver this treatment needs to stop! he actually rescued some chickens from such a place and now they live free on his farm!

  • Diana M. says:

    Trick or treat!the scariest place on earth is places where they have pony rides.Ponies always have those sad,tired eyes attached to those poles and strings going in cicles all day.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I saw the scariest place on earth the other night on an episode of “Hoarders.” For those who have not seen the show, a cleanup team and a psychologist come to the homes of people who cannot throw anything away and try to help them bring order and sanity to their lives before they get arrested or committed to an institution. The woman in this instance was so out of control that she simply closed up her home and abandoned it. When she and the team arrived to start the cleanup, the woman said she had two cats in there somewhere. In that horror show of garbage, rats, rotting support beams and insects that was once a home, they found the cats…or rather, the bones and fur that had once been cats. They had died of starvation and had been eaten by the rats in the house. A member of the cleanup crew picked up the bones and the fur, put them in what looked like a shoebox, and took box outside to the owner saying, “Well, we found the cats,” and explained to her graphically and in no uncertain terms what happens when you leave animals in a locked up house for months. They showed here where they found the cats…lying on top of about 3 months worth of their own feces. I had trouble sleeping that night and had to take a meletonin pill. “A Nightmare On Elm Street” never bothers me because it is not real, but this did because it is very real.

  • aleyda says:

    trick or teat or trick or trickk ! ? the scareist place on earth for me is BURBERRY COMPANIES animals are cruelly “farmed” for their fur ! they rip apart animals just for there FUR its cruel and a violent crime try doing that to your skin! people look good in there skin and animals look good and there fur so keep it that way ! these animals dont deserved to be KILLED just for there fur , meat ant entertainment please stop wearing fur ebreytime i see somebody wereing a fur jacket it makes me mad and sad because the fur used to be on a beutiful animal :/

  • VeganMomToVeganDaughter says:

    Trick or treat! The scariest place on earth is the closed mind of a person who refuses to acknowledge the atrocities against animals so common in food, fashion, personal care, and entertainment.

  • Renay says:

    Trick or Treat =^^= Scariest place that I pass by everyday is fast food places like Mcdonalds millions of people eating animals that were treated so horrific then slaughted so they can have burgers and fries that are killing them and they don’t care how many of millions are mistreated for them to have such an unhealthy meal that is killing them.

  • Behindthasmoke says:

    Trick or Treat…I think the scariest place on earth would be at someone’s residence that cannot care properly for the animals. They tend to hoard animals, that always end up sick and or dying for someone’s lack of money or just not caring.I have seen many instances of this. When I was younger, there were these two sisters that had their house condemned and torn down because of the conditions. It smelled so bad of cat urine, from the outside!!! They found over 130 some cats, (some live some deceased inside the couch cushions), a half-eaten deceased dog in the basement, and they were living in feces inches thick on everything! This was also in the winter, so some were frozen alive. I can’t even imagine what the smell was like in the house! I think it’s so disheartening that these people can’t just put their pride aside and ask for help or admit to themselves they can’t handle it. It would save a lot more lives!!!

  • April says:

    The scariest place on earth would be in Southern California, called Hallmark Meat Packing Co. of Chino, Calif. aka slaughterhouse. It was rather scary and nasty they way they treated those innocent cows. the workers did the worst by kicking, shocking and otherwise abusing “downed” cows. and to top it off they use to send their meat to my school…scary.

  • Char says:

    Trick or Treat! The scariest place in the world would be any slaughterhouse. I can’t watch Earthlings without bawling my eyes out, but I’ve seen it several times because when friends want to watch it, I don’t make them do it alone. I always want to reach into the screen & make the slaughterers stop. I don’t get how someone can enjoy being the cause of death 🙁 That is hell to me, being in a place where people laugh about innocent death.

  • unknown says:

    Trick or treat. in a yard tied up 24/7

  • Cynthia says:

    Trick or Treat!! There are many scarrryyyyy places, including any places that use animals as props to entertain human beings! This includes any zoo, SeaWorld, aquarium, etc. in the world. Animals should not be brought into captivity and forced to adapt for the benefit of humans and their money hunger. Rather, humans should learn to adapt to animals and visit them in their free unlimited environment. Some animals are just better off left alone.

  • Harj Kaur says:

    I personally feel that the scariest place on earth is every grocery store. Stores these days are packed with animal products in pretty much every aisle. Be it the food aisle with poor animal flesh, the clothing aisle with cheap leathery goods and even the cosmetics asile with most hair and skin products containing animal by-products. Its shameful and horrid to pass through these aisles without having to imagine how many poor animals were killed for food, fashion and beauty.