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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Urban Outfitters PETA T-Shirt

Written by PETA | January 12, 2011

The only downside of working at the PETA Foundation is that I can’t enter “Win It” Wednesday contests. But you can! And this is a great prize too. We’re giving away Urban Outfitters’ awesome new original PETA T-shirt.

With its comfy, oversize fit and super-cute design, this tee will be a must-have for every compassionista this spring. To enter, just tell us why you would never kill animals for a killer look. The person with the most persuasive answer wins!

The contest ends January 26, 2011, and the winner will be chosen on January 28, 2011. Please be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck! 

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Zaddel says:

    I would never kill animal for “killer looks” for several reasons. The main reason is that when I look into an animal’s eyes, I see my reflection and they see mine. I would never do anything to erase one from the other. Animals are our cohabitants on this planet. We need each other.

  • Sandra Taylor says:

    I would never kill animal for “killer looks” for several reasons, but the main reason is that when I look into an animal’s eyes, I see my reflection and they see mine. I would never do anything to erase one from the other. Animals are our cohabitants on this planet. We are what makes up a large pa

  • Sandra says:

    I would never kill animal for “killer looks” for several reasons, but the main reason is that when I look into an animal’s eyes, I see my reflection and they see mine. I would never do anything to erase one from the other. Animals are our cohabitants on this planet. We are what makes up a large part of “life.”

  • stazzie says:

    Humans are controlled by the mass media everyday and have adapted to the idea that our skin is ‘sexy’ and animal fur is even ‘sexier’ – the latest must have if you want to be accepted in the eyes of the world. In actuality, our skin is our shell; it encompasses and protects our insides; our spirit, heart, organs, and everything else we need to survive; our skin holds us together. What humans fail to realize is that an animal’s skin does the same thing as our skin does for us and their fur is the outer layer that protects and regulates their bodies. We continuously take advantage of the defenseless nature of animals and deny them the right to keep their ‘shell’ because they do not have the ability to communicate in ‘human terms’ to defend themselves. Animals not only have beating hearts as we do, but they are capable of thought process, decision making, know how to raise their young, know what loss is when their young are taken from them and they know what pain and love is if and when they do happen to be touched by it. Animals have so much more ability than we are willing to give them credit for but we will never understand this if we are not willing to look in their eyes and see the life and soul beating inside of them and give them the respect they deserve. People would cringe at the thought of their ‘pet’ experiencing cruelty, but is it any different than the animals we murder and consume on a regular basis? If humans really feel the need to exploit animals and masquerade in their fur, they should wear the animal skin as is, as we human animals wear ours, and in that sense, i mean freshly skinned, dripping with blood if they really have the desire to know what it actually feels like to wear animal skin/fur. This would never be the case, because it is not sexy, it is repulsive. But humans cannot handle this truth so they turn a blind eye to the cruelty that is endured in this process. And in the end, that is exactly what skinning and defurring an animal is; a repulsive truth that needs to be brought to light.

  • daris says:

    I would never kill an animal for a killer look because they are my kin! Someone once asked me why I am so involved in animal activism and I answered, “Because I was one not so long ago.” My cell memory remembers, even if my brain doesn’t. When I look at an animal, some of my cells awaken in such a different way than if I look at another human.

  • Signe L. says:

    Im not a murderer. God, I see these animals all around me. I have cats and dogs, How could I ever EVER walk around with dead cat or dog or fox or any other animal on my back? When I imagine their last mintues or hours, I see torturing, pain and fear. It must be so painful and impossibly terrifying to feel the dark around you, with hundreds and thousands of other animals, maybe even your family, around you, and they are screaming and being scared, too. Can those fur-lovers even imagine, how painful and torturing it is – to feel how your skin is being torn off while somebody has tied you up or stepped on your head, and you cant do ANYTHING to stop that and save yourself?? ;( Im only 15, but this subject really disturbs me…I could cry if I’d write more… ;( Im not wearing dead animals on me, and I never will. I dont want that kind of feeling on my soul.

  • Alexis says:

    why wouldnt i kill for a killer look? it’s just 100% wrong. unethical, and if you ask me, pretty disguisting. who wants to wear skin that once belonged to a beautiful creature that was tortured? not me, thats for sure. theres so many better alternatives. faux fur, much less expensive, and no innocent animals were killed in the making of it. animals are raised in small, crammed cages, and then they are skinned alive. thats not such a good life. its murder in my eyes. killing is wrong. i’m a proud supporter of peta (i even have a no fur button that i got from a concert peta was at on my lanyard that i have to wear at school.) plus, i love urban outfitters sooo much, you have no idea. i’ve been a vegetarian for 52 days, and my life had changed for the better. i think i deserve a reward. pleasepleaseplease pick me. it would mean the world to me 😀

  • Erin says:

    I believe that humans have evolved since the caveman days. I am more intelligent and more creative than someone who steals an animal’s coat to make their own. There’s nothing pretty about cruelty.

  • Cristy says:

    I would never kill an animal for looks, I would rather be nude than have to wear another creature on my body. God created all the animals for us to love, not kill for our wanting. It’s a disgrace to kill an animal only for you’re look. It’s not like anyone reall cares if you’re wearing real animal skin on your back. If I ever found out my friend wold, I would take the coat & throw it out into the forest, no matter how much it cost them. Why do we WANT to kill them?! They are so beautiful in thier OWN skin. What if it was the other way around? Animals killing US for their own clothing? That is just inhumane of us to do this to poor innocent animals who have done us no harm in any way. Infact, they actually help our environment live and grow. Animals are beautful & if killing them for coats were the last job in the world,I would rather starve than to kill an animal for the money. Why do people want real fur skin?! I mean, come on! No one can tell if it’s real fur or faux! And if they do recognize it, they are just too inhumane and plain disgusting.

  • RitaMay says:

    I would never hurt an animal or kill he/she. I have read and seen so much animal cruelty, I can’t even eat an animal. Animals have hearts and souls just the same as a human. An animal should never have to suffer cruelty from humas. Put it this way, if you want something to test on, test it on your own child. No one would. Let the animals roam freely :) <3

  • Stephanie says:

    I would never kill an animal because it’s not right. I love animals with all my heart and killing one is killing one of God’s creations. I may not be a Vegetarian, but I know hurting an animal for fun is very wrong. When I read the story about a man killing 3 cats my mouth just dropped. How could you murder something so innocent. Animals are innocent creatures. The only reason they kill other animals and sometimes human beings because they were made like that. We may have been made to kill cows, pigs, and chicken for food, but not cats, dogs, etc. If you don’t pick me to win that’s fine, but no matter what, i will never kill an animal!

  • Laura S. says:

    I’d never kill animals for a killer look because, really, there is no need. Animals are cute, but that doesn’t mean I have to hide behind their chopped up remains to feel cute myself :)And anyway, look at them. Really, who wants to hurt something so lovable?

  • Ana A. Garcia says:

    Violence and cruelty are never acceptable to me against animals.It even more reprehensible when people murder animals for VANITY. Only the original owners look beautiful in their fur. My four cats certainly approve. It is savage to wear any skins (fur or leather).

  • Thao Pham says:

    I would never kill an animal for killer looks because that’s just WRONG. Animals have feelings. God made humans, animals, plants, etc because He knows we can live on Earth and inhibit it together. Killing animals so that we, as humans, can look better and prettier is immoral. People who wear animal fur are disgusting. Why would you want to wear the fur of an animal that had been tortured and skinned? Do you not feel guilty and ashamed that your selflessness had caused this insanity? Animals have rights too. They deserve to be left alone. It’s cruel what humans are doing to them. And it’s not only fur. Hunters and traders/merchants kill animals for the horns and tusks as well. This reaches all types of humans. It’s wrong and deserves to be stopped. Humans need to set their priorities straight. There are more important things in life than killing animals in order to look good and impress the public. Please go against animal cruelty. Together, we can stop it!

  • Murali Krishna says:

    Will never kill animals to have a killer look because the animals it is absolutely an inhuman act and cruelty of highest level. Every creature has a right to live and those who cannot give life back have no right to take away a life. Just to quote from one the famous indian scriptures, “the one who kills animals for consummption would be consumed by the animal again ‘

  • jlk says:

    I don’t understand why it’s called a “killer look”, besides the fact that they actually have to brutally kill poor helpless animals to achieve such a look. There are so many other ways to dress up an outfit without starting an endangered species list in the process! I am a tee shirt and jeans kinda gal. And I’m 100% comfortable doing so. This is an amazing shirt, and if I don’t win, I’ll try to save up $ to get one. (School, kids, and living isn’t cheap). Let’s just hope Miley doesn’t decide to purchase one to wear sans bra again. 😉

  • ece says:

    it`s the greatest irony of men. being scared of death and craving for eternity when a corpse is surrounding their body and their souls? How can death be an ornament?

  • vivi96 says:

    i would NEVER kill an animal just to look “good” animals have feelings and if you were fur ANYTHING your a very ugly person :)

  • Isobel says:

    Why would I wear a lifeless piece of fur when it is so much nicer to hold my loving dogs in in my arms? They know when I’m sick or sad and need companionship- they come to my bed and curl up around me for comfort, their little warm bodies a constant reminder of the love between animal and human. Killing for fashion is wrong. There are so many alternatives to fur- which, by the by, is ugly to start with- that there is no excuse. Buy fake fur. Buy fake leather. Hell, buy some good, old fashioned cotton. We are no longer of the time when wearing fur was the only way to stay warm during the winter. Unless you’re from the 1500’s and living in a teepee, I see no reason to kill an animal to keep yourself warm.

  • vegangrrrl says:

    Because vegans do it better, baby. There is no better accessory than compassion.

  • Maegan M. says:

    Wearing dead animal is disgusting. Furs make you look fat and hairy. Leathers are just gaudy.

  • Libby says:

    My best friend is a giant dog named Bucket. I would no sooner eat her than I would eat a pig–a pig who, with all due respect to my dog, is probably smarter than she is.

  • MickeyRoo says:

    I would NEVER kill an animal for a killer look, because an animal is so much more than an animal to me. Animals are so precious to me. When I think of an animal, I think of a defenseless creature that has a BEATING HEART, that can feel pain, and cannot stand up for itself. There are far better ways to look good, and look sexy without having to brutally murder a poor defenseless animal, that could not tell you NO. So why don’t we all just start wearing the skin of people who are more beautiful than we are, so we can look good and fit in? Sounds terrible right? RIGHT…

  • bryony tether says:

    i would never ever kill an animal for a killer look. lets just face it, its tacky. There is nothing fashionable about wearing a dead animal. What are people seriously proud of themself for wearing fur or leather or anything else made from animals? it doesnt make you look classy and rich or fashionable, people wont like you more if they see you wearing it. if anything they will judge you more if you wear it. i personaly look at people harshly if i see them wearing an animal product. animals have feelings to. they have families. you wouldnt murder your a stranger on the street, skin them alive and wear them. so why do it to an animal?

  • Aisha says:

    I would never kill an animal.Period. Whether it’s for clothes, food or useless decor around the house, there is no excuse for violence against animals. They have just as much right to this planet as we do. They have just as much right to live.

  • Jane says:

    I look good in my own skin, why wear anyone else’s?

  • Jassy! says:

    I would never kill an animal because the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” goes for animals too. I want to protect them and enjoy having all the beautiful animals that God created around for a very long time.

  • Krystal says:

    I would never kill an animal for a killer look because I’m not a killer!! I would never hurt an animal.

  • lucy says:

    because I DONT need someone elses skin (especially from all innocent animals) to look beutiful and neither should you! :)

  • Jackie says:

    Kill an animal for killer looks? No way. People take PETA or other anti animal cruelty groups as a joke. They assume none of it affects them because they are not hurting innocent animals. All they did was spend money on a new fur coat that feels softer than the blanket they sleep on every night, but they don’t consider if they’re not the first ones to snuggle up in its warmth & soft texture. That coat once belonged to another soul, who lost their life for you to snuggle up to. I own two cats. I adore and love them both with all my heart. I can’t imagine any cruelty ever coming to them. My heart would be shattered. I love them by loving other furry critters just like them. I am embarrassed by ignorant citizens. I refuse to acknowledge any support for the trading of animal furs. I refuse to buy real fur. I refuse to hurt real fur creatures. I refuse to kill real fur animals for killer looks.

  • Adrienne says:

    Having blood on your hands from innocents has never, is never, and will never be sexy.

  • Danielle says:

    Because I wouldn’t cause an animal to suffer and die for my appetite and taste buds much less for my fashion. A fur coat, leather purse, shearling boots or snake skin pumps are a constant reminder that an animal suffered and died a cruel and horrific death so that you can be “fashion forward”. I’m sorry but there is nothing fashionable about cruelty and an animal carcass has never been fashionable or desirable in my eyes.

  • Sharley says:

    I would never kill animals because I believe it is the worst thing a human can possibly do. Animals are innocent creatures put on this Earth for beauty I believe. Killing animals is cruel, horrific, and down right wrong. These animals deserve to life a long and prosperous life, and us humans take it away so violently and think nothing of it. They are beautiful creatures, and they dont even get to live their life the way they should: Long,Healthy, and Loved. But most animals dont get a chance. Killing animals is just like killing our own kind. I dont think people realize just how bad it hurts. If someone were to do to them what they are doing to animals they just might understand. We are animals, and although we are smarter, and dont have fur on our backs, we should treat all other animals just like we should treat our own. Like gold.Killing them is not the right thing to do. At all.If people would give them a chance, they will know how beautiful and loving these creatures are. I started using PETA about 5 months ago. And I am only 14, and I never realized how bad animals are treated until I seen your website. I would like to thank all of the PETA team for opening my eyes to the cruel world out there. And I am now 100% vegan.

  • james says:

    i love animals! i hate fur and leather! AUSTRALIA LOVES PETA!

  • jessica21 says:

    well you guys asked us why we would never wear fur for a killer look, it’s simple. wearing fur is no wear near a killer look.

  • raquel newton says:

    Decapitating any soul is a cruel concept. Most humans have be corrupted into thinking that wearing animal is “cute” when its just a sick lil way of saying I killed you because I can. Humans think just because we have the bigger brains were above every other living soul but in reality our brains are our down fall because we have all the focus on our minds and not our spirits. Thats why this crappy unnatural society is so cut throat and cruel. Other animals have kind, loyal, honest souls. They just want simple happiness and peace. Us animals(humans) destroy our mother of nature and innocent souls due to our cockiness and diseased minds. And thats why I will never eat or wear any animal… lets grow a heart shall we… keep peace please…

  • Lori says:

    When I was 15 I started handing out pamphlets from Defenders of Wildlife that showed people what a steel jaw trap and other torture devices to trap fur bearing animals looked like and the how the animals suffered and/or died for “fashion”. That was 1973. For last 37 years I have continued to inform and educate people about fur and clothing that is acquired from animals. Animals are not a commodity. They are living creatures with feelings and needs. They should not be caged or sold or eaten or worn. They are to be loved and cherished and protected. We as humans have the ability to show compassion to our animal partners on this earth. To me the strongest way to do this is not to eat or wear them.

  • VeganMomToVeganDaughter says:

    Because violence is never attractive.

  • Lauren says:

    Because as Murray Banks once said, “No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.” Who would be so uncomfortable in their own skin that they would kill another animal and skin it? I wouldn’t!