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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Unhappy Meals’

Written by PETA | August 12, 2009
UnHappy Meal

Ah, Moe’s. Your Art Vandalay Burrito—a dee-lish medley of black beans, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole—always ensures a “happy meal.”

But you, McDonald’s, with that scary clown pimping your packages of abused and bruised chickens—you always ensure a very unhealthy, unhappy meal.

For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we’re giving away 10 of PETA’s spoof “Unhappy Meals.” Each “meal” contains a “blood”-filled packet with a message urging Mickey D’s to “Ketchup With the Times,” a paper cutout of a menacing Ronald McDonald with PETA’s parody “i’m hatin’ it” logo, a “bloody” plastic chicken, and a “McCruelty” T-shirt wrapped up to resemble a sandwich. It’s a chicken defender’s best weapon in the campaign to wipe out the fast-food giant’s suppliers’ worst abuses of countless birds.

Score yours by telling us about the vegetarian meal at your favorite fast-food joint or other restaurant that makes your belly the happiest.

The contest ends on August 26, 2009, and we’ll choose 10 of the most tempting vegetarian meals on August 28, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’ll be agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • alexis says:

    omg this is epically amazing

  • Christa says:

    Cali Burrito in Allentown has a burrito that has smoked tofu and roasted peppers onions and yummy bright colored fresh veggies and cheese in it. It is FANTASTIC!!!! And it doesn’t make any chickens unhappy!! That’s something to SMILE about

  • Karen Gonyea says:

    Wendy’s has great baked potatoes

  • djgroz says:

    Love Wendy’s Baked Potatoes Thanks for the chance to win a prize!

  • SUSAN SMOAKS says:

    I really like to eat at Crispers it’s so good. Fresh veggies!

  • sarah says:

    I like nachos with homeade avacado dip and kalamata olives and KFC is my least favorite fast food restaurant.

  • Roxann says:

    My local Mexican restaurant makes a great Burrito. Black beans jalapenos tomatoesonions lettuce peppers and some really tasty salsa to top it off. It’s really yummy.

  • Jennifer gersch says:

    fruit and yogurt parfait with a side sald

  • Bethany says:

    I love Jack in The Box salads! Of course I take off the meat but all the other things are deliciouso! Not to mention it’s ginormous!

  • Amy W says:

    one of my favorites is pad thai tofu which is a thai dish. it has amazing tofu pieces mixed with noodles and vegetables and the sauce can be made different ways but i like it spicy!! hummus salad is another great meal which is hummus on pita bread with lettuce and other veggies tossed on top! amazing!

  • Kelly F says:

    Their is a restaurant by me called One World. Any vegetarians near Peoria IL should definitely check it out. They have so many tasty veggie options you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. I love their hummus and pitas! I absolutely love the Unhappy Meals campaign. It is such a unique way to raise awareness!

  • Missy says:

    mmmm the food at my favorite Vegan restaurant “Native Foods” has got to be the “Chicken Run Ranch Burger” If the chickens ran the ranch! Crispy battered “save the chicken” veganRanch dressing lettuce carrots onion…. NOt only is the sandwich SUPER delicious But the menu is So sassy and scrumptious I always have trouble deciding between all the tasty vegan treats they have!! From their Zesty vegan Tijuana Tacos to the “Mad Cowboy” vegan BBQ bowl… I LOVE their cookbook AND doubly Love their restaurants… just thinking of them makes my mouth water!!!mmmmmm

  • Gloria says:

    My favorite is spaghetti with sauce and fresh parmesan cheese and a green salad with lots of veggies and vinegar and oil. Maybe a slice of garlic bread too! I get it at a restaurant called the Lamplighter in our town.!

  • Amy Tucker says:

    Burger King veggie burger and side salad. Tastes pretty good.

  • Deb K says:

    Love the veggie Sandwich at Subway. In fact I had it for lunch 2 times last week!

  • wendy wallach says:

    I love the side caesar salad at Wendys.

  • Ashley Auerbach says:

    DO NOT EAT FRENCH FRIES AT MCDONALDS!!! or burger king for that matter I read that when deep frying the french fries they use vegetable oil BUT they put in meat fatoil in to “add flavor”. Oh and if on the ingredients label it says “Natural Flavors” it could be meat based bcuz it’s technically “natural”. And my favorite vegetarian meal is at Indian Palace and its called Palak Paneer. It’s spinach curry sauce and it has chunks of Indian cheese in it. It also has little chunks of vegetables in it. like carrots potatoes peas and more!! The curry adds a lot of flavor to this dish!!! who said you cant have flavor when your vegetarian!?! Then on the side you get this really good bean sauce. its the best way to get all your protien!!!

  • nancy says:

    I love ordering the Boca Burger from Denny’s. Its so good. The best part is that I can buy at trader joes or mother’s and feed it to my family . haha they didnt know it was vegetarian until i told them. Now my sister orders it all the time.

  • Priscilla A Dethmann says:

    You can’t go wrong with Vegan Mexican food. I simply take my mom’s recipes and veganize them. For example Chile Rellenos Stuffed Peppers for my nonspanish speaking friends. Grilled poblano peppers stuffed with a a medley of potatoes tomatoes onions cumin garlic and salt. Yum. Serve it up with some Mexican rice and beans and you have one darn good meal.

  • crystal says:

    WowScary and True!! Very great that so many came out to show support for the penalty to the young woman in Akron and her horrible actions posted in “proud pictures”..Lame!!

  • Benita G. says:

    My favorite vegan meal is from an Italian Deliof all places. It’s a large hero sandwich of eggplant zucchini mushrooms red and yellow pepper with oil vinegar and oregano on a sesame seed bread. Yummy!

  • Zoltan Ranosztay says:

    I’ve always felt bad for eating my fellow living creatures but because I grow up in a flesh eating houseI still live there because Im only 15 I would much rather live where I don’t see the evils committed by people I love I try to get them to go Vegan or even Vegetarian but so far only my aunt has done it for me I put it at the back of my mind but on August 28th 2009 I went to and saw some videos like meet your meat and testing 123 and said to my self okay Im going Vegan so now I don’t eat most of what I used toI had wanted to be a chef but to be big I would have had to cook flesh so now Im going to be a heart transplant surgeon so going to most of the fast food places I used was hard but I found out that KFC Canada has a Vegan sandwichfrom so I have that with fries and at Burger King I have a Vegan burger that rocks its cool too because its in the shape of a flowerbig circle with petals around it I have that with fries and onion ringswhich I asked has no eggschicken menstruation and at pizza pizza I have a veggie pizza with no cheesefermented breast milk and I put salt on it it’s okay like that and at subway I have the veggie patty with no cheesefermented breast milk on white toasted with tomatoes lettuce pickles cucumbers and sub sauce and at pizza hut I get a pan pizza with no cheesefermented breast milk and pesto sauce pineapples tomatoes mushrooms and finally at quiznos sub I get the bruschetta pizza flatbread no cheesefermented breast milk Thank you for the opportunity to write to my favourite organization PETA

  • Matt says:

    Eggplant parmasean from Carabba’s in Dallas. The maranara is sooo suculent and the lovely sweet taste of tomatoes makes it so good. The wonderful smell of oregano and garlic permeate the air. It isn’t greasy and such a big portion that i have to take it home for the next day. The eggplant is super tender the parm is imported from Italy. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • Mary B says:

    I don’t have any vegan conscious restaurants in my area so when I go to fast food chains I get things jalapeno poppers or fried zucchini I tend to stay away from lettuce products in these places as I’ve gotten food poisoning too many times from bad lettuce. When I go to Mexican walk ups I’ll get a veggie burrito or the La Salsa chain has a really good grilled veggie burrito.

  • Nicole says:

    My favorite vegetarian fast food meal would be the curly fries at Jack in the box with ice tea YUM! no meat rules!

  • JACKIE says:

    our local indian take way has a huge range of vegetarian dishes all of them are awesome it is great to actually have a choice of many dishes most places offer very little if any vegetarian or vegan options.This is good for those customers wanting vegie dishes but i also like that as a restaurant they use much less meat then most.

  • NANCY REID says:

    Jarrod got it right with Subway. The veggie sandwich is great! If not the veggie sandwich then how about the veggie patty. Starting to drool got to go make me an avocado sandwich!!

  • cameron orme says:

    well the fast food thing that i get would be a side salad and a a double cheese burger with no meat or cheese at wendys and for dessert a coffe toffe twisted frosty

  • Pat Connors says:

    A basic salad with fresh tomatoes.

  • Jen says:

    The vegetarian plate at Sol Food in San Rafael Capink beans rice organic salad with homemade salad dressing fresh avocado and tostonesDELCIOUS!