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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vegan Guitar Strap

Written by PETA | September 23, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winner of the guitar strap is Kristen. Congratulations!

You’ve got the hair. You’ve got the eyeliner. You’ve got the guitar. But wait, what’s the one thing every real rock star needs? A cruelty-free guitar strap, of course.

For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we’ve got you covered. We’re giving away one quality guitar strap from the stellar all-vegan company Couch Guitar Straps.


Vegan Guitar Strap


Leather is a co-product—not a byproduct—of the meat and dairy industries. When you buy leather, you contribute directly to the lifelong misery of cows and other animals, and you put money into the pockets of the people who exploit them.

How do you save a cow and gain a vegan guitar strap? Leave a comment about why cows are as cool as your favorite vegan musician. Whoever posts the most rockin’ comment gets to choose a strap from Couch Guitar Straps (priced up to $38, including shipping and handling).

The contest ends on October 7, 2009, and we’ll choose one comment as the winner on October 9, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Heather Drennan

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  • nancy Osborne says:

    cows are cool because im from nebraskathey were my pets!! we ride them there not eat them!!!!

  • vegancoin says:

    cows are cool and that’s the rule. can’t say anymore.

  • Ng says:

    Under the chinese zodiac i’m a cow and starting to learn guitar. Therefore the Guitar strip will be great to go with my new guitar…Rock all the way…’cow’…

  • Chris O'Donnell says:

    I lived on a farm when I was young got to know many cows their different personalities they were always up for a hug a scratch I’ve been vegan 14 years nowit’s awesome!Cow’s are as cool as Morrisey..for sure! I think this strap would look great on my telecaster!!

  • Celine says:

    Cows are cool because they burp methane. D

  • Trude K says:

    Cows are cool because each one has their own personality..and they’re vegan like me.

  • Jenny says:

    cows are cool AND awesome! they are cooler than any musician because they dont murder they are peaceful they are vegan and they are just the cutest beings in the world!

  • Kristen Rolelr says:

    Cows are cool because they’re like big cats. You wouldn’t wanna eat a cat would you? Well unless you were living in some alley in Detroit but that’s beside the point! Cows rock like a Rock God wearing ‘guyliner’ and tight nonleather pants!

  • PigPal says:

    Hands down my premier musical vegan is comely Zooey Deschanel who like the cow she resembleth hath big beautiful eyes. Both make soothing sounds. Both have an appealing laidback quality. Zooey’s shapely vegan figure is a little more personally compelling than that of any of the cows I’ve met. If I wasn’t already married to my vegan dream girl and if Zooey hadn’t married on Saturday somebody who isn’t me you won this round Ben then I would latch my guitar to a vegan strap and serenade the fair Zooey.

  • Addie Henderson says:

    I would really love to win this vegan guitar strap. I am 14 and I play guitar and it was extremely difficult for me to find a guitar strap without leather in the first place. I have been a vegan since I was 8 years old and I love animals too much to ever stop being one. I live in a ranching town and I feel very out of place. Having this vegan guitar strap would help me tremendously and it would also help me spread the message of love for animals everywhere. I hope having this vegan guitar strap will have my ranching rodeoing meateating peers saying in the words of the late great Kurt Cobain “yes I eat cow I am NOT proud.”

  • Vegetarian says:

    Not eating cows leads to Nirvanaexcept if you don’t eat enough you’ll end up like Kurt Cobain.

  • Eric van Staveren says:

    Serfdom…religious freedom …suffrage …emancipation …equality …animals are next. Real freedom is freedom from conceit.

  • Deborah Garrick says:

    My grandson David 17 years old and a serious bass player would love this guitar strap knowing that it came from Peta which my daughter Jonquil Davids mumis very involved in as am I. We are planetary citizens and do not subscribe to the use of our fellow animalsbeings on our planet for human gain. It will be a wonderful world when we all start to respect all life forms as our coexisting partners on this beautiful blue planet! Thank you Deborah Garrick

  • Marinna says:

    Cows are as cool as Davey Havok because they are as beautiful as they are scary…and they just look good no matter what color they’re wearing! A cow can be so sweet and gentle. But if you piss off a cow she won’t let you get away without a fight. Just like when Davey goes from singing to screamingit can happen in a flash! As a veggie rocker girl who plays guitar I am in need of a new strap. I’ve had this leather one for years and I need an update!

  • Jessica says:

    Cows are cool because they are a symbol of life and are viewed as being sacred and important to those who practice Hinduism similar to how vegan rockers are viewed by other vegans and animal rights activits as being important in bringing awareness to the public about eliminating unnecessary animal cruelty and suffering.

  • Rachel says:

    Cows are cool as my favorite musican because they are black and white the ultimate rock colors….not to mention the moo that puts them over the top. take that zebras…..

  • Sarah says:

    There’s a reason they call the best instrument ever after these animals. We need more cowbell not more beef.

  • Renee says:

    Cows are cool because they are beautiful intelligent creatures.

  • emi says:

    cows are cool because they don’t judge.

  • Jessica Östb says:

    A herd of Cows are as cool as Fugazi cuz they are big enough to be kindof intimidating they are just as beautiful to look at theyre a little wild and unpredictable and they are kind. Their spirit is just goodness.

  • Andrew says:

    Cows are my favorite vegan musicians because they are heavy like HEAVY METAL!

  • lance Balch says:

    Not only are Cows cool but cool looking with their rock n roll black and white spots and their mentioned in Aerosmith’s song Milk cow blues. That tops it!! Long live the cows!!!

  • Carla says:

    Cows are cool as my favourite vegan musician because they’re both vegan haha

  • Chris Franklin says:

    Cows are cool because they can climb upstairs! They just have to take the elevator down which is just how a lot of rockers do!

  • Larry Hamilton says:

    You know. I’ve never met a vegan musician with huge cute eyes and a tongue like a big cat. And that is why Cows are freaking awesome. They come up to me when I am out cycling and I pet them. I think that would be an odd scenario with a musician.

  • Marea says:

    Cows have rockstar tendencies too they just rock out at night. This is a phenomenal concept here’s to musicians worldwide garnering the idea. It’s a step in the right direction towards a vegan music scene. A1 Guys.

  • Bryan King says:

    Cows are cool Cows are neat cows deserve to live in peace a burger for me? I think I’ll pass if you don’t like it then kiss my ass

  • naomi says:

    Cows are beautiful creatures..When i see them i just smile..When i first became veggie then vegan..was actually due to cows in the first place i saw some factory farming videos and i felt distraught how could they do that to those animals i feed grass to everyday? Why? because they don’t see that beautiful creature they see a product and pound signsI’ve always had this soft spot for cows..d i can’t help it D

  • Jodi Gasner says:

    Cows are as cool as my favorite vegan musician Nick Zinner because they both have dark beautiful eyes and they follow a plantbased diet! Can’t beat that.

  • Paul says:

    Where would rock music be today if it were not for cowbells?! Thus cows rock like no other farm animal can rock!

  • Kindra says:

    Cows are cool because they can’t hold guns.

  • David C. says:

    “Zen Cows” a haiku Cows transcend coolness Theirs is music of being Make love not burgers

  • Kyle Franco says:

    Cows are cool because they go moo Cows are cool because they sit around and eat grass all day Cows are great big cuddly creatures. Cows rock!

  • Eric S says:

    My family is from the Swiss Alps. When I was a child spending summers there every morning I would be woken by the bells from the cows as they were let out to graze. While I do not eat dairy I do respect these farmers. The cows were able to range out in the alps they ate grass there were no fences… While being milked even if by hand doesn’t sound like fun at least these cows had somewhat natural lives. And being woken by bells is not a bad way to wake up.

  • Karin says:

    Cows are cool as rock stars because they can end up licking you and when it happens you don’t really know what to think about but you surely feel very privileged! COWS ROCK!!!!

  • Eva says:

    This is a really good idea!!

  • Blaire says:

    Me and my future hubby have just moved to Knoxville TN and guess what?? We have some of the sweetest cows ever in our backyard!! We get to feed them grass clippings and watch the baby calves playso cute! Both of us are big into music and would luv luv luv a vegan guitar strap!

  • Karen Greenstein says:

    Andre my bassist boyfriend not only is a vegan but his motto is more cowbell not cow. You don’t need leather to be a rocker.

  • Patrik RJ Lethbridge says:

    Cows are cool because they like moosic. haha get it?

  • Georgie Gwyther says:

    c’mon cows are awesome…they have splotchy patterns!! I dont know why someone would want to eatwear them Would be awesome to have that cruelty free strap i’d put it on my Bass at the next band practise….and shall dedicate a song…to cows? D

  • Patty says:

    I go without a lot of things these days simply because there aren’t a lot of vegan friendly products at the big chain stores. Just today I was looking for a belt like I check every time I shop no vegan options. Same for shoes. It’s impossible to find these two items without leather. But I can’t afford to order pricey ones online. So I wear mostly sneakers and have one informal belt. I can’t wait till more and more products become available for the average consumer. At least to have a choice! I believe it will begin to happen and more people will become aware in the process.

  • Robin Rader says:

    cows are cool because they don’t have to be. pretense is not part of their existence.

  • Danielle Cooper says:

    Cows should be free to rock all day on the rolling green hills!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I am not a rocker but as a child and a teenager I studied classical guitar. I performed a duet with my godfather before the National Guitar Society as well as competing in many statewide competitions. In fact as I am typing this I am listening to a recording of Andres Segovia recorded in 1922 Mr. Segovia was the man my guitar master studied under. The reason I stopped playing is life intervened my parents divorced my mother died when I was twenty I went to work and started a life and finally got married. Lately though a guitar school opened up in our neighborhood. While I gave up playing I never gave up the actual guitar so I have decided to take it up again. Most classical guitarists play sitting down however when I performed I did so both sitting and standing simply because sometimes there was no chair available school variety shows were fameous for this so I put guitar straps to good use. It would be nice to have a vegan one!

  • Aneliese says:

    My brother would love these! cows are way better than cool.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Cows are cool because they are the most serene of animals. They live in complete harmony note musical reference with themselves and other animals. Mother Cows are the consummate parents and if we stopped eating them and instead followed their example the world would be a much more tranquil place. To look into a cow’s eyes is to find peace.

  • cheyenne l'hirondelle says:

    Cows are cool because they don’t look at me like I’m food.

  • Renfield says:

    One thing that disturbs me about synthetic leather is that uninformed people will still mistake it for real leather. I ran into this problem with my fake fang pendant which people always mistook for the real thing which eventually lead me to replace it. If the world were completely just we wouldn’t have this problem… Unfortunately the current law only concerns itself with maximizing human benefit.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    Cows are as cool as my favourite vegan musician because they’re family! Unlike the brainless distant cousins I consume soy oranges etc. cows along with musicians are conscious and thereby cool.