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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vaute Couture Tank

Written by PETA | October 27, 2010

Compassion is always in fashion, and you can show you’ve got a good heart—and look great at the same time—by wearing a Vaute Couture “Friends, Not Test Subjects” or “Friends, Not Fashion” racerback tank. They’re so cute that they were featured in Marie Claire, prompting tons of readers to think about cruelty-free cosmetics and animal-friendly fashions. 


If you want to educate even more people (and look hot doing it), just enter this week’s “Win It” Wednesday contest. Tell us below what you do get out the animal rights message. The five people with the most creative and effective ideas will each win a Vaute Couture tank of their choice.

The contest ends November 10, and the winners will be chosen on November 12. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

(I’m not eligible to win, so I’ll have to fork over some cash to get one—or maybe one of each. They’re both irresistible!)

Written by Heather Moore

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  • joanna figat says:

    I went into a fur store and told them how disgusted they should be with themselves until they heard enough of it and I was told to leave. I do this whenever I see a store selling fur, because I believe clothes shouldn’t be made of loved ones.

  • Carla Jacob says:

    I am always looking out for animals and contribute to as many causes as I can. I live in a state that is not animal friendly but I try to educate people on my views and those of animal right activits. Some listen, some ignore me. Well I try my best to be animal friendly in my daily life and that counts the most.

  • Jenny Fox says:

    I don’t think it’s easy or natural to make people “anti” anything so I don’t rant about meat being murder. it’s so much easier to teach them to love animals, Then they won’t want to eat or wear them. I tell them how gorgeous and frindly my lambs are and how beautiful it is to see their undocked tags wagging. I also like to remind them that very littel step counts so if being vegan seems too big a step then just start out having vegetarian meals a few times a week and see how good that feels. I also talk about animal smartness and emotions a lot!

  • Susan Hoppler says:

    First and foremost, I live a vegan lifestyle and talk about it to others. I supply VSK’s at our local library and a market and deli; I cook and bake for people – desserts can do wonders! I also leave leaflets in waiting rooms and try to do as many activist activities with the Seattle animal rights community as I can.

  • RASHMI JOSHI says:

    You know what Peta! The day we stop discriminating between the “unvoiced” and us, all such problems shall come to an end. A crime is a crime — killing an animal is equally punishable as committing a human murder. People find it funny when i say that i have a doggy sibling,we consider ourselves superior .. the ego we are hatched with is the problem.. whenever i speak of such stuff friends find me philosophical.. what they don’t know is this that their such behavior makes them immature while proving NATURE TO BE — SUPERIOR.

  • Bonnie Knight says:

    For five years, I’ve led a monthly anti-KFC Demo in San Francisco. My volunteers and I leaflet and educate the public about what the chickens endure before they become food and try to convince patrons to write an email and boycott KFC, and to raise their consciousness about their food. I also participate in many animal demos that are organized by others, including at the circus, at a flea market selling chickeens, at the State Supreme Court agains the decision allowing “Happy Cows” on TV, to name a few. I’ve been vegetarian since 1970 and vegan since 2004.

  • Amanda says:

    I stopped eatting meat 8 years ago!! Always supporting & spreading the word to everyone.. Our animals should be treated as family, they have hearts & feelings.. It’s disgraceful what’s happening around the world to poor,innocent animals.. They can’t talk, so we are their voice!! xx

  • shruti subramanian says:

    i get into REAL arguments about my veganism…ME against ,say 10 to 12 of my class mates n sometimes a couple of teachers too join against me; so u c i stand out-people remember ME n my cause.wen chocolates n ice creams r doled out in class on special fests, people can’t imagine how i resist n above all i keep myself so fit n folks -fat , stupid ones -realize i look good bcaz i dont let my body b a burial ground 4 dead birds n animals.

  • chelsie says:

    I leave leaflets where people will find them. (like bathroom stalls, public areas & buliton boards) I even use the stickers on anything & everything. (like letters I’m mailing) I also tell people what I’m doing to help animals so they end up helping to! =)

  • nicole licklider says:

    When I have garage sales I keep information pamphlets at my “pay table” along with envelopes for donations to the local no-kill shelter. I also keep a fish bowl for donations if people don’t want to stamp the envelopes. Plus, I sport my Nut a Nugget t-shirt ALL THE TIME… Gonna need a new one very soon!!!

  • karenkayemyers says:

    I have a small library of books on vegan life and I share them with all of my friends. Skinny Bitch has been the most popular check-out to date. I have several friends who gave up flesh and another who is in her second month of vegan life.

  • ultraviolet123 says:

    I wear my VEGAN hoodie everyday and I always ways my Peta stickers. I pass out stickers, leaflets, and just about everything that has to do with animal rights. I absolutley positively have my locker decorated, I have gotten alot of people`s minds changed about animal rights, i go to the hospital alot and i definetly have them put out leaflets and stickers, and I also inspire people to become more aware of how animals are treated now adayswith my photography and my camera is even decorated with stickers, and also all my art projects that im able to like pick what i want has to do with animal rights(:

  • clover says:

    I feel spreading the word about adopting shelter/rescue animals is my mission. Spaying and neutering dogs and cats should just be common sense. We need to stop puppy mills by getting our furry friends from our local shelters. I donate my time at many local animal shelters and I highly recommend it to others. After spending a small amount of time with these animals you will also, fight for their cause.

  • NICOLLE says:

    I am 44, have been a vegetarian since I was 16, and have spent my life fighting for animals. I helped to start the local animal-rights organisation, I.D.A.R., which has been operating in our city for over 20 years now. Our activities run the gamut from hands-on rescues of ANY animal, picketing against slaughter houses, furriers, circuses, and laboratories, to being an active presence at our annual Earth Day celebration, serving out hundreds of veggie sloppy-Joe’s – with recipes! I negotiated with the most exclusive department store in our area and succeeded in getting them to remove all fur products. We put both of the two fur shops in town out of business. I have brought up three vegetarian children – ages 28, 23, and 16; the elder two have since converted their partners. I am not perfect – my fourth child eats meat. However, he and his brother both take in every stray cat they come across in Philadelphia and find good homes for them. Currently single, I had a new idea. I put a great picture up along with my profile on, a website that is used by literally millions of people. On the main page, it asks about pets. I chose to use this space to prominently deliver the message of how imperative it is to spay or neuter your companion animals. I noted the horrific number of innocent animals that are slaughtered every day due to this situation. I made it short, but effective. In less than three weeks, my profile has been viewed over 3000 times. My hope is that other PETA members will spread the word in the same manner. Naturally, I am a member of PETA, and I also support the ASPCA, Defenders of Wildlife, the Dian Fossey Fund, the Sumatran Orangutan Society, WWF, Greenpeace, WSPCA, the Save the Manatee Club, the Centre for Great Apes, the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and others. Other than my children, I have made animals my life’s work, as I am disabled, so it gives me a purpose. I lost my beloved father to stomach cancer in the spring of 2009. My Miracle Cat, Margot, kept on going until this spring, when at the grand age of 23 (yes, you read correctly), I had to end her life. It was the second greatest loss I have ever experienced – she had been with me for over half of my life. I know she stayed alive because she knew I needed her. She was a blessing, and it is because of beings like her, that I keep on fighting. Thank you.

  • Khadi says:

    I work at one of the only two 100% Vegan & cruelty free stores in Australia. Everyday I am helping people make the right choice by eating vegan or by seeking our help to become vegan. It is the greatest pleasure to help somone come over to the other side. I have been a vegan since birth and cant thank my parents enough for it. I could never imagine being any other way. I think that together, we as will have the power to change the rest of the world!